Antifa on the Ground in Texas

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August 31, 2017 (San Diego) Disasters bring everybody out. Antifa, which is a loose organization, is participating in relief operations. Austin Common Ground is getting volunteers together, and raising donations. These teams are expecting to go into area that are poorly served, and are using the model of Occupy Sandy. 
You can see some of the organizing at the Austin Common Ground Twitter feed. 
This group came out of Hurricane Katrina and has been working ever since. According to Kit O’Connell:

…antifa are just picking fights and ignoring the relief efforts is flat wrong and propaganda. Most of the people I know organizing to fight white supremacy, like myself, spent the weekend organizing Harvey relief. And Harvey relief is antifascism in the long view. We’re helping people, connecting people, and showing them alternatives.

This is important and the work is critical. This is community based, on the ground, action. This is essential to the ideology that unites members of this loosely organized organization. This is locally, organically raised, social action and it is integral to the philosophy that drives them. However, none of us will get a spokesperson, or for that matter a national office, or even local office. This is not how they roll. Knowing this, why I went looking. \
This is critical, whether you agree with the politics, or not, they are on the ground. People do not care about those politics right now. 
For people who have seen it. This is not unlike the so called Cajun Navy.They do not have spokespeople, or a general organization, They just jump into it and do what they can on the ground. 

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