Major Earthquake In Mexico City

Via Twitter, town hall of Juchitan

The Mexican Red Cross has a donation page to support operations due to the Earthquake in the Southwest, as well as the Paramedics that left for the United States due to Harvey. You can reach this here

If you wish to donate directly to the Mexican Red Cross, use paypal 
Mexican authorities have raised the death toll to 90. This includes a police officer who was found dead under the rubble in Juchitan by a Marine USAR team. 
Data for from the government tells us that there are 81,000 people affected, 41 municipalities were affected, and 90 dead 

As of the afternoon of September 9 the death toll stands at 65 with over 300 injured people. Confined space rescue teams, as well as rescue dogs and handlers from the military are in the midst of rescue operations. The numbers could still rise. 

15:00 The death toll now is at 61.

14:00 Hours: The number of dead now stands at 60, after they started to remove ruins. This is still considered a preliminary number. 

Update 10:00. The government is now saying that there are at least 38 dead.

Mexican troops assisting: Courtesy SEDENA

Update 9:37 San Diego time, The president of Mexico has posted on his official twitter account some information.

De acuerdo con el último reporte, lamentablemente más de 30 personas perdieron la vida y más de 200 resultaron heridas en el #Sismo.

According to the last report, sadly over 30 people have lost their lives, and more than 200 were injured

He also posted that emergency personnel continue to check infrastructure, and to see what are the needs from the population. He also said that Oaxaca and Chiapas, in the Mexican southwest, are the worst affected. He noted that there have been more than 260 aftershocks, with the most intense at 6.1 in the Richter scale. 

There are more than 1.85 million people who were affected with the loss of electrical service, according to the Mexican national electric utility. Airports, ports are working normally, and they are checking the highway network. 

He also used the his account to thank other nations for the words of solidarity of national leaders of allied countries.

In the state of Oaxaca they report 25 dead, that is in one state. They also report confined space rescue operations at a hotel that collapsed. The worst damage is in the town of Juchitan, near the epicenter in Oaxaca. Work continues to assess damage across the affected states.  The total number of dead across the affected region is at 33 people. Casualties are expected to rise.

Historic buildings across the state of Chiapas, some going back to the 16th century, such as the Church at Juchitan, suffered major damaged. Moreover, the area affected is one of deep poverty in the Mexican Southwest. 

The number of dead across the country are now at 33 as a prelimary data. 
Update: Mexico City residents received an alert that an earthquake was coming, with a 130 second lead. This allowed residents to reach a safe space before the quake struck. This system was being tested in California, but the federal government is expected to not fund it.

Sep 8, 2017 (MEXICO CITY)  An Earthquake of intensity 8.2 in the Richter scale, off the coast of Magastepec, Chiapas, at 11:49. This is considered a catastrophic earthquake, However, the tsunami alert has been cancelled. 

Authorities report at least 33 dead across multiple states.  23 alone in the state of Oaxaca.

There have been 65 aftershocks, the strongest at 6.5 Richter. It is possible that Mexico will see one over 7 in the Richter scale.  Of note, Mexico is saying this was an 8.2 in the Richter scale, while the USGS said 8.0. The same happened in 1985. We will handle the Mexican data from the National Earthquake Center. 

In Mexico City there has been no major damage reported, but electrical service was afffected in a large part of the city. There has been some damage in water systems and they are checking buildings that are over 30 years old in neighborhoods like the Colonia Doctores, which would be contemporaneous to the building codes in effect before the 1985 quake. The electrical company is restoring service fast, and will send crews to the southwest to help restore electrics across the region.

However, near the epicenter structural damage is severe. Damage assessment has started of structures such as damns, as well as electrical systems, and schools are off for the day across 11 states These are Mexico City, State of Mexico, Pueba, Tlaxcala, Guerrero, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Morelos and Tabasco. The suspension of classes is at all levels, from pre-school to higher education. 

Governors took this decision so every school can be checked for structural damage.

The Mexican military has mobilized 1000 troops to send to the affected zone under the national disaster plan, DN-III-E, and they will reach outlying areas as fast as they can. We know from a source that a small town in the state of Chiapas was leveled, this is not near any major population center.  

Mexican Prsident Enrique Pena Nieto has already addressed the nation and among other things told he people that Mexico can (and already have) experienced aftershocks. He also told the country that this is the strongest earthquake of the century. Jose Lopez Mancera, Mexico City’s mayor, told the population that they have activated the emergency plan to check for structural damage and address any emergencies that may come from this event. 

For reference, Mexico City had an 8.1 in 1985 that caused major damages and a change in both the culture of security and safety, as well as building codes. That one  left about 10,000 dead. 
There are reports of damage in the neighboring nation of Guatemala, where collapsed structures are reported by Guatemalan Red Cross personnel This Tweet is from Tacana, San Marcos in Guatemala.

This is a breaking news story. Will be updated as needed.

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