Major Earthquake Strikes Mexico City


TJOyster in Bonita is gathering physical material. The address is 4246 Bonita Rd, Bonita, CA 91902

If you wish to, Powerpet warehouse Monday to Friday from 0900-4pm.


Centro Cultural de la Raza will have people gather physical stuff on Sunday 12:00-16:00


If you wish to help Mexico, the best way is to send money. Here is a list of organizations that will put that money to work. The reason money is best, they are already collecting anything from pickaxes to blankets, and water in Mexico City and other areas of the country. They are already getting baby food. The money will allow organizations to buy what they don’t have enough off and will help to prime the economy. We will keep this at the top. The blog will continue to the help area.

Of note, the Mexican Red Cross has opened a “wish list” using  I tested it. You can enter the Mexican version of the site using your password. Just remember, prices are in Pesos.

We are also linking to the official government page, where all groups are listed. Most are in Mexico, but if you know any in Mexico it could be useful.

Home Depot


1.- Select a store

2.- Select the products, there is a recommended list, and add them to the cart

3.- Pay and select the method regoger en tienda (collect at the store)

4.- In the fields who is authorized to pick this up under nombre (name) write Fuerza, under surname (apellido) write Mexico

5.- What you bought will be sent where it is needed.

Actuo por Mexico

Nuhda Team Donations in Texas

This one for Mexico Verified by the Mexican Federal Government. You can give in US Dollars

Donation centers in Tijuana

Unicef Mexico

Cruz Roja Mexicana (Use Paypal)

Oxfam Mexico

Save the Children

Project Paz

Topos Mexico (USAR Team)

Global Giving

International Community Foundation

If you are in Mexico…



Sep 22, 2017

Rescue operations continue. There are signs of life under the rubble. Per local officials they have extracted 60 people in total from under the rubble. The death toll, across all affected areas stands at 273. In some of the structures that collapsed, they started using heavy equipment as they find no more signs of life. 

In tje coming week condemned buildings that are in danger of collapse will be demolished. Some people were able to remove some belongings from these structures, but have lost all. 

More permanent shelters are being installed, since there is an awareness that some people will remain homeless for months, even longer, like the 1985 earthquake. 

Sep 21, 2017

Casualty numbers stand at 273 dead. This is the breakdown by state:

  • Mexico City: 137
  • State of Morelos: 73
  • State of Puebla: 43
  • State of Mexico: 13
  • State of Guerrero: 6
  • State of Oaxaca: 1

They are continuing with the removal of debris. They are not using any heavy equipment where they expect people to still be alive, International teams are active all over.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto updated the country on progress for both the Sep 7 earthquake and the Sep 19 earthquake. Here are the relevant points

  • The recovery phase has started in the Mixteca zone, which is in the state of Chiapas.
  • The population has access to shelter, food and medical care.
  • They have concluded the initial assessment of damages in Oaxaca and Chiapas, This effort, which was termed the second phase of disaster response is starting in the areas affected by the earthquake two days ago.
  • Cleanup of debris and tearing down of houses that will have to be torn down due to structural damage has started.
  • Work has started chiefly in Puebla for damage assessment, cleanup, and recovery. The state of Puebla suffered damage, but not as badly as Morelos or Mexico City, Some of the damaged structures are colonial-era churches that are considered world heritage sites.
  • They have started with efforts in Morelos as well. We know that aid is now reaching the most affected areas of the state.
  • The federal government has declared Mexico City a disaster zone and is coordinating with the city government for emergency operations. Military personnel remains across the disaster area as well.
  • We also know that Frida Sofia was not a real person, but that rescue personnel was trying to extract a woman from the school.

There is a matter of money. Mexico has a disaster fund, think of it as FEMA. The president has been asked repeatedly if this will be enough to respond. He is insisting it will be. However, it is important to emphasize that about one-third of the country was affected by the two quakes. There will be an economic cost to the country. Perhaps, even, an economic slowdown.


12:15 According to the Sub-Secretary of the Navy Angel Enrique Beltran, the child Frida Sofia does not exist. This is from student lists that were compared to the lists with the Secretary of Education, They have rescued 11 children, They think there are 20 children dead and 11 adults. However, they have signs of one adult who is still alive who works with maintenance.

The rest of the children are either at home, in hospitals or have perished. All children have been accounted for.


09:00 The death toll has risen to 250. They are still searching for the child at the school. They have had issues with risks of collapses.

Sep 20, 2017

22:10 Death toll is up to 230. They are reporting that they are close to rescuing at the school.

What we know right now via the Office of the Presidency and President Pena Nieto:

  • 95 percent of electrical power has been restored.
  • The International Airport in Mexico City is functioning normally
  • Shelters have been opened in all states where needed. The President said that it is to necessary capacity to serve all those who need it.
  • The plan includes support for the population that has lost property and family.
  • The second phase in the distaster will be an extensive census of the material damage. This ranges from public and private infrastructure to housing.
  • Reconstruction. This will mean the demolition of condemned structures and rebuilding of buildings. This will involve the private sector as well.
  • The president recognized all volunteers, attached or not, who are helping in all capacities.
  • The president accepted the technical help of countries such as Japan, the United State, Israel and Spain, as well as Central American countries, He thanked the home nations in the name of the people of Mexico.
  • Work continues to rebuild in the states affected by the Sep 7 quake, those are Chiapas and Oaxaca, and now they have added the states of Guerrero, Puebla, Morelos, State of Mexico and Mexico City.
  • He also thanked the companies that have donated goods and services, or are donating them though the disaster.

2025: The Navy reports that they have made contact with Frida Sofia, the youth at the Rebmasen school. They also said that they believe up to six youngsgters are still alive under the ruble.

There is a revision to total casualties, per Civil Defense. The number dropped from 225 to 223.

14:30 Rescuers extricated the child from the Rebsamen school. She was texting with rescuers.  Also Panama is flying one rescue team in now.

8:45 They are still searching for 2 adults and 1 seven year old at the Rebmasen school who are still alive. They are starting to move more rubble to try to get to them.

Here is the list of people transported to Mexican hospitals in Mexico City, as of 07:00 local time. We are offering this as a service to our readers. And as a comment. this list would not be possible in the United States due to privacy laws..

“The Red Cross continues to work in rescue and medical attention of the wounded, after the quake. At the hospital they have 41 patients, 3 are critical. ”



08:20 Foreign rescue teams are coming in from Panama, and Israel among others. We also know that Los Angeles County USAR is deploying. They are part of the Disaster Assistance Response Team 2. There are still rescues ongoing, and up to ten days rescues have been done in other disasters.



Collapsed Bridge, State of Morelos, Courtesy Federal Police

We resume our live blog. What we know as of now:

  • 225 dead, 94 Mexico City, 71 Morelos, 43 Puebla, 12 Puebla, 1 Oaxaca
  • At least 25 children died at the Rebsamen school. 4 Adults are likely dead too.  About 30 were still missing. Many were pulled from the rubble though.
  • Mexico implemented its national disaster plans and has military teams on the ground in rescue operations. They include rescue dogs and USAR teams.
  • Shelters have opened across multiple states. They are slowly moving to the recovery phase.
  • Other states are sending help from other states, such as Jalisco.
  • The highway to Acapulco had a bridge fail, and they have been checking other roads across the nation.
  • Schools  at all levels were closed throughout the affected states
  • Damage was not located in Mexico City, the worst affected Counties in Morelos are Cuatla, Cuernavaca, and Jojutla, with collapsed buildings and over 20,000 homes that were damaged. Jojutla is near the epicenter
  • The governor of the state of Morelos has declared 5 days of mourning.
  • 94 dead in Mexico city, and 200 injuried, with at least 50 in serious condition and 25 rescues.
  • The Presdient of Mexico has declared 3 days of national mourning.

Mexcian President Pena Nieto addressed the country. The piece of news relevant in the address is that 40 percent of Mexico City and 60 percent of the State of Morelos are without electrical service. They are sending more electrical teams to restore power as fast as they can. He also emphasized that medical care is open at both ISSSTE and IMSS, which are both parallel medical systems meant for government workers and private sector workers. They also are opening PEMEX hospitals and military hospitals. We know that both Angeles and ABC, private hospitals, also opened their emergency rooms.

21:20 They have confirmed 30 dead at the Rebsamen school. The death toll for the country is 149 in all affected states.


Again, another service to our readers. Classes are suspended tomorrow in the following states:

Guanajuato, State of Mexico, Mexico City. Morelos, Oaxaca, Puebla. Michoacan and partially Chiapas.

They also are updating the number of dead children at the Rebsamen school, 25 people, 21 were children. 11 are missing and Mexican Marines have been primarily responsible for the rescue efforts. The military has Urban Search and Rescue teams, as well as search dogs.


This is meant for our Spanish readers, and for those with family in Mexico. We offer a translation as well.

1. Todas las compañías celulares están permitiendo hacer llamadas de forma gratuita.

All Cell phone companies can make free calls in Mexico City

2. El metro y el metrobús están brindando servicio gratuito.

The Metro and Metrobus are offering free service.

3. La SEGOB activó la siguiente liga para reportar afectaciones por el sismo:…/1FAIpQLSfBCx1D9F_SRPURTz…/viewform

You can report damage here.

4. Google activó el siguiente servicio de búsqueda de personas:

Mark yourself safe using Google


5. Los servicios de IMSS, ISSSTE, Seguro Popular y los hospitales Ángeles y ABC están abiertos para toda la población.

IMMS, ISSSTE, the Popular Insurance and private hospitals Angeles and ABC are open to all.

6. Uber y Cabify estarán dando servicio gratuito (al menos hasta las 22:00 h).

Uber and Cabify are free until 22:00. It is over incidentelly.

7. Están pidiendo tener precaución por parte de los voluntarios ante posibles desplomes de estructuras colindantes a las que ya han caído (sobre todo en la zona centro).

Be careful on unstable structures,

8. Se dará capacitación en el Estadio Olímpico Universitario para la posterior formación de brigadas de auxilio (la primera será a las 22:00 h de hoy).

They are forming more brigades, training them at the University Stadium. The first session is at 22:00 today

9. Las casetas de peaje para entrar/salir de la ciudad serán gratis.

Toll roads coming to Mexico City are free

10. Las listas de personas trasladadas a hospitales y a la Cruz Roja se estarán actualizando en las redes de Locatel CDMX:

These are the updated lists of casualties and what hospitals they were taken to.

11. Lista de albergues habilitados por el Gobierno de la CDMX:…/…/listado-de-albergues-cdmx

Shelter listing



13. Números de emergencia para la CDMX:
911 Número de emergencia
5658-1111 Locatel
5557-5757 Cruz Roja
071 Comisión Federal de Electricidad
56-54-32-10 Sistema de Aguas


We are posting this list of the children removed from the school and what hospital they are at. This is just in case a family member would see it here, since we have many San Diegans who have family in Mexico. We are not sure if it is the complete list.



20:25 There are 20 confirmed children dead and 2  adults confirmed dead at the school, with 30 still missing.

19:55 They have rescued about 60 children at the Enrique Rebsamen school, which collapsed and USAR teams are working to rescue the rest of the young pupils. Some were extracted from the ruins already, and have been trasported to different hospitals.

There are rescue efforts around the city Teams from the State of Jalisco and Veracruz are already under way to the city as well.

Mexico City has declared a state of emergency for the whole city.


The Military has mobilized, and this photo is courtesy of the Department of the Navy, SEMAR in Spanish.

These are the numbers of dead by state:

  • Mexico City: 97
  • Morelos: 55
  • Puebla: 32
  • State of Mexico 10
  • Guerrero 1



Credit Defensa Civil Cd. de Mexico

19:10 The latest casualty rate is at 196 (The number was just corrected by Civil Defense). Mexico City alone is close to 100 and now is higher than the State of Morelos, which was affected very seriously as well. This is from the state of Morelos, via Twitter



State of Morelos, via Twitter

18:20 Civil Defense now says that 40 structures were severely damaged.

17:40 According to President Pena Nieta there are 30 buildings that collapsed, Others may be damaged. They have also confirmed 130 dead, with casualties expected to rise. Rescue operations will not stop, as they are continuing overnight with lights. These now include rescue dogs and Urban Search and Rescue and Search And Rescue teams.

Communications into the country can still be spotty. Try using Facebook, Twitter, SMS and WhatsApp.

We are also embedding the message from Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

17:00 we have now learned that there is 122 confirmed dead across 6 states. This raises the number of states affected.

15:55 Up to now there are 105 confirmed dead across five states. This is according to CENAPRED. (Centro Nacional de Desastres). Oh and all Soccer Games for this weekend have been canceled. The divergent numbers are at times common in these disasters during the early hours. As is, the numbers are expected to rise.

15:50 The death toll has risen to 120 over five states.


15:30 As of now we know 94 people have been confirmed dead, with rescue efforts from Urban Search and Rescue units working. Among the dead are school children. The International Airport has reopened for flights. The runways are fine, and 180 flights have been delayed.

There is some damage, but not structural, at both terminals.

15:05 We have now confirmed 80 dead across five states. Most of the casualties are in the State of Morelos.


14:55 The State of Morelos has updated the effect on the state. So far they report 54 dead. They also report the collapse of the bridge on kilometer 109 of the highway to the sun, Mexico Acapulco. in the southern direction. They also have a highway damaged on the road in front of Oaxtepec.

They have also evacuated hospitals and found damage in one at Coatepec.

In other news, the National University has suspended classes today and tomorrow, and school systems have for tomorrow across several states.


14:40: 70 reported dead across several states. The Federal Electrical Commission reports 3.8 million without the service. They are also evaluating the electric grid.

14:35: On orders of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto all hospital emergency rooms have been opened to all who have sustained injuries.


14:15: The death toll is over 50. By state, Puebla 6, State of Mexico 5, Morelos 44. Mexico City reports 4, and these are expected to rise. Here are the current numbers from the state of Morelos.


14:10 PST Mexico has activated the emergency plans, such as the DN-III-E or the DN-X. Mexico is mobilizing multiple public and private resources. Multiple rescue crews with civilians are working to rescue people from multiple collapsed buildings.

The Mexican Red Cross posted this photo from the Colonia Condesa



Yucatan Street, Colonia Condesa

13:55 It is now reported that 4 people were also killed in the city of Puebla, which is far closer to the epicenter.

13:50 We have learned that 2 million people do not have electric service. Fires have all been controlled. But they are asking people not to use any open flame due to gas leaks. 29 building collapses and 4 people have been confirmed dead.

Sep 19, 2017 (MEXICO CITY) It has been 35 years since the 1985 deadly quake, that leftover 10,000 dead. Incidentally, Mexico had just carried the annual earthquake exercise that is part of that remembrance. None expected a couple quakes to hit, almost simultaneously. The strongest measured at 7.1 on the Richter scale. The list of damaged or collapsed buildings is not that long when compared to 1985. However, so far we know 4 people have perished, and casualties are expected to rise.


Here is a list of damaged or collapsed buildings that was posted on Twitter. It matches reporting from media.


This list matches the areas that were heavily impacted in 1985. The substrate is less stable and recommended modern building codes are more stringent than the building that went down then, or that might have gone down now.


Local government has 68 brigades working They have also found issues at the National Cathedral, the Palacio de Mineria. The government is in the process of securing many areas, to prevent looting.


They have also evacuated office buildings. More than just collapsed buildings have been evacuated until they are cleared up by structural engineers. There are reports of gas leaks across the city, and emergency services are working multiple rescues.


We are noting that the President of the United States has noted this earthquake and sends his condolences to Mexico.



This is a developing news story. Will be updated as needed.

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