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Joanna Gallardo VP Communications


Nota del Editor. Aquí esta una entrevista en Español para aquellos que quieran ayudar por medio de PowerPet. The sound of the interview is in Spanish. The interview is raw.

The name of of the Mexican business was corrected by Gallardo over email who misidentied in the interview. Since the sounce is raw, we need to clarify that.

Las botitas para los perros rescatistas que ella menciono aqui las encuentran.

Sep 22, 2017 (San Diego) Just like in Mexico, San Diegans are collecting food, and other material to send to Mexico. We spoke to two people, one with a company that is doing this in deep coordination and has import permits. One that is being done by a young millennial who wants to help Mexico. She is collecting food, water (which few collection points are accepting due to the cost of transportation), out of the family restaurant. She is personally driving these donations to two collection points in Tijuana that will send it down to Morelos and Oaxaca.

These are two very different approaches. However, Joanna Gallardo, Vice President for Communications for Power Pet, told Reporting San Diego that their effort is going to continue for as long as needed.

She told Reporting San Diego that “we started this because we wanted to help the people, but focus on dogs, they need our help. We also are focusing on cats. All types of pets.” She remarked that as the quake hit, many ran away. She explained that other people have picked them up and many need medical care. (The National University and many private vets are offering free health care for these pets.)

Since Power Pet is a binational business, they are also gathering medical material in Tijuana that can be legally bought in Mexico at pharmacies. This includes syringes, But they also got a donation from a medical devices company in the United States.

She also mentioned that they are trying to get the special booties for the rescue dogs. These boots allow the dogs to continue working in very hazardous conditions. Incidentally, cheaper versions of those boots are sold in the US for regular pets. When it is really cold, or really hot, consider putting a set on your pets. The photo we are including is the cheaper version of the boots.


This need was raised by Petopia DF. This is a Mexican business, like many other businesses, they are working to raise what is needed for the rescue effort.

You can buy the boots and send them to the San Diego office of power pet and they will ship them to Mexico next week. They have an import-export permit so all donations can go into the country much easier. To shop for these boots go here.



Frida, Mexican Navy Rescue dog


The dogs involved in the rescue effort are mostly medium to large breeds. Few small breeds are ever used in this type of work. You can send them to Powerpet in San Diego at 2285 Michael Faraday Drive, San Diego 92154. The same goes for other donations.

They are also receiving aid for humans. Here is a list of needed material, according to the Mexican Red Cross:

  • Sardines\ Sardinas
  • Sugar\ Azucar
  • Salt\ Sal
  • Instant Coffee, such as Nescafe\ Cafe Instantaneo
  • Pasta soup\ Sopa de Pasta
  • Canned Vegetables\ Verduras enlatadas
  • Personal Hygiene goods, such as toilet paper, sanitary napkins, adult and baby diapers/ Productos  de hygiene persona, como papel sanitario, toallas sanitarias, pañales de adulto y niño
  • Toothpaste\ pasta de dientes
  • Deodorant\ Deodorante
  • Plastic Bags\ Bolsas de plastico
  • Pails\ Cubetas
  • Flashlights\ linternas
  • masks\Tababocas
  • Batteries\ baterias

If you decide to donate medicines, Tylenol, or generic works, as well as cold medicine. They must be new and sealed. The list above is the most urgent. If you can consider baby wipes, (toallas para limpiar), and baby food (comida de bebe). Powdered milk (leche en polvo) is also a good idea. Oh and toys, new. A small plush will make a world of a difference to a child.

A medical supply company from San Diego donated medical goods for humans.

They are shipping all goods from Tijuana, and right now they are classifying goods for the shipment that will leave tomorrow from Tijuana. They are working with truckers that will take the material to the state of Morelos, where the need is great. Mexico City has enough, so now there is an effort to send goods to areas much closer to the epicenter. They will also send goods to the state of Puebla, which was also hit, and has rarely made it to the news.

Powerpet is not accepting clothing or water. The Mexican Red Cross has advised that they cannot accept clothes anyway, and they have plenty of water. Also, the cost of shipment is very high.

Here is a critical point. Gallardo is aware that this is for the long haul so they will be collecting goods every day, Monday to Friday, from 9-4 for a while. The recovery phase of this disaster will last likely months in the critical phase. It could last longer.


Gabriela is doing this at a very different level. Up to Tuesday, they will gather donations at the family restaurant La Original Casa del Taco, 1635 SweetWater Road, Suite A and B, in National City.

We asked how good has been the response from the community? Like Gallardo she said that the response has been very good. “Yesterday we had a lot of people come and give their donations. How she got the response was over a post on Facebook that has gone viral.

She is accepting all, including water, except for clothing. Partly taking clothes across can be problematic with customs. She did obtain a letter from SAT for the import of goods to a centro de acopio.


They are gathering all that is recommended from canned goods, such as tuna, to baby food, to toiletries. All except clothes since that is harder to import to Mexico. They are intending to send all this to Morelos, where they have some family and friends. Money, they told her, was not best since a lot of stores have run out of goods.

We know that some people have gone and bought a lot of goods emptying the stores, with local shortages. She also told us that many of the people she knows, they live in a town that was not affected, but the municipality next to them had homes that collapsed.

Some of this, according to the people working at the site where they are gathering goods, will be taken to Oaxaca that was hit by an 8.2 on the 7th.

There are rural areas of the state of Morelos and Guerrero that are just now being reached. There are areas across the Mixteca, which are in Chiapas and Oaxaca that are currently being assessed for the damage.

She will be gathering goods at the restaurant until Tuesday, for the moment. Moreover, they will not drive anything across during the weekend. San Ysidro is going to be closed so they will do such on Monday

They are hardly alone. We know that the Centro Cultural la Raza will have a collection point on Sunday between 12:00 and 18:00
2004 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101. We are sure there are others.

One final note. All cans and other products, use a sharpie to go over the SKU, the bars for the scan and mark them as donations, clearly.

Here are more donations at Powerpet. Credit for all Joanna Gallardo

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