The Iran Deal, Paris and the ACA: What if Their Repeal is not About Policy?



Sep 22, 2017 (San Diego) What if the fixation with destroying the Affordable Care Act is not about policy? What if getting out of the Paris Accords has nothing to do with policy? What if hinting that the United States will pull out of the Iranian deal has nothing to do with national security? What if all these have two things in common: Benefiting those with ties to the government, with a side financial benefits to the very wealthy, and racism.

I suspect the last one has a lot more to do with this than the first ones. Those are convenient explanations and to a point true. A war, as long as it is not a total war, will benefit those with ties with the defense industry. At this point the military serves as a jobs program, and an investment program. It should not, but it is a reality.

However, in a total war none wins. Let’s make that very clear. So a major conflict in Korea will be bad for business.

Repealing the ACA will benefit those who make more money who have to pay taxes, and they don’t want to. It will also set the stage for the kind of tax reform that will increase even further, the income inequality in this country. Those who are at the top have an incredible resistance to civic responsibility. It is truly about he who dies with the most toys wins.

As far as climate change is concerned. Trump is seeing the effects of climate change. It is his luck to preside over three major hurricanes, that at this time are reaching damage just north of halt a trillion dollars. Yet, he is still resistant to the concept. Not just because accepting science would mean that trillions of wealth suddenly are worth nothing, but because Paris is part of Obama’s legacy and erasing him from history is the goal here.

Racism though is something most in the commentariat do not want to address. Or for that matter white supremacy. This is not just about erasing Barack Obama from the history books. This is about erasing the place of a black man in American history. It is ugly.

This is hardly accidental.

Obama is a mixed race person. His mere existence violates many believes among very racist conservative whites, mind you, not all of them are Republican or Tea Party. Some are Democrats too. Mixing of the races should never happen, never mind that race is a cultural construct. At one time we had laws that prevented the legal marriage of whites and blacks. Obama was the product of such a union. This is why Trump challenged his birth in the United States and led the birther movement. Yes, the current President of the United States led a racist movement and has been giving aide and comfort to other white supremacists. If he is not one, he is friendly to them. Actions speak louder than words.

Obama is also well educated, and speaks clearly and well. This also violates every stereotype of what blacks should be able to attain, according to these same racist people. He is a college educated lawyer. Not just educated, but in one of the top legal colleges in the United States: Harvard. It is there that Obama edited the Law Review.

This effort to erase Obama from history has very little to do with policy. It has to do with returning to the normal order. If the ACA had been passed by a white male politician, they might not be that desperate to take this away from the American people and from history.

We need to confront this reality. What White Supremacists want is to restore the old order. Obama does not enter into that equation. It is also a message to the people. You elect another one of “them,” we will erase them from history.

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