Strong Aftershock hits Oaxaca

Sep 24, 2017 These are the new casualty numbers from the Sep 19 earthquake,


17:40 update


3 People have been killed and 7 injured total. There is damage to infrastructure as well as schools and one bridge did collapse.  5 hospitals are damaged, and one family is a church that is in danger of collapse. They are requesting an emergency declaration for the state of Oaxaca, at least as half municipalities. 2 million people in Oaxaca are affected by both quakes.


Strong aftershock hits near Oaxaca, 5.8 Richter Scale, Southwest of Paredon, Mexico


15:15 Injuries have been reported in Oaxaca 2 dead and seven injured in Ixtaltepec. We are including the post from a local news paper.



Frida, Navy Rescue dog

Update: Via Twitter, we learn that there have been continuous aftershocks, People are outside in the streets at Ixtepec. The aftershocks are coming fast and hard. We also learn of more damage in Juchitan.


This bridge also went down the bridge near Ixtaltepec in Oaxaca this morning:



Bridge at Ixtaltepec



Sep 23, 2017 (OAXACA) A strong aftershock, 6.1 in the Richter scale, happened in Matias Romero in the State of Oaxaca a few hours ago. There are no reports of deaths or injuries, but there are structural damages to roads, and also at a military base.

So far they are patrolling to look for damage. This includes damage in a hospital of Xolichilapa in the state of Veracruz.

This is an aftershock to the Sep 7 8.2 earthquake. It is not related to the earthquake that hit Mexico on Sep 19. There are reports over a few states of structural damage to infrastructure, including schools.

This quake triggered the seismic alarm, which led to the full stop of all rescue operations and the evacuations to buildings across the city.

In Mexico City, there are no reports of large damages. However, there was reported panic.

The official death toll from the Sep 19 is 305, and there have been over 3,000 injuries. Mexico City has 38 buildings that collapsed, and they have requests for structural checks in over 3,000 buildings.

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