Conditions in Puerto Rico are Dire



Via Twitter, Puerto Rico


Sep 24, 2017 (San Diego) It is difficult to find information from conditions from Puerto Rico. We have been able to confirm a few things. They are as follows:

We are updating with this from FEMA 

  • 9 confirmed dead.
  • Fuel is low and has run out in many areas of the island. This is a problem since generators are how people are having electricity. There are mission critical reasons for this, including dialysis machines, and hospitals that need this fuel.
  • Potable water is running low. Some people have been able to report that they will run out, or have run out of water already.
  • Food is running out. The same conditions that exist for water exist for food.
  • There is widespread destruction and debris reported across the island. Some areas were hit worse than others.
  • The State of New York has pledged to send help, and has already sent some help. Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo is launching a state effort to help Puerto Rico. The Democrat announced the relief effort Sunday after visiting tthe hurricane-ravaged island Friday. He is going to encourage residents statewide to donate goods and will raise funds from the business community.
  • Southern California rescuers are on the way. THey are members of an Urban Search and Rescue Team from Riverside.

  • The United States Coast Guard has launched rescue efforts.


  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency has launched a full effort to aid people. They include working with partners to unify families.
  • California National Guard Airmen have deployed to Puerto Rico. They are part of 7,000 Guard troops from several states.
  • UPS has flown resources to Puerto Rico under contract with FEMA.


Puerto Rico needs a lot more help, and attention, than it is getting. The same goes for the United States Virgin Islands which are also having the same issues. However, US Soidiers are already on the ground at the Virgin Islands according to the Department of Defense.


Here are the problems that both locations will have in the near future. Disease will likely spread, and people could die from tropical diseases, as well as diarrhea. Also, lack of water could very easily lead to dehydration and death.

We have found one story of San Juan where a team of volunteers went to visit senior citizens. The building has no electricity, none does, and some had acute medical needs. While the story sounds very dramatic and we have not been able to confirm it, it matches the conditions on the ground.

We are also reading family and friends who have been able to contact people on the island and a few media reports, on shortages and fear of looting. So conditions are quickly degrading.





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