Largest Mass Shooting in Las Vegas: 50 Dead Over 400 Injured 

To locate missing people call Las Vegas Metro Police at:


Update 15:00 

  • 4 different scenes that Police is processing, including the houses in Northern Nevada
  • Mesquite they retrieved explosives, 18 firearms and thousands rounds of ammunition
  • 527 Injured, 59 dead
  • Not done processing the concert venue. After they do, people will be able to tetrieve personal items
  • Families going to Las Vegas, Stations Casinos, Seaguls Suite, South Point. Accommodations are available
  • A family assistance center has been set up to help families of victims. 
  • South hall of convention center is the family assistance center
  • Coroner John Fudenberg emphasizes that the family center is also set to help speed up the identification of the decendants he is asking media to respect the privacy of the relatives. 
  • All confirmed fatalities have been transported to the Coroner’s office. 
  • 6-8 hour wait at the blood donation centers 
  • Congresswoman Dina Titus said her office is serving as a clearing house for information 
  • Clark County school district is using their counselors for psychological first aid 
  • Vigils will start with the first at 15:00 at Las Vegas City Hall and the Guardian Angel Cathedral
  • 16 guns found in the hotel room. Calleibers .308 and .228 according to Sheriff Joseph Lombardo. They also found Amonium Nitrate in the suspect’s car
  • Person of interest is the roommate. She remains out of tje country. 
  • The authorities believe the weapons were converted to full auto 

Morning update

  • President Donald Trump will visit Las Vegas on Wednesday 
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions is meeting with the FBI 
  • The threat to Las Vegas “has been eliminated.”
  • The number of injured has risen to 515 per Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo
  • The number of dead is at 58
  • These numbers could still rise 
  • Reunification efforts continue 
  • Search warrant was carried at the suspect’s home
  • Reunification amd victim advocates to meet at the Convention area 
  • United Blood services to collect blood donations 
  • FBI has determined no connection with any international terror group 
  • Clark County DA states that two of their prosecutors were at the concert. He has called this a “classic WMD event.”
  • Mayor Carolyn Goodman “this was simply outrageous.” She also called the gunman “a lunatic.”
  • The city and the community has pulled together. 
  • They are asking for blood donations
  • Governor Brian Sandoval said “we are angry, we are grieving, we are confused.” He also said it was the finest hour for Las Vegas first responders. Doctors also self deployed to hospitals. He thanked the President and governors who offered help. He also called it an unprecedented event in American history. “ I couldn’t be prouder of Nevadans in the way they responded.” He also said that “it was a cowardly, despicable act.” 
  • Sherriff Lombardo calls the suspect a lone wolf. This is why it was hard to prevent it  he also calls him a psychopath. No motive yet 

More details

  • 22,000 people were present 
  • Gunman killed himself, described by local PD as “lone wolf” type 
  • Witnesses report they heard hundreds of shots, reportedly from automatic firearms 
  • There was panic 
  • Las Vegas has one level 1 trauma room 
  • First shots fired at 22:00 hours PST 
  • At least ten rifles were found 
  • 14 are believed in critical condition. 
  • 406 taken to hospitals, at least 

Oct 2, 2017 ( LAS VEGAS) overnight there was a mass shooting in Las Vegas. This is a developing news story. So here is what we know right now. It is expected to change. 

  • At least 50 people were killed and 400 were injured. 
  • 64 year-old Stephen Padock is is dead and has been identified as the suspect. He is from Mesquite, Nevada
  • A “person of interest” Marilou Danley, 62, the roommate at a Nevada retirement home, was tracked down outside the US. 
  • It happened at the Country Music festival in Las Vegas near the Mandalay Bay hotel . The shooter was on the 32nd floor
  • The authorities found 10 rifles in the hotel room at the room where Padock was at the hotel. These were found by Las Vegas Sherriffs. 
  • The President will address the nation 
  • No motive known yet. However, they are looking at terrorism and ties with terror groups abroad. They have to establish the motive first. 
  • Social media memes, like the one we used, are emerging. 

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