President Trump has Broken a Sacred Trust



Oct 18, 2017 (San Diego) I am sure the words honor and integrity was part of the life experience of Donald J Trump. Why? He went to a military school, a matter that according to his biographers he resented. Most cadet corps include those two works in the cadet creed. This means that at one point, while dressed up as a soldier, and marching around he heard these words.

They have specific meanings. Among them, you will not lie. You will make sure that your word is your bond. However, and this is not the first instance, Trump is a consummate liar. This time he lied about his predecessors in office not contacting new gold star families. He lied about doing the most basic a job any commanding officer does. Don’t make any mistake. He is a commanding officer, of the United States military.

When the four special forces soldiers were killed, he ignored it. When three of the four bodies came home, he was golfing.

We will not make the same error. Naming them is important.

Sergeant Dustin M Wright, Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black, Staff Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson and Sergeant La David Johnson.

Army tradition includes not telling lies and being of good character. However, even in military school, Trump got in trouble. However, he “came on top” in his mind, every time. For example, when he was taken off command duties and to administration in the military school his father Fred sent him to, he thought of that as a promotion.

Former cadets recall the change differently. They say school administrators transferred Trump after a freshman named Lee Ains complained of being hazed by a sergeant under Trump’s command. School officials, those cadets say, were concerned that Trump’s style of delegating leadership responsibilities while spending a lot of time in his room, away from his team, allowed problems to fester.

We see how an early Trump was no longer living by those core values.

So yesterday he called the pregnant widow of Sergeant Johnson. He told her, reportedly, according to Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) that the sergeant “knew what he signed up for..but when it happens it hurts anyway.” The president, of course, denied this in the morning, realizing that he stepped in it, to use a nice euphemism.


President Obama at Dover AF Base receiving military remains.

He also lied about his processors not meeting with Gold Star families. He even brought the son of his chief of staff into this. General John Kelley’s son was killed in Afghanistan, and technically Trump was correct. President Barack Obama did not call Kelly because he hosted him at the White House and his wife Michelle sat with the General. He hosted him during a Gold Star families have come out and defended both former Presidents George W Bush and Obama, the ones that Trump claims the Obamas never met.

Trump, like everything else he does, tried to show us how much better he is than anybody else. He also tried to show off on his predecessors and play the super patriot, who loves the military, and knowns far more about the military than even his Generals do. Never mind he used five deferments to avoid a real war, where he could have gotten himself killed.

He has transformed even the most sacred bond, that of a commander and his troops, into a political game. The words honor or integrity have no meaning. They have had no meaning from the beginning. But this is yet another bridge that Trump is burning in his effort to show off everybody else, and to ultimately make everything about himself. He is getting rebuked for it. For example here is a tweet from retired General Marty Dempsey.




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