Flynn Pleads Guilty; To Cooperate With Special Counsel


Mike Flynn, Photo by Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons

Analysis by Reporting San Diego

Dec 1, 2017 (San Diego) By now you know of this. General Michael Flynn has accepted a plea of lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This is the least serious charge that Flynn could have been charged with. What is significant is not just the plea deal, but the fact that he has agreed to fully cooperate with the prosecution.

This stems from an interview with the agency on January 24 of this year, in which he denied meeting with now former Russian Ambassador Sergei Kyslyak, regarding the sanctions that were imposed by the outgoing Barack Obama administration. Russia opposed those sanctions.

On December 22 he asked the same ambassador for Russia to delay a vote in the United Nations Security Council regarding Israel. This could even be construed as a violation of the Logan Act, which has never been tested in court.

What is most critical is that now Flynn will cooperate and he is not just a coffee boy or an errand boy. He literally was at the heart of the Trump operation during the campaign. He was also agreed to testify against Trump, according to The Hill. They are reporting on TV analysis from Brian Ross on ABC news

Flynn is saying that Trump “directed him to make contact with the Russians,” ABC’s Brian Ross said Friday, just moments after Flynn entered a guilty plea for lying about his contact with Russians during the presidential transition period.


If this is the case, the import of this cannot be overstated. In Watergate, it was the testimony of John Dean before Congress that led to the end game in Watergate. Flynn testifying has the same potential for the Trump administration.

Time will tell how this goes, but today probably marks an acceleration in the process. However, Jared Kushner has been identified as the senior member that directed Flynn to contact the Russians, in the plea deal. This is according to CNN.

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