Picture of 2018 olympics torch lamp
Build a light up olympic torch for rio cbc parents
2018 Olympic Torch Lamp Instructables

2018 Olympic Torch Lamp Instructables 2018 Olympic Torch Lamp Instructables

It’s Olympic time again! In just a few days, the Olympic torch will reach Sochi and the games will begin.

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Roll each paper horizontally into a cone and then insert them into the torch. Mess with the edges of the cones to make them look different. You don’t have to secure these with tape, which will make them really customizable. 😀

This was a quick throw-together of some everyday stuff to make an Olympic torch like they carried to start the 2018 Olympics. After some study, I found out that they design a new torch for each Olympics. This years just happened to look like a softball bat, and that gave me the idea, WHY NOT? I wanted it to be full-sized, mine stands nearly 27″ tall.

Again, easier than laying out a design. I did size the pattern for the correct proportions.

Start at the lower left hand corner and roll it up and across. This will give you a cone – let it relax until it’s the size you want and then tape or glue it closed.

I I then used a 2″ Forstner bit for a recess to mount the bat bottom. The other small hole for the power line up to the socket.

Then used a 2-3/4″ Forstner bit for the bottom cavity to allow for the mounting bolt/nut and then slotted with 1/4″ router bit to allow the power cord to clear the base. I used these tools I already had, but all this can be done with other tools, or hand tools.

I had to buy socket for the lamp that was mountable with another ring cut from 1/4″ plywood.

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Lay the paper down on the table in front of you so the longest side is facing you.

Obviously, the first picture is of the real thing, if I’m allowed to post it, mine stands almost 27″ tall, hence the paint can for reference.

∆ three or four different shades of yellow, orange and red paper – 8.5 x 11

This is the whiffle ball bat I started with, and the pattern for the slots to be cut were from a coloring book web page. The bat is available HERE.

I just used a short #10-32 bolt/nut to secure the bat to the base, easy-peasy.

Not sure if they are allowed, but here are the artwork I used for inspiration/etc.

Here I am outside Pier 9 in San Francisco carrying the torch and being blinded by how bright it is. I was also encouraged to eat it. It tastes like GLORY.

I used a scrap piece of 1″ MDF for the base, but almost anything will work, so long as it’s heavy enough to hold the lamp upright. I used another printed out pattern, as I discovered how tricky it was to lay out the design without one, (math was not by favorite subject).

Everything is in fifths, due to the theme. It was easier to print out the pattern, than to try to lay out the points by math.

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That looks really cool. This would be perfect for any sports fan.

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I made the torch, filled the bathtub with water, and built the Golden Gate Bridge outta Legos…

I did this with my miter saw, but a sharp knife will do also (carefully).

I noticed one side of the slots were straight, the other curved.

Top ring cut out of 1/4″ plywood. I needed something to stiffen the top fingers. I used my scroll saw, but a jig saw will do the job.

To help get you pumped for the Olympics, we’re running the Makerlympics Contest – enter any amazing thing you’ve made and you could take the Gold Medal in Food, Living, Play, Outdoors, Tech or Workshop!

I started cutting with a sharp knife, tried heavy duty scissors, tin snips, ended up using a sharpened blade on an

Added the finishing touches gold foil, stars, and a stuck-on print of the Logo and it has a really nice soft flame-like glow. The pictures do not do it justice, the camera gave me fits capturing the simulated flame. Not the most perfect copy, but it captures the spirit of the games, for those that are impressed by the talent on display at the games.

Thanks, my thoughts exactly. Too bad the Olympics only last a short time.

But in the meantime, we want to see how many people we can get to make an Olympic torch and take a photo of themselves with it. It’s super easy and I would love to see all of you! Let’s pass the torch around the world. 😀

This Olympic torch is ridiculously easy. I made this in elementary school and did a pretty good job of it. I think glitter and paint would make this even more awesome. 😀

You just made a ‘frietzak’ – a BELGIAN FRIES BAG!!! Wonderful new design, I love it!!! 😉

I started with dark red and worked my way up to the light yellow.

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