9 Ways To Decorate With Patio Lights The Honeycomb Home

tech lighting 9 Ways To Decorate With Patio Lights The Honeycomb Home

tech lighting 9 Ways To Decorate With Patio Lights The Honeycomb Home

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Now that the warm weather is finally here, our back patio feels like an extra room because we spend so much time out there.  This year I want to add some mood lighting out there using patio lights for those long summer nights.  I’ve always loved the globe-style lights, but that isn’t your only option!

I would really love to have an outdoor pizza oven.  Who wants to heat up the kitchen on those hot summer nights?

So many great project ideas, so little time!  Do you have any clever DIY garden ideas?  Tell me about it in the comments!

2. Festive Party Lights – Hang the string lights vertically and add on colorful extras. 1. Cut a length of twine and clip it to each garland. 2. Attach honeycomb balls to the twine with gold twist ties. 3. Cut a gold fringe banner into sections (about 11” each) and gather them into tassels. 4. Secure each tassel to the garland with a gold twist tie. (Don’t worry about spacing to specific measurements; an organic feel adds whimsy to this festive idea.)

If you love that idea, check this one out too.   The same concept, only wood was used in a herringbone pattern instead of tile.  You know I’m a sucker for herringbone pattern!

A strand of regular Christmas lights looks beautiful around this rustic arbor.

Creative upcycle idea;  refresh an outdated table like my friend Deb did with hers!

Lastly, every great outdoor space includes some string lights, read 9 Ways to decorate with patio lights here.

This one isn’t really a DIY, it’s something you can buy.  These rustic shovel and pitchfork planters are so cute, I wanted to throw it in here.

Don’t forget the red white and blue with a pretty tiered garden using terracotta pots.

The year was 1997, and I moved into my first college dorm room at Syracuse University. As every college student does with limited space and limited decor options, I taped string lights (um, Christmas lights to be exact) to my side of the room onto the painted cement walls. I plugged them in every night while doing my homework and always found them to add just the perfect glow. Fast forward to 2016, and I still love string lights. Used in the right way, a strand (or two or three) casts the most subtle and beautiful glow in any space. So here are a few ways to decorate with string lights (we used the Oh Joy for Target dotty lights in these examples)…

{Photos by Thuss+Farrell, styling by Scott Horne for Oh Joy for Target.}

How gorgeous is this patio with the pergola and globe lights?

I love that you can keep a set of string lights just as they are or add/subtract little touches from them as your mood changes!

This beautiful DIY garden bench is simple yet creative, those are my favorite kinds of DIY ideas.

In this next photo, I love how they created a sitting area in this small side yard.  The globe lights set the mood.

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What do you think of this raised garden bed, made using wine boxes?

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1. Plain and simple – Simply hang string lights up on a wall using pins, hooks, or tape as I did circa 1997 college dorm room style. They make any space instantly cooler.

Does your house back up to a wooded area?  How cool are these?

Build a DIY outdoor grilling station (this would be perfect for that pizza oven)!

If you have pretty landscaping, add some well placed lighting to highlight it.

And if we are talking about DIY garden ideas, we have to throw in a DIY pond !

If the only outdoor space you have is a small balcony, make the most of it!   Isn’t this one amazing?

Happy Memorial Day!  Thank you to all of our men and women in uniform that put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe!   I’m so happy that summer is finally here, and we can get back to outdoor activities again.  Do you love working in the garden and on outdoor projects as much as I do?  If so, you’re in luck because today I’ve rounded up some really clever outdoor and  DIY garden ideas.   Just in time to kick off the season of outdoor living.

Yet another use for old pallets!  this garden pallet organizer is genius!

I love creative planters, anything is better than the ugly plastic pots you get at the garden centers.   This container idea is definitely a step up.

3. Botanical Lights – Drape the lights over a bar cart or any other corner to add interest. 1. Cut a length of twine and clip it to the base cord of the string lights. 2. Paint real or faux leaves by spray painting them in a solid color and then dipping the ends in gold paint. 3. Secure each leave’s stem to the twine with a gold twist tie and let them drape and fall as you like.

9 Ways To Decorate With Patio Lights The Honeycomb Home