A Collection Of Modern Floor Lamps Normann Copenhagen

tech lighting A Collection Of Modern Floor Lamps Normann Copenhagen

tech lighting A Collection Of Modern Floor Lamps Normann Copenhagen

Normann copenhagen hello standing lamp grey normann copenhagen hello standing lamp grey
Medium size of light bedroom normann copenhagen floor lamp design with modern good lighting concept for
Hello floor lamp modern resale
Hello floor lamp 2
Hello floor lamp white by jonas wagell for normann copenhagen
Hello floor lamp normann copenhagen descargada
Hello floor lamp by normann copenhagen
Normann copenhagen stage floor lamp gray
Normann copenhagen stage floor lamp black
Normann copenhagen stage floor lamp black
Normann copenhagen momento led table lamp
Stage floor lamp by normann copenhagen
Normann copenhagen rise wall lamp gray
Normann copenhagen hello vloerlamp floor lampswhite
Hello lamp by normann copenhagen 3d model cgtrader
Hello floor lamp by normann copenhagen
Normann copenhagen stage floor lamp black
Floor lamp by normann copenhagen
Ikono modern danish pendant light fixture by normann copenhagen
Stage floor lamp

; being beautiful, noticeable design objects which tall height makes them centerpieces in any décor, while their light affect the mood of your room. Unfold the potential of every part of your interior with floor lamps to illuminate dark corners in your living room, or to add an aesthetic appeal and a cozy ambience to your hallway or bedroom.

Floor lamps can be striking statements or subtle light sources that blend in with your furniture. Create understated elegance with a floor lamp in a tone of color that matches your interior, or add fashion to your room with a characteristic floor lamp in playful colors and extraordinary materials.

Our range of contemporary floor lamps is designed with versatility in mind, and can both be used for directional, functional light and to provide ambient lighting. Find lighting to your office space, reading corner or soothing light for your lounge area and go with the style and effect you love.

Hello is a floor lamp that adds light and character to its surroundings through its simple, clear and playful character.Hello has a futuristic expression with the round forms of its shade and body giving the lamp character.

It is almost calling out in a hushed way. Hello’s inner shade in acrylic reflects the light and creates a soft and pleasant surrounding light. The body, made of beech, contrasts against the steel shade and adds warmth and a playful expression to the floor lamp.

The idea for Hello came when Jonas Wagell needed a large lamp for an architect project – a lamp which was to have a form that resembled a mobile. He ended up with a simple construction of several small aluminium shades attached to a piece of wood.

This planted the seed for creating a floor lamp.Jonas Wagell explains: “Many existing lamps either have a very technological appearance or look quite basic and cheap. Floor lamps – and lamps in general – which have a simple design but also a strong character and a high quality and finish are difficult to come by.

Hello is an attempt to fill that gap.”Design: Jonas Wagell

Jonas Wagell was born in Linköping and worked as a graphic designer and project manager until 2001 where he started considering a future within the field of product- and interior design. Jonas started studying Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at Konstfack University College, where he graduated with a MFA in 2007.

Today, Jonas Wagell works with architecture and design.“My ambition is to create simple and honest products that have strong character and warmth. Often with humor and color. I have always been fascinated by minimalism but often find myself lacking something personal or a trace from the creator.

Maybe my work could be described as “expressive minimalism”. I believe it is important that design has a connection to local traditions and heritage on some level, without risking being outdated with time.

A lamp is more than an aesthetic piece of design. The light you choose has a significant effect on the ambience and character of your room, and make a big difference in making it a functional and comfortable space.

Creating the perfect light in a room is far from an easy task. Combine various light sources and use wall lamps, pendants, floor and table lamps to create layered lighting and make a functional light scape that adds beauty to overall design schemes.

The perfect living room lighting provides an overall warming illumination while also adding a functional light for reading and a discreet soothing light for relaxation. Invite floor and table lamps into your décor for where extra light is needed and let pendants add sculptural expressions to your living room, hallway or dining room.

Our collection of lamps range from sculptural eye-catching pendants, classic and timeless ceiling lamps, to playful wall lamps and table lamps with nostalgic expressions. We strive to create inviting and edifying lighting atmospheres that make you feel at home and at ease, wherever you are.

A Collection Of Modern Floor Lamps Normann Copenhagen