Accent Lighting Hafele

tech lighting Accent Lighting Hafele

tech lighting Accent Lighting Hafele

Over cabinet lighting under cabinet lighting
Hafele loox 24v led 3001 recess mounted round light
Häfele loox led lighting system
Hafele ha 833 75 040 loox led 24v 3010 3 25w warm daylight or
Cabinet lighting hafele loox 24v led 3006 rail task light kit with 3 5
Hafele led lighting led under cabinet lighting ideas
Hafele loox 12v 2002 surface mounted round puck led light cool white 5000k 58mm 2 5 16 dia
Great lighting solutions from hafele
Hafele loox 24v led 3002 recess mounted round light
Cabinet furniture lighting at kitchensource com led lights halogen spotlights under cabinet lighting and more
Hafele loox 350ma led 4009 recess mounted round light
Hafele loox 350ma led 4005 recess surface mounted round light with lens
Häfeles interzum debut loox the fourth dimension of furniture
Led lighting
Hafele loox 24v 3028 double row flexible led ribbon strip light with 1200 leds
Hafele luminoso 12v led venice
Must try to find these headboard lights by häfele philippines inc
Hafele triangular down lights lighting hardware
Häfele calls this the the fourth dimension of furniture it can be achieved very easily and economically with the loox led lighting system
Hafele luminoso 24v led matrix high output square spot light surface mounted

LOOX lights have been tested to meet the UL-2108 standard – for test documentation click here.

LOOX drivers have been tested to the UL standard by UL review the certifications here and here

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Benefits of LED Lighting Systems LED lights have an extremely long life and reduce unnecessary waste. In addition to being incredibly energy efficient, our LED lights are powerful. They have a rich and saturated color that with a simple push of a button dramatically illuminates any room.

Our LED technology properly incorporates a variety of power systems for flexible installation. LED light fixtures radiate little heat and as a result use less energy while conserving energy. Our lighting solutions offer a unique look along with a variety of residential applications.

Accent lighting adds value to your space. Whether you are bringing light to a shelf or adding edge lighting for a unique look – we have many options of LED lighting to accent the home.  Häfele offers downlights and flexible strip lighting for many accent applications.  Ordering is easy and convenient. Click here to sign up for an account or login to place your order.

Loox Lighting It’s the little things that matter when it comes to any sort of lighting. Loox is our exclusive brand built for LED lighting systems. Our modular Loox system has a variety of international certificates. This innovative product is adaptable to any power system in the world.

12V LED 2013 strip light set The LED 2013 strip light is ideal for background lighting for furniture and furnishings. The close LED grouping on the strip provides uniform lighting. The strip light can be shortened making it extremely flexible.

5 m roll with 300 LEDs 12V LED 2017 strip light set The LED 2017 strip light set provides a wide range of decorative usage options with its comprehensive range of accessories, e. g. shelf lighting, plinthlighting, background lighting etc.

. The set is also perfectly suitable for retrofitting in existing furniture. Transparent plastic with double-sided adhesive tape.  12V LED 2011 strip light The LED 2011 strip light takes up a small amount of space and can be easily adapted to any furniture.

The strip light has a self adhesive backing and can be shortened every third LED/75mm. This makes the LED 2011 strip lighting ideal for retrofitting. Download the LOOX room styler Explore some of the many possibilities with the LOOX room styler.

You may download here (19 MB) 

At Häfele, we offer a variety of different power systems for any residential or commercial application. Our 12 V systems are voltage-controlled and connected in parallel in the 12 V system. We also have 24 V systems that can be utilized with brighter lights, along with 350 mA system that is current-controlled.


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Here at Häfele, we take pride in offering high-quality lighting solutions. We have taken LED lighting to another level that cannot be matched.

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Accent Lighting Hafele