All About Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Horizon Landscape

March 23, 2019 7:26 am by sandiego
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All About Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Horizon Landscape

Aspects of Outdoor Lighting During the winter, the days are much shorter, making outdoor lighting more important and noticeable. If you’ve been pulling into your driveway after work and your home looks dark and uninviting, it’s time to spruce up your landscaping with new lights.

Before you purchase just any lights, have a plan in mind. Outdoor lighting has different …

Advantages of Landscape Lighting in Bergen County It’s happened to each one of us. You’re driving down the road on a dark or dreary night in Northern New Jersey and you can’t help but notice the immaculately lit house ahead of you.

We’re not talking about holiday decorations or crime-scene floodlights. We’re talking about just the right amount of landscape lighting to …

Low voltage landscape lights are safe, easy to install and simple to maintain. They are more dependable than solar lights since they do use electricity, but it’s typically low volts of 12. You will need to choose a transformer for low voltage lighting large enough to handle all the fixtures you decide to install as well as some room for future growth. Inevitably people add to the system as they enjoy it so much.

At Horizon Landscape, we allow our clients to try before they buy. We’ll work with you to determine the best fit for your home based on the above factors. Then, we can bring a demonstration lighting kit  to your home and test it out before you commit to buying it. This way, you’ll be able to make sure that the lights look awesome in your yard and give it the justice it deserves before they are installed.

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Visibility and being able to see where you are walking is great, but carefully placed lighting will enhance the overall appearance and beauty of your home and the landscape during the night. That magical look is not just for Disneyland – but take that as an example.

Never underestimate the power of landscape lighting. When the sun goes down and the sky gets dark, you need something outside your home to keep it safe, beautiful inviting and well lit. Unfortunately, some homeowners simply pick up an inexpensive box of low voltage lighting or solar lights at the local retail store, stick them in the yard and never look back. This will hardly do your home justice! With so many different types of low voltage lighting systems and components on the market, it’s not easy to find the perfect lighting system for your home.

The cost of store bought systems is low because they use low wattage bulbs requiring lighter gauge wire and smaller transformers. Yes – you can get a lot of fixtures for a little bit of money, but you are buying lower wattage light bulbs, lighter gauge wire and smaller wattage transformers. None of that will compare to a professional system. Good light bulbs require proper electricity and transformers, all of which cost more than your typical store bought components.

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Smart Outdoor Lighting Technology Has this ever happened to you? Your head is ready to hit the pillow at night when you realize you left your backyard lights on? Then, you had to get up and go to the controller to turn them off. Now, you can stay in bed and turn off your garden lights with a touch of …

Arriving home late at night, there is no more uncomfortable feeling than pulling into a driveway and looking at a dark Bergen County home and yard. You’ve invested time and money making your home and landscape look immaculate –now it can be inviting and beautiful after dark.

Soft lighting in a dark outdoor environment is nothing short of magic. It …

What are your personal reasons for investing in a lighting system? Do you want to increase your home’s aesthetic properties? Extend the length of time you can enjoy your yard after the sun sets? Create security? Make something in your yard a focal point?

Incandescent is what we are used to seeing. The color is natural to our eyes and sense.  It is the standard for the color of the lights as well as the brightness. The downside is that they consume a lot of wattage and require heavy gauge wire and larger transformers to operate.

Fluorescent lights are very white in color and not as popular as other types. Halogen landscape lights are traditional lights that are fairly inexpensive but use up a lot of electricity. LED lights are more expensive on the front end, but they use far less electricity and have a longer lifespan.

This means lower energy bills and consumption as well as less maintenance from having to switch out the bulbs.  One fear people have is that LED bulbs are too white. That said, the color is able to be made in warmer colors so it  is more like a traditional lamp.

In fact they come in several different Kelvin temperatures

First, let’s discuss the many benefits of having a landscape lighting system installed. By understanding the benefits, you’ll be more willing to take time in choosing your investment.

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LED bulbs used to be in the 4000-6000 range. Today they are in the 2700-5000 range.

Sure, you can get a decent system at the retail store, but if you want your landscape to come to life at night. you need to put some effort, components and money into it along with some good old fashioned experience.

When searching for the perfect landscape lighting system for yourself, you can do your research online or talk to others to see what they like but the easiest way is to consult with someone who installs landscape lighting on a daily basis. Our professional outdoor low voltage landscape lighting designer and service personnel specializes in just one thing: getting you the best night time landscape lighting you need for your property. When it comes to outdoor lighting, put your trust in Horizon Landscape Company.  We are located in Wyckoff, New Jersey and provide low voltage LED landscape lighting serving Northwest Bergen County.  Give us a call at 201-848-0022 to find out how we can help you change the look of your property!

By defining your goals, you can narrow down your search. It’s okay to have multiple purposes for the lights, too. Yards look their best with various layers of light.

Do you ever see the fixtures when you go someplace you remember for their lighting? Like Disneyland? Far too often we hear people say:

For a great selection of landscaping lights and the option to try before you buy, shop with Horizon Landscape. Call us today to at 201-848-0022 to speak with a member of our team!

A well-designed landscape lighting home security system helps make your home and family significantly safer. With a recent increase in burglaries in Bergen County poorly-lit homes can be an easy target, where they are less likely to be detected. Having a functional exterior home lighting system installed, including floodlights and motion sensors, is the best way to protect your home and …

Those are all the wrong questions. The reality is that you do not want to see the fixture – you do want to see the effect of the light! Landscape lighting provides aesthetics at night. Part of the magic is not knowing where the lighting is coming from. You want to be drawn in to the mystery of the lighting effect.

Winter is here! Now that it is December, it’s time to get serious about the winter season. Most of us have a habit of putting off this weather, but each year we’re reminded of what winter brings: bitter cold temperatures, mounds of snow and high winds.

Now is the best time to prep your landscape for the long winter season …

Arriving home late at night, there is no more uncomfortable feeling than pulling into a driveway and looking at a dark Bergen County home and yard. You’ve invested time and money making your home and landscape look immaculate –now it can be inviting and beautiful after dark. Soft lighting in a dark outdoor environment is nothing short of magic. It provides the warmth and ambiance that beckons us outdoors. It creates mood, romance, and drama. Low voltage landscape lighting adds interest and intrigue to any setting. With the proper lighting touch, your home and property can look just as comforting, inviting and beautiful in the evening hours as they do during the day.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs Outdoor kitchens in New Jersey are becoming very popular, and for good reason. With an outdoor kitchen, your home will increase in value and sell easier in the future. You will also build many memories as your home becomes a hub for impromptu get-togethers, summer holidays and barbecues. The best outdoor kitchen designs are as functional as …

Aesthetics Curb appeal Extends the season Extends functional space Highlights particular landscape, home or architectural features Safety when walking Security from intruders Increased home value Creates safe passageways from one point to the next

Where the lights will be installed are dependent on what purpose they have. Some of the most common places for installation include walkways, stairs, decks and patios and trees. Landscape lights are also used to accent certain features in the yard, such as fountains, statues, bushes, trees and building facades. The lights can be pointed downward onto these features to make them appear full and vibrant while casting a soft glow. Or, you may point them upward to highlight features.

Too often, people are concerned about the shape and color of the fixture. Although you may want the fixture to complement the exterior of your home, the most important feature to give attention to is the light. Instead of focusing on the shape, size or color of the fixture, notice what effects the light is going to have on you and your guests.

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. Longer days, warm weather and abundant sunshine are just some of the things that people love most about this season in New Jersey. Summer is also a time for entertaining. Between Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and everything in between, you have an excuse to invite people over almost …

Beams that are bright and narrow when they need to be softer and spread out. Lights that do not have the wattage to properly illuminate the subject matter. Too few light fixtures to properly illuminate the area.

Too many fixtures so there is no darkness between lights to make an impact. Improper wire sizing to carry the voltage. Transformers that are too small for the number of lights on the system.

Benefits of a Smart Outdoor Lighting System for your Property

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Placement of the lighting fixtures is important but that is only one part of the equation. There are a mass of different fixtures and manufacturers to choose from. How do you know which will give you the look you want? How do you know what is the best value for your dollar? Some fixtures provide down lighting, others give you area lighting and some are just for ambiance. Then there are the different manufacturers. Some produce architect specified quality while others accommodate the DIY individual who is more interested in price than quality. 

One important item we have seen over the years is the movement from painted or powder coated fixtures to bronze and copper fixtures. The beauty of bronze or copper is that they never flake or rot.  They are virtually indestructible.  The only thing that can go wrong with these is the light bulb socket itself may corrode.  Then, provided you are handy, you can replace that part yourself or you can call in a professional to do the repair for you. Often the manufacturer does sell this replacement part with longer wire leads to fit your fixtures. Other times you need to interchange another manufacturer’s part to make the repairs. We have never found a fixture we have been unable to repair – although sometimes it was more cost effective to purchase a new one.

Outdoor lighting systems are available in solar or low voltage selections. Solar powered lights are inexpensive, easy to install and environmentally friendly. Since they get their power from the sun, they don’t use any electricity. However, solar lighting may not be the best solution depending on the hours of sunlight and interference of shade that may reduce how long the lights can work through the night. Additionally, the light from solar power tends to be dim compared to a traditional system.

Next up – do you prefer incandescent, fluorescent, halogen or LED lights?

No matter how hard you may plan for a landscape lighting system, the fact is that some people are disappointed when they have the system installed. Maybe the lights cannot illuminate the space, or perhaps some lights should be illuminating upward when their beam is spreading out.  Wouldn’t it be nice to actually try a system before you buy it?

Spring has arrived in New Jersey… at least according to the temperatures. In Northern New Jersey, Crocuses are popping, smell of fresh cut grass is in the air, the birds are singing in the morning, and the world is ready to move forward out of its winter sluggishness and come to life.

 With 73 degrees in Wyckoff, NJ at 2pm this afternoon – not …

Increase Your Bergen County Home Security With Landscape Lighting

You’ve probably seen the various lighting options that are available for your yard, but exactly what can you expect from today’s lighting solutions? We’ve cooked up five of the best benefits to new landscape lighting technology that we know you’ll love! 1.

Enhanced Control No longer do homeowners have to rely on a simple on/off switch to control their lights. …

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