Architectural Lighting Design Standard And Bespoke Lighting

July 26, 2018 7:01 am by sandiego
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Architectural Lighting Design Standard And Bespoke Lighting

So, what is the part architectural lighting plays in the architecture of NOW?

Not only does the lighting provide a functional aspect, it’s also a crucial element when it comes to representing the look of your company.

And the best thing? Using the Express range, you can literally design the whole project and achieve stunning results! 

Linear lighting can be bold and substantial or slim and subtle. Blending seamlessly into a crisp plaster board, used as a light source in a joinery detail, as a part of acoustic rafts, or suspended at an angle, the options are endless.  

Use them standalone or maximise the effect and create clusters, they will definitely get noticed. 

Architectural lighting is all about emotional perception. It doesn’t have to just be anodised, white or black. We agree, that black is cool and yes, it is currently on trend, but there are so many other colours waiting to be explored!

It’s one that enables us to create the WOW moment, embracing technology and sustainability, allowing a design to freedom and enhance a spatial experience. 

Architectural lighting works in conjunction with the architecture to create a spatial experience. Contemporary space lends itself to minimal design, where the user is often not aware how the space is being lit. Recessed, semi-recessed, surface mounted or suspended, linear lighting is used as a main vehicle for delivering a minimalist and clean illumination. Used in a symmetric pattern, or scattered in a random fashion, linear lighting can influence mood, texture and spatial awareness. The lines can be continuous and run endlessly or joined with a help of corner units and cut at angles, exaggerating architectural features of a space and creating the WOW effect. 

Exciting to look at when switched off and illuminating the space when on, the product becomes imminently sculptural.

Softening the minimalist look of contemporary architecture, decorative lighting can enhance the aesthetics of a building while adding a tactile element to the design scheme. Decorative architectural lighting does not mean frilly.

As opposed to functional commercial lighting, feature lighting furthers the design experience of a space. It is that final piece of the puzzle in design language allowing to create the emotion and feel of a place. Just like a piece of art, it is there to catch your eye. Make an impression. Trigger emotion.

lighting is becoming slimmer, more streamlined and technologically advanced.

Building on the knowledge around the importance of daylight and its benefit to human’s wellbeing, followed by the drive to declutter the space, architectural 

If the feature lighting screams for your attention, the accent lighting whispers, quietly adding another texture to the space. A thoughtful little detail you catch in a corner of your eye. Accent lighting makes a true difference to your scheme, pushing your interior a notch higher to the premium level.

Designed Architectural Lighting, founded in 1983, has steadily established itself as one of Britain’s leading independent companies in the design and manufacture of luminaires. DAL’s philosophy is one of constant improvement. Our aim is to design, develop and manufacture products of the highest standard whilst working closely with clients and their needs.

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Supercharge your design by adding a splash of colour or a vinyl wrap finish. It is all possible and we can help you achieve some outstanding schemes. 

There is so much you can do if you spend time specifying your design and talking to our experts! 

Contemporary architecture also puts an emphasis on sustainability, and many of the new schemes are pushing for BREEAM rating. Daylight is being put at the forefront of the design and artificial lighting is increasingly becoming a secondary source of light. 

One rule applies here more than anywhere else: You will get what you pay for.  

Expressive and often resembling sculptures, contemporary architecture is here to be noticed and make you astonished. Aiming to break away from the norm and powered by precise 3D design, new building materials, and technology, the designers and engineers are pushing the limits off the scale – buildings made in shapes that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago are popping up at high speed and are reaching enormous heights. Although contemporary architecture has not been defined as such, the desire for a clean and minimalist look is prevalent in all styles.  


Guiding you through space and creating anticipation whilst becoming a feature itself, the in-ground architectural lighting adds a new visual interest to your design.

Often used as ‘space filler’, architectural feature luminaires come in a large range of sizes. Great designs can be achieved using standard sized products and precise 3D design.

Rings, Tubes, Circles, Squares – with the designs inspired by basic geometrical shapes to compliment the contemporary architecture, the difference between something remarkable and mediocre is in the detail. Used as single luminaires or clusters, feature lighting can transform the design instantly.

Here at 299, we love the design and really thrive on taking on exciting challenges like the design of SUN for the National College of Mathematics in Warwickshire. 

If you wish to portray your brand as modern and technologically savvy, a professional lighting scheme with smooth dimming and PIR controls will enhance your interior. And if you want to take things even further, lighting can make an abstract connection with your company logo.

Technology and innovation are putting high demands on the specification, pushing the design and visual comfort to the forefront of our minds. With the LED boards becoming smaller, the luminaires getting slimmer, the drivers are being incorporated into the actual luminaire, and the power is being fed through a suspension cable, all on a quest to achieving the minimalist look.

Our Express range is geared to help you out in situations just like this. Available on a 10-day lead time, this enables you to complete a full fit-out to the highest standard in a very short period of time! 

Recessed architectural luminaires that almost appear to have grown inside of the ceilings, or large architectural feature luminares with clear diffusers, that have been designed to catch and please the eye. 

Often used to highlight an object or a surface, accent lighting can maximise the impact of architectural finishes. 

The deadline is looming. And things can sometimes go wrong. 

Accent lighting embraces a wide range of spotlights and wall washers, track lighting and pendant downlights, as well as ceiling and floor washlights.

Combined with clean contemporary surfaces, the floor recessed luminaires appear to be a part of the design fabric of the building. The new technology allows you to walk over these luminaires freely, almost inviting you to play. 

That idea of a bespoke size linear luminaire for that boardroom you are working on? Or a super large ring-shaped fitting above a reception desk? Don’t shelve these ideas just yet!

This is where we love to get involved! With our experienced in-house team of designers, we can make sure that your design will turn into a reality. We have designed countless fittings for boardrooms, complex staircases and reception areas. And we even designed a SUN!

Following clean design lines, made of contemporary materials and equipped with the latest LED technology and smooth dimming, good quality decorative architectural lighting can bring a new energy to modern interiors.

Express it’s a no nonsense range, where ‘ONE SIZE LIGHTS ALL’ featuring linear lighting, office lighting, feature lighting and lighting for circulation areas. 

The range of products presented on this website is the result of Designed Architectural Lighting’s experience in integrating the requirements of architects, designers and engineers with the best in lamp technology and materials.

The bespoke luminaires for the new showroom at Green Retreats in Westcott enhances the contemporary and playful feel of the space. The Y-shapes, boomerangs, and rings can be created and made to meet your exact specification, offering a flexible and customisable solution.

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