Bed Side Reading Lamp Hafeleindia

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Bed Side Reading Lamp Hafeleindia

4. Because of their extremely low power consumption, LED lights generate hardly any heat. This means that LED lighting systems are particularly suitable for displays and furniture.

Hafele understands the needs of its customers and has put-together some contemporary home lighting concepts under the Ambient Lighting Brand; tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of individual homes and their residents. We at Hafele, put the important element of light planning at the center of a comprehensive collection of ideas. The practical, aesthetic and emotional aspects of lighting ensure that the proposed concepts contribute to the unique and flexible room design – in residential, commercial, office and display settings as well as in hotels and recreational spaces.

Through our holistic range of lighting solutions we bring you 4 broad brand categories:

6. LED lights are available in different colours, and can be designed as colour changing lights. This allows the light colour to be coordinated with furniture contents such as exhibits in the best possible way.

During the last couple of years the bedroom has transformed from a sleeping place to a personal sanctuary where you unwind, watch television or read a book. Bedroom lighting such as bedside reading lamps should be soothing, soft and warm to match all your requirements. After a day of hard work at home or in office, the best time to catch up on some quality reading is just right before bed. A good, high quality bedside reading lamp does not only helps you enjoy that book but also creates a comfortable reading experience that does not interfere with others sleeping nearby. Häfele’s collection of bedside reading lamps provide you with excellent illumination and come with integrated on/off switches. They offer flexibility in changing the illumination angle while the classy aluminum-metallic finishes create the desired add-on to your bedside aesthetics. Click Here

Living rooms and work spaces are more unique than ever before. The expectation of functionality and comfort in furniture, furnishings and homes is steadily growing. The design of Interior lighting concepts thus plays a key role today; it dictates the mood and ambience of a room and thereby determines the quality of the overall design space.

LOOX – Range of Furniture Lights, LED Drivers and Accessories DOMUS Line – Elegant range of Furniture LED Lights, Spotlights and Profiles Eubiq – Innovative and Flexible Power Outlet Systems

1. LED lights have an extremely long service life of up to 25 years or more than 40,000 to 50,000 hours.

2. LED’s have an extremely small and robust design. This makes handling easier during furniture construction and transport.

Apart from the holistic range of interior and furniture lights under Ambient Lighting, we also bring to you 3 sub-brand categories catering to specific applications:

Häfele’s collection of desk lamps provide bright light which is easy on your eyes thereby equipping them with sufficient support, so that it’s easier to stay concentrated. This also increases productivity and aids in activities like studying, working and reading.

Häfele’s collection of work lighting comes in a range of styles to suit your work environment. You could choose a lamp with a flexible arm and head to direct light exactly where you need it, a plug and play lamp with dimming options to suit your brightness level preference or a desk lamp with USB connectors that caters vastly to your ergonomic needs. Click Here

5. Modern LED lights are bright and have a saturated light colour. They achieve full brightness instantly when they are switched on. LED furniture lighting therefore has a lasting effect at the push of a button.

Whether for work or leisure, we usually end up spending hours together on a computer. In order to stay focused the right kind of home office lighting is essential. Desk lamps help enhance efficiency, output, and comfort and help fine tune the atmosphere of a room in more ways than one.

3. LED lights use an impressive 90 percent less power than conventional light bulbs! This means that they can be used to implement modern lighting scenarios in furniture, and still be in line with the energy saving trend.

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