Bedroom Lighting Philips Philips Ireland

tech lighting Bedroom Lighting Philips Philips Ireland

tech lighting Bedroom Lighting Philips Philips Ireland

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Create light beyond imagination

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Unlock a whole new world before your eyes with the right living room lighting. This is a guide that shows you how to choose the right light for your living space.

Your bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep. It’s a personal hideaway where you can relax, watch TV or read a book. A sanctuary that needs well-selected lighting to create the perfect ambience for comfort and well being. Our bedroom lighting ideas feature a wide range of bedroom lamps, wall lights and bedside lights that set beautiful accents and create a warm and copy atmosphere, enabling you to design the bedroom space of your dreams.

Bedside lamps on the bedside table Adjustable wall lights on each side of the bed Floor lamp next to your arm chair or wardrobe Interior lighting of the wardrobe

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Philips LED Lustre 8718291786979 3 W (25 W) E14 cap Warm white

Our quick and easy guides show you how to light the different rooms in your home, create mood with light or just find the right replacement bulb.

Longer lifetime and uses up to 90% less energy than traditional sources

See how to create mood by playing with colored light using Philips LivingColors.

With a sweeping silhouette that’s sleek and chic, these smart ceiling lights with chrome accents make a stylish centrepiece to any room. The clever design with glass diffuser casts light up as well as down, for a pleasant ambience.

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Choose a bulb LED light bulbs Compact fluorescent bulbs Halogen light bulbs

See how LED bulbs can help you transform any living space with beautiful, warm white light.

One of the basic rules that you have to keep in mind regarding your bedroom lighting is to choose soft and warm lights. Regardless of whether you have to get up in the morning when it’s still dark outside, get up for the toilet during the night or still want to read in the evening – dazzling light makes you feel uncomfortable. We recommend you choose a dimmable ceiling light for your bedroom so you can adjust light levels to your needs – be it for searching the lost pair of socks or making the bed.

Depending on your preferences, choose between wall lights or bedside lights on each side of the bed, enabling you and your partner to read or work without disturbing each other. Some wall lights can also be adjusted to target the light to your book, for example. LED Lights are recommended here as they dispense a warm-white light while being energy-saving. Depending on the size and furniture in your bedroom, you can use different lighting to set accents and create a cosy atmosphere. Have you ever thought of illuminating the inside of your wardrobe? By doing so, you can easily find the things you need, even in the early morning. If you have an armchair or a sofa in your bedroom, you can accentuate it by installing floor lamps or table lamps. The same applies for paintings, photographs or mirrors which are decorating your walls: wall lights and clip-on luminaires accentuate your personal highlights. You should consider the following lamps for your bedroom lighting:

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Bedroom Lighting Philips Philips Ireland