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Bedroom Table Lamps And Bedside Table Lamps

Bedroom Table Lamps And Bedside Table Lamps Bedroom Table Lamps And Bedside Table Lamps

BUY ITModern Black Origami Style Bedside Lamp: Inspired by origami and papercraft, these unique bedside lamps have a dynamic shape that offers a fresh viewing experience from every angle.

BUY ITDamo Copper Finish Bedside Table Lamp: It’s not easy to find a copper bedside table lamp, so if you love metallic accessories make sure to bookmark this one! This sleek design is made from durable steel with a super-polished copper finish.

BUY ITConical White Table Lamp: White bedroom lamps are easy to find, but if you’re going for a modern minimalist interior it’s important to find something with a contemporary form that really stands out.

This design by Menu definitely catches the eye.

This 21″ table lamp is a stunning addition to a modern or contemporary style home. This 21″ table lamp can be placed in the living room, study, or bedroom. It has a rectangular shade and fixture, and looks sophisticated. This table lamp requires a 60 W bulb. It can be a thoughtful gift option for housewarming parties and anniversaries. Let this stylish accent balance bold decor or offset a neutral seating group. Start with a metallic wall mirror, fluffy sheepskin rug, and captivating canvas…

BUY ITOda Small Lamp: Designed by Sebastian Herkner, these modern bedroom lamps are ideal for those who put craftsmanship above all else. Each one is made from hand-blown glass for a one-of-a-kind lighting experience.

BUY ITPlayful Yellow Table Lamp: Very cool! The plastic base seems to pour out of the linen shade just like a can of spilled paint. These funky bedside lamps would make a great housewarming gift for the artist in your life.

BUY ITTolomeo Style Bedside Lamp: Inspired by the famous Tolomeo lamp, these reproductions offer extensive adjustability, making them the perfect bedside reading lamps for any style bedroom. They have the reach, height, and flexibility to illuminate any task at hand.

BUY ITExposed Bulb Bedside Lamp: Presented without a shade or diffuser, these stylish yet surprisingly cheap bedroom lamps are a great way to brighten a wider part of the room rather than just offering up subtle mood lighting.

BUY ITJapanese Bamboo Bedside Table Lamp: This handsome tripod bedside lamp is just the right height to work on a table or on the floor. Its distinctive bamboo body is inspired by Japanese design, but would look great in a retro-themed bedroom as well.

BUY ITBird Shaped Table Lamps: Let’s start with a few unusual bedside lamps! Reminiscent of origami paper cranes, these bird-shaped lamps are a creatively sculptural way to add accent lighting to the home.

Each one provides diffused LED lighting, ideal for an accent spot near a sofa or bed or even in a hallway.

BUY ITColor Adjustable Bedside Touch Table Lamp: A bedside touch lamp is a great option for those who tend to wake up during the darker hours as well as those who just don’t like to fidget with switches.

These handy lamps turn on with a simple tap, but that’s not all – you can select from a variety of colors to set the mood, or let the lamp cycle among the entire rainbow. Tap the base to cycle between three brightness settings to find the one that is the easiest on your eyes at any time of the day or night.

BUY ITNatural Bamboo Bedside Table Lamp: What a versatile creation! These bedside table lamps have a pentagon-shaped surface that offers a variety of uses – stand this lamp on its end for a taller lamp, lay on its side to illuminate the table, or lay on its back to cast gentle light upward toward the ceiling.

BUY ITNordic Table Lamp: Whether you’re looking for something with modern Nordic style or need the perfect accent piece for your rustic-themed bedroom, this solid wood table lamp is a wonderfully unique option. What a warm aesthetic!

BUY ITSwing Arm Nightstand Lamp: Here’s another adjustable lamp with Scandinavian style inspiration. The white and wood body would fit well with any interior style. The braided cord is extra durable, and the three-point body easily adapts to any angle.

Illuminate your space with the statement-making 20″ H Table Lamp. Lovely glass construction and a crisp white fabric drum shade make for an easy accent piece for any surface in your home!

Product Type: Standard; BedsideBase Material: CeramicOverall: 24” H x 13” W x 13” DNumber of Lights: 1Bulb Included: No

BUY ITPiccola Table Lamp: Here’s something that definitely stands out from the rest, in terms of both aesthetics and function. These quirky bedside lamps take a different approach to adjustability, using a pliable lambskin beanbag as a counterweight that accommodates a wide range of positions.

Product Type: Standard; BedsideBase Material: MetalOverall: 19.5” H x 8.5” W x 8.5” DBulb Included: NoBulb Type: Incandescent; LED

BUY ITVintage Wood House Bedside Table Lamp: Simple yet adorable, these modern bedside table lamps would make a great housewarming gift for somebody who delights in whimsical designs. The body is crafted from durable pine wood that looks fantastic on its own but would be easy to customize with a coat of paint.

BUY ITStilt Table Lamp: These wooden bedside lamps take a unique approach to traditional woodworking joinery for a result that looks classic and contemporary all at once.

BUY ITAtollo Table Lamp: The iconic Atollo Table Lamp is just as much a work of art as it is a versatile table lamp. The diffused light and decorative form makes these designer bedroom lamps perfect for any modernist interior.

This beautiful table lamp is constructed of ceramic. It’s the perfect way to add a pop of color to any design.

BUY ITModern Wooden Bedside Lamp: Sculptural, neat, and timeless. This simple table lamp would fit equally well among Scandinavian or Asian inspired bedroom decor. It’s hard to go wrong with a wood table lamp like this one.

Check out this video showing the above Flyte lamp in action:

BUY ITBedside Lamp With Desk Organizer: More than just an industrial style bedside lamp, this piece also doubles as a caddy for all your bedside essentials. These unique desk organizers would also look great in the office!

BUY ITModern Decorative Bedside Table Lamp: Scandinavian decor fans should love this versatile design. And if you’ve jumped on the low bed trend, the sturdy base makes this piece perfect as a low bedside floor lamp – though it’s still small enough to look great on a table.

BUY ITBrass Bedside Table Lamp: If you’re shopping for cheap bedside lamps but still want something that looks a little more high-end than the standard fare, this brass-effect lamp is a great choice.

Plus, you’ll be able to save on bulbs with the long-lasting LED technology.

Also if you are also considering pendants for your bedroom do check out: 50 Unique Bedroom Pendant Lights 50 Designer Table Lamps To Add Luxury To Your Lighting

BUY ITGiraffa LED Lamp: With 360 degrees of rotation, this table lamp is perfect for task-oriented purposes like reading in bed. This model is available in white, black, and the series even includes copper bedside lamps to add a touch of luxury to the bedroom.

BUY ITFlyte Levitating Table Lamp: Impress your friends with this awesome levitating table lamp – the bulb floats above the base thanks to hidden magnets, while the power transfers through the air through induction.

It’s a cool engineering trick sure to start conversations.

BUY ITFoscarini Fork Style Table Lamp: Foscarini is a renowned name in high-end interior decor, and now anyone looking to redecorate their bedroom lighting scheme can find affordable reproductions of their famous Fork Lamp design.

Hardcore collectors can find the original here.

BUY ITCurl Bedside Lamp: Are you looking for a lamp with a little more flexibility in terms of lighting quality? Simply turn the knob on the base to adjust the color temperature anywhere from 2400K to 3500K.

This bedside lamp with dimmer makes the transition from morning to evening a little more pleasant.

BUY ITFlos IC T2 Table Lamp: Designed by Michael Anastassiades, these high-end brass bedside lamps offer soft diffused light ideal for relaxing evenings. The “floating” orb form is immediately recognizable as part of the famous IC Collection.

Product Type: Standard; BedsideBase Material: Other; Manufactured WoodOverall: 21” H x 10” W x 6” DNumber of Lights: 1Bulb Included: No

BUY ITModern Decorative Bed Side Table Light: These neat bedroom table lamps stand at almost 14 inches tall, a big statement for any space. The undulating spiral shape illuminates both the table and task at hand.

BUY ITCute Black Orb Shaped Bedside Table Lamp: These black bedside lamps have a unique form with a common color scheme to fit a wider variety of interior styles.

BUY ITMenu JWDA Concrete Bed Side Table Lamp: Crafted from concrete and glass, this Jonas Wagell design is equally suited to industrial and minimalist interiors alike. The brass knob doubles as a switch and a dimmer for flexibility and ease-of-use.

Whether you prefer to unwind in the evening with a good book, play games on your phone, or catch up on the day with your partner, the right bedside lighting can make all the difference. Your choice of lamp should be more than just beautiful – it should also feature the right form and functionality for your purposes. This post looks at 50 stylish bedside lamps in a wide range of styles, from simple designs that offer soft ambient lighting to bright adjustable options to illuminate whatever task is at hand. From contemporary to industrial to rustic, there’s something here for every style.

8 | BUY ITPerimeter Table Lamp: Make a huge statement with the Perimeter table lamp. This model is available in classic white and grey, all white, all black, and a soft and soothing blush hue as pictured here.

BUY ITFlos IC T1 Table Lamp: Here’s another piece from the IC collection for those who prefer tall bedside lamps to shorter ones.

BUY ITRed Bedside Table Lamp: Do you prefer passionate color schemes for your bedroom? Complete the look with these red bedside lamps, and enjoy comfortable illumination without breaking your budget.

BUY ITCube Shaped Concrete Table Lamp: Small bedside table lamps don’t have to be boring! This creative design combines contemporary concrete with a vintage Edison bulb. It’s unlike any other design, but remains surprisingly affordable.

BUY ITIkea Varv Table Lamp With Wireless Charging: With mobile phones often taking the place of alarm clocks, reliable bedside charging is more important than ever. These cool bedside lamps include a wireless charging platform in addition to a convenient USB port so you can easily charge two devices at once.

Add a touch of texture to your table tops with the simply chic Melbourne Beach 26.6″ H Table Lamp, featuring a ceramic design with raised geometric details and a linen drum shade. Play up its chic, cosmopolitan look with abstract statues and weathered ikat rugs, then set out clean-lined chairs and a midcentury-inspired sofa to tie the whole look together in simple style. For a breezy look in the master bed room, let a pair of these lamps flank your bed, then arrange complementing comforters…

BUY ITTouch Sensitive Flower Pot Table Lamp: This adorable design combines the convenience of touch bedside lamps with the decorative appeal of a flower pot. Its fully waterproof to accommodate growing live plants, but could also work well to hold spare change or whatever might be in your pockets at the end of the day.

BUY ITK Lamp: These small bedside lamps are made from slip cast ceramics for a smooth form with a surprising shape. This style is available in two material options: terracotta or earthenware.

BUY ITFoldable Book Shaped Bedside Lamp: Consider gifting these cool bedroom lamps to your favorite book-lover! The ultra-diffused illumination would be great for cozy late night reading among comfortable pillows and a favorite blanket.

They even fold up for easy storage!

BUY ITLee Broom Crystal Bedside Lamp:Absolutely gorgeous – here’s an elegant lamp style that seems like a perfect throwback to the Art Deco era. It would be hard to beat these crystal table lamps for bedroom luxury.

Product Type: Standard; BedsideBase Material: CeramicOverall: 27” H x 14” W x 14” DNumber of Lights: 1Bulb Included: No

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Product Type: Standard; BedsideBase Material: CeramicOverall: 26.6” H x 13.5” W x 13.5” DNumber of Lights: 1Bulb Included: No

BUY ITGrey Bedside Lamp Made Of Feathers: If you’re looking for grey bedside table lamps that stray from the ordinary, this design made from 100% real goose feathers is would make an interesting choice.

Product Type: Standard; BedsideBase Material: GlassOverall: 20” H x 7.5” W x 7.5” DBulb Included: YesShade Material: Fabric

BUY ITIndustrial Style Night Lamp: Are you looking for industrial style lighting to suit your contemporary bedroom interior or steampunk home decor? This piece would serve as a perfect fit! It’s crafted from cast iron pipes complete with a bold red knob to make a strong statement.

BUY ITScandinavian Style Bedside Lamp: Lamps with adjustable bodies are great for desk work, but they make great bedroom lamps for nightstands too – just turn the body away for gentle nighttime illumination, or swivel the head toward the bed for focused evening reading.

BUY ITKids Bedside Lamp: How cute is this?! These elephant-shaped kids bedside lamps are sure to add plenty of character to any bedroom or nursery. The dimmer includes 5 steps so it can even work as a night light without keeping the kiddos awake.

Don’t forget to check out our compilation post of unique kid’s night lights including 50 more unforgettable designs.

This fun and fashionable lamp features a brushed steel base and a fabric shade. It comes equipped with a 2 prong outlet seated in the base for use to charge mobile phones, handheld games, tablets and other small electronics. This lamp will add a fabulous flair to any room. Perfect for bedrooms, kids and teens, college dorms, nurseries or fun offices!

BUY ITAJ Table Lamp: It’s hard to find bedside lamps more iconic than the AJ Table Lamp, named after and designed by Arne Jacobsen. These reproductions are an affordable alternative to a classic luxury style.

BUY ITAxolight Muse Small Table Lamp: These smooth white bedside table lamps offer soft diffused lighting through their unique stretched fabric shades. They’re unobtrusive enough for minimalist interiors yet creative enough to love for years.

50 Uniquely Cool Bedside Table Lamps That Add Ambience To Your Sleeping Space

BUY ITCocotte Table Lamp: Are you a fan of Serge Mouille’s famous lighting designs? The original is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the charm of vintage bedside lamps without sacrificing the convenience of modern manufacturing quality.

Each one includes a certificate of authenticity.

BUY ITWood Accent Bedside Table Lamp: Available with a black/white or red/black cord, this accent light draws the eye in surprising ways. This is another exposed bulb model, so these small lamps are better for makeup vanities or bedroom desks that require brighter light.

BUY ITOn The Edge Designer Bedside Lamp: The angle of lighting depends on which side of the lamp is facing downward, making this piece equally suitable for use on the floor or table. But the versatility doesn’t end there – if you’re looking for hanging bedside lamps, this design is also rated for use as a pendant as well.

Complete a traditional look in the living room or master suite with this stylish lamp. Showcasing a glossy blue finish and classic empire shade, this lovely luminary is brimming with classic style.

BUY ITWooden Tripod Bedside Nightstand Lamp: Sometimes the best bedside lamps are the simplest ones. It’s hard to go wrong with a wooden base and a classic white shade.

BUY ITBedside Moon Lamp: With a dappled surface that imitates the craters and valleys of the moon, these contemporary bedside lamps offer a fitting motif for those relaxing bedtime hours. Consider picking one of these up as a gift for anyone who collects space themed home decor.

BUY ITKarl Johan Glass & Marble Bedside Lamp: At just 9 inches tall and 9 inches in diameter, these small bedroom lamps may have a compact form but their elegant materials make a tremendous impression.

Danish designer Signe Hytte pairs opal glass with a choice between a smoked oak or black marble base to suit a wider variety of interior styles.

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