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Make over a shiny brass lamp to look like expensive bronze with rub n buff at view along the way
Beloved Brass Lamp Book Bar To Close Doors After Almost Two Years

Beloved Brass Lamp Book Bar To Close Doors After Almost Two Years Beloved Brass Lamp Book Bar To Close Doors After Almost Two Years

A great little place. Perfect for when you don’t want to work in the middle of the night alone. I came here a few times to work late night and during the day. They have a menu that’s changing and adjusting as they get deeper into their residency. I do like the fact that they serve beer and wine as well. I wish they had outlets in the meeting rooms, but I also know how expensive that stuff is to wire. Also, the music is a bit loud sometimes for people who are trying to work or have a conference call. I think this place is still ough around the edges, but the staff is nice and I get the kind of ambience they are trying to inspire here. I may be a bit gentler because I know how hard it is to start something up and I think they are doing a pretty good job.

Thank you Yelp, for putting me on this gem. An original concept, business model, that I hope expands. Brass Lamp is a combination, Library, book store, bar, coffee shop, restaurant, chill lounge, all with a home-life feel. I went for lunch and to work on my laptop. I was greeted with a warm smile by my server, Vanessa. Vanessa showed me around and I felt like I was home in short time. The breakfast burrito and peach tea were all tasty and fresh. I will be back….

Darlene J. said “This is an update from my previous review because now I have experienced the Catering for my 50th Birthday Luncheon Party! My husband said don’t worry, Desiree (owner) will handle Everything!! Now the…” read more

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This is an Irish-style pub that happens to be just down the street from the hotel where we were staying. It’s close enough to Irish that it made my wife nostalgic about when we were in Howth a year and a half ago. We were just there for happy hour but the workers were so charming and helpful I have to give them the full five stars. We just split a corned beef slider and some fries, but it was all good. The women behind the bar were happy to share their opinions about places to go while visiting Memphis.

It’s a shame I didn’t fully experience The Brass Door like I wanted to. I was pretty exhausted from my drive from Texas to Memphis. My hotel did not have FS1 and I wanted to watch the USMNT vs Jamaica game (Gold Cup final). After researching, where I can watch the US game with my fellow American Outlaws, I found the Brass Door. I bookmarked it on Yelp. After I parked at a parking structure, I went to the Brass Door. There was a private party being let out so a bunch of us were let in. What I notice along side the tables are little plugs for your phone where you can charge your phone while you are having a drink. I didn’t know they had food service otherwise I would have tried their food. Sadly enough, I was still full. Seamus, the owner, is a nice person and makes you feel welcome at his pub.

We made a quick lunch stop in Memphis on the way to Nashville and stopped in at the Brass Door to try the fish & chips.. The atmosphere was nice, traditional pub, we sat at the bar and the bartender was nice. Fish & Chips is one of those things that I order all over the country, one of my favorite go-to pub foods and The Brass Door was pretty good. Granted, I’ve not eaten them in Ireland so this could be how they’re done traditionally there. I prefer my fish to be a little thinner & crispier, these were very thick and soft. The taste was good and the chips were fantastic. Overall a good meal if you’re in the area.

What an awesome Irish bar. Good beer on draft, food looks great, fun bartenders and some nice specials. Thursday night is draft night for $3 pints. Always a win. Clean, friendly and exactly what you’d want in a place to have a drink, socialize and not feel bad about stopping in.

My friend had her friends featured: one as a dj and the other as a chef. I trust my friend so I trusted that this would be a good experience. Ambiance Parking: I went here on a Wednesday evening and parking wasn’t competitive at all. There’s street parking and structured parking. Seating: * Seating is quite diverse. There’s a clear room for about 6-10 people. Seatings range from bar seating to group seating. It can house about 40-50 people. Feels: * A very steezy vibe. I got lost at first as the outside of the space is very calm. The building is shared with other businesses so be aware of that. In regards to the feels, it’s like a modern coffee shop except replace that with liquor. I went during a live DJ (DJ Olibata). I vibed well with his instrumental hip-hop beats. It’s a great place to get work done, catch up with a friend or go out on a date night. Food: The food was served be Chef AC Boral. Here is what I ordered Sloppy Joe Adobo (Recommend): As advertised, not your lunch lady’s sloppy joes. For those interested in sloppy joes with a Filipino twist I recommend this. Bread is fresh and the spices of adobo mixed in well. Pork and Salsa Sloppy Joe (Recommend): This reminded me of a bean and cheese burrito, basically if you’re into Mexican food, I would recommend this entre. Mo Joe Potatoes (A-OK): Actual potatoes somewhat thinly cut and deep fried. The touch of garlic and salt really brings out the flavor of the potato. For those potato lovers, give this a try! Ginger Beer (Recommend): Like root beer but ginger and non-alcoholic! Customer Service: Service was reasonable, my food was delivered in 5-10 minutes and the servers were polite. Overall: 4.5 stars. I had a wonderful experience here. The food was delicious, music was on point, and the location was pretty neat. I can definitely see myself coming back here for numerous occasions: date night, sowing tourists around, journalling. TL;DR Tips: * Check their website for certain events or menu changes!

As a first-time business owner and tenant of a commercial property, when asked if Argosino had any lessons she’d like to share, she responded with “too many to go into detail.”

“The sweet potato fries came out with two dipping options, oil and a sauce that is really addicting.” in 4 reviews

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Brass Lamp Book Bar’s Opening a Testament to the Importance of City Support for Startups

terribly saddened…where’s an introvert to go when he wants to chill, drink in a public setting with a book to go?!…..drink at home….that’s alcoholism yo Read less

Friend brought us here to watch some bowl games and get a beer or two. Lots of TV’s in the bar! They had a good selection and a good bartender. He was also whipping up some good irish drinks at the request of the patrons next to us and had good suggestions for other late night downtown bars to visit next. Shoulda stayed to try the irish nacho’s. Next time if we ever return to Memphis.

My service dog and I got an order to go and everyone was so kind. The breakfast sandwich was really good (fries didn’t keep well on the walk back to our hotel BUT WHAT FRIES DO) and I can’t wait to go back tonight to experience the atmosphere!

“[The response] has been exceedingly and abundantly full of love, support, and sadness,” said Argosino. “Our customers and loyal regulars are sad to have their ‘home’ taken away from them. A place where they felt comfortable to hang out, be themselves, and build friendships with like-minded people.”

Come for the ambience, live music, coffee and wine (I don’t drink so it doesn’t apply to me). But for food? Please don’t. (If you don’t want to read in between, skip the rest of it and go down to my review of the food). Location (3/5): this place is located downtown. So parking is quite horrid. Luckily there is a parking structure with 2 hour free parking right across the street so that’s convenient. Ambience (3/5): I LOVE the vibe in here. Super chill, very relaxed environment. Definitely would be a good place to study. They have live music and you can look at the calendar to see when people are scheduled to play. Service (4/5): service was honestly really great. The guy behind the counter was friendly, asked if we wanted to see some menus and was pretty responsive. Food (2/5): I BEG OF YOU. DO NOT come for the food. Not only is it overpriced it lacks greatly and/or needs much improvement. My gal friend got the sriracha deviled eggs and boy oh boy were they sad looking. It’s like they just threw it altogether and didn’t care. I got the smoked gouda grilled cheese and it wasn’t even GRILLED and the cheese wasn’t even fully melted, it was still cold in the middle. Then I got garlic potatoes on the side and they were SO SALTY. Didn’t even need the enormous amount of ketchup that came with it. It was not just overpriced, I had to just force myself to swallow every bite to keep myself from wasting what could’ve been a decent meal. Shame this place has such a cool vibe and great service, the food just ruined it for me.

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The Brass Lamp is the lovechild from a ménage à trois between a coffee shop, a bookstore, and a bar. In my opinion, they pulled it off beautifully. It’s simultaneously a great place to unwind with a book, study, hang out with friends, and have a fun date. Location: In a building that looks like it would be for real estate offices. It’s really close by Beachwood BBQ, but when I was looking at directions I had some trouble finding it (coming from the back) because it’s not very noticeable. The inside is cozy and dark, with plenty of nooks to sit at, but all the rooms seem to need reservations. It just so happened I arrived for HAPPY HOUR, which is 3-6 pm every day. I was going to get a coffee, but since it was $2 off of alcohol, beer it is! There is a large selection of books you can read while drinking, just in case you forgot your own. Of course, free wi-fi and plenty of places to plug in and get your creative juices flowing. I definitely want to go back for a nighttime event, such as a poetry slam or a jazz night. While it is quite nice on its own, I feel like those community events are what sets Brass Lamp apart from similar coffee shops in the area. Stay tuned for an update! Service: 5, Environment: 5, Price: 4

Great atmosphere and food! Wonderful location and ambiance. House cured corned beef, shrimp with garlic sauce, beer cheese dip with warm pretzels, seafood chowder….a must in Downtown Memphis!

This is a truly special place. More than a hidden gem, more like a priceless diamond hidden in the rough of the Downtown Long Beach Promenade. With a totally unassuming exterior, you will be pleasantly surprised by a whole slew of options. You can lounge and enjoy a carefully curated collection of wine. If you want to study, there is a meticulous devotion of coffee options for your pleasure. There’s a bookstore and a retail section for delicious Romeo Chocolates. This is genius since handcrafted chocolate goes great with either coffee or wine! I love the multi function purposes of the side rooms. You can have a group study session, a business meeting, and even a fun night out with some friends. All in the same spot!!! The grilled cheese sandwich was spectacular. The banh mi sandwich was delicious. And the Brussel sprout dish (I think it was Brussel sprouts, wow, I must have been super drunk by then) was outstanding. Some items like the hummus probably need more refining, but who am I kidding, I just absolutely love this place. And on another note, that brings me to the service. The staff truly acts like a family. Whoever did the hiring is a psychological Myers Briggs superstar. I have personally seen a group of people who look like they truly care about each other, doing what they can to keep this ship running. I could totally see this in the way they interact with each other, the customers, and also myself. This is not only one of my favorite gems in Long Beach, this is one of my favorite places in the entire world. I learned that this place has been open for only several months, so I’m really looking forward to seeing this place crystallize into a centerpiece of the Long Beach Renaissance. It’s a truly genuine community space for people to come together and have a good time. Not just to share stories, but to create them. This wonderful new place is now tattooed onto my heart…The Brass Lamp.

For more information, visit the link here and use the tag #followthelamp to keep up to date with The Brass Lamp’s happenings.

Stopped in Friday night for our anniversary. I was really excited to try it out because I’m a coffee person and my partner is a wine person. Perfect combo! Unfortunately the service we got was way off. We sat down at the end of the bar and the bar back brought over menu’s and turned on the light right away… We sat for a while after deciding on out drinks and couldn’t get anyone to help us. Even after eye contact. So my girl had to get a little rowdy with it and the guy finally took our order. The vibe was weird tho cuz she kinda yelled at him to get him to come over to us. Lol so we got Margarita’s. Helllllla sweet. So she finished mine. I got a mocha from one of the girls. She was making two even tho we said one. I get the mocha and it’s half foam. I used to be a barista…. Mochas have whipped cream not foam…. And that was basically a chocolatey cappuccino. Horrible. I drank it. We paid and left. Won’t be back. Ambiance it great and so it the concept.

Fun atmosphere…the bartender, Sid, is awesome! We had drinks one night and Brunch on Sunday and it was to Die for. Definitely, put this on your to do list!

This place is such a hidden gem! It’s a coffee/bar-lounge that has it all. There are 2/3 private study rooms and there’s a larger study/conference room that they charge 12 an hour for, which isn’t a bad deal if you fill the room. There’s a little library in the nook of the place where you can actually purchase the books off the shelves. I got to browse the books they had and they have such an interesting contemporary themed collection. Along with that they have an area of chairs that surround an off the wall fireplace which really ties the places cozy yet modern environment together. They have a piano for any pianists or even people that are eager to play some “Mary had a little lamb.” My favorite part of the place is their drink menu! I loved that they sold wine and beer there. It was such a great touch to the studious/hip atmosphere, and I’m always wanting a cold beer when having to read a long lengthy chapter of one my many annoying textbooks. The service was great, all of the workers were extremely friendly and willing to answer any questions. I ordered myself the mission ipa which was a delicious light ipa and the fennel sausage flatbread which was tasteful! I also got a sample of the allagash(white ale ?), which was really nice of them to do, and I liked it but stuck with the mission ipa. I will definitely be back to enjoy this place again very soon. Reasons to come: beer, a good study location, the ambiance Beware: parking isn’t the best thing here, try to find street parking or park right behind it for 5 bucks. It’s located in a brick building that looks like a business but it’s a part of it. Check for the signage on the promenade walkway

“A bowl full of heaven- delicious, creamy, garlicky fabulousness.” in 2 reviews

The concept of opening a coffee shop that stays open late and serves beer, wine and food was embraced by those wanting a space where they could work or read, enjoy a glass of wine, socialize or simply people watch, as in “the late night creative thinkers and the intellectual wine drinkers.”

We were a party of 6 eating dinner here. Loved the location and the pub feel, but disappointing as no Ciders available – the waitress said they used to have one available but since it wasn’t a fast seller they decided to stop stocking it here. I got an order of fish n chips ($10) and both of these were fairly decent. The cod flaked very nicely and the chips were quite tasty and salted perfectly enough that you didn’t need the ketchup at all. And yay!! there was malt vinegar available on the table too! While I liked my fish n chips, it’s not in my top 5 to be honest – but it’ll do in a pinch. Btw one of my co-diners tried the Irish breakfast and So I was able to sneak bites of the black and white pudding – I’m a huge fan of these after having had some smashing versions when in Ireland previously so was looking forward to tasting a local version. Unfortunately I don’t think the quantity of oats was robust enough in either and the white pudding was too salty for me. I thought the red pudding was def more pungent and the better of the two. While the food wasn’t all the craic, it was nice atmosphere and pleasant way to while away a Friday night. Note: #350 of Yelp 100 challenge for 2016

“The drinks range from coffee and tea to beer and wine, and the food is mostly small plates or desserts.” in 24 reviews

Lee P. said “After a horrendous misadventure to Roscoes of long beach (see my review) my friends and I said screw it, lets just go to Denny’s. Poor Denny’s. Always plan B. Its 3am and there isn’t anything else…” read more

Jane A. said “Okay, this place so deserves five stars…why the four you say? Because on the night we had a reservation, we received a phone call saying that we had to either eat in the bar or the cellar due to a…” read more

Sad to just learn the Brass Lamp will be closing their doors. They are currently looking for a new location. It’s a bit hidden but I really love the lounge-y feel to this place and that it houses shelves of books. There are board games as well. You can come here for coffee, beer, or some bites. I have ordered the grilled cheese and flat breads and they were tasty. Hope they are able to find a new place here in downtown Long Beach soon. Fun fact: there are 2 original brass lamps that hang on the wall behind the counter (from way back, I don’t know when).

If my dream job of being a college counselor don’t work out, I would open a cafe just like the Brass Lamp! What a great place for studying/chilling/light drinking. I love the ambiance here – you have folks in the “conference” glass wall rooms having their meetings, people studying in smaller tables with their earphones on, and others sitting at the bar to enjoy some adult beverages – a little something for everyone. If I was there, I would rotate from studying with friends to studying alone and end my night with a beer at the bar without having to leave the place! Other cute little things: – There’s a small library corner for you bookworms – Chocolate sections for the sweet tooth In terms of food/drinks, I tried their Breakfast Flatbread and it was decent. It had a cool presentation (check out my picture/video). It was also my first time trying a Wells Banana Bread Ale from United Kingdom and it tasted great. The barista also gave me a free Sam’s Spicy Mocha that day! FYI: – If you want to use the conference room, just reserve it with them. They do require a minimum of two orders per person though. – There’s a free 2 hours parking lot across the street.

We got the Sarah’s Sweet coffee and it was unique, flavorful and sweet! It was a mix of cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate and coffee, hazelnut. this place is kinda hard to find because it’s in between buildings. Inside is spacious with tables, books and they serve alcohol and coffee. Very unique! Only odd thing is that you have to wait at the bar to order coffee. They should a separate area for beer vs coffee. There’s also a study room area so it’s a great atmosphere for college students.

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I came here on a recommendation from a friend stationed at Memphis ANGS, and it did not dissapoint. After a few days in Memphis I found myself craving food that was not fried or cajun. This place hit the spot. All tje veggies I ate were perfectly cooked and I enjoyed every bite. The service was impeccable, the staff was friendly and involved, without being intrusive. The blue haired bartender was particularly sweet and didn’t roll her eyes when I asked her details about the food. To that point, the irish coffee on the menu is a traditional Irish recipie- not just a simple coffee spiked with Jameson. If you are actually interested in experiencing Irish culture I highly recommend the Brass Door.

Yelpers report this location has closed. Find a similar spot.

Niki W. said “We definitely don’t go to this place as much as we should! My husband heard about this place through a coworker years ago and it has always impressed. We always seem to head over here around random holidays…” read more

This bar has a great and unique concept.. A book bar! A place where you can order coffee and pastries, as well as wine and cocktails! A place where you can either study, read one of the books on the shelf, listen to live jazz music, or socialize with some friends – new and old. I first came here because I wanted a “me date” and read my book with a cocktail. However I found myself socializing with new friends and enjoying the live jazz music being played that night. I really loved the atmosphere here! There were people relaxing on the comfy chairs, other people laughing it off by the “library” they have, other people seating in the front row enjoying the music, other people studying by a more quiet corner of this bar, and other people socializing at the large bar in the back. Whatever you’re into, I’m sure you will enjoy yourself at this bar.

I had planned a Reddit Meetup and needed two private rooms. The Brass Lamp was awesome in accommodating my needs. The whole staff was spot on from Tony to Jerry. They set up a room for Cards Against Humanity and a room for chatting. The prices were extremely reasonable, the food and drinks were delicious and everyone had an awesome time. We are already talking about planning another one! I super recommend this place if you are planning a small gathering. The Long Beach subreddit will definitely be back for future gatherings!!

“Also, this book bar is in a standalone brick building on the first floor, I promise*…” in 13 reviews

The environment is really nice, good amount of seating. I like that they have a bar and live music on Thursday’s. I came here Sunday morning for a new coffee experience, The service is nice, he made my coffee quickly. I ordered the Hazelnut coffee, small 4.50$ It looked okay.. allot of cream on top, sprinkled with cinnamon on top. When I took a sip it wasn’t hot or warm it was kinda lukewarm.. disappointed. The cup was smaller than expected… I drank it all before the order of Dr.Pepper came. I quickly was bored, wasn’t many people… the book selection is random

The Brass Lamp will celebrate its Grand Closing on Monday, February 28 at 7:00PM with a formal attire party, featuring drinks, food and an auction of furniture, equipment and “a date with a few good men on our staff.”

Brianne E. said “To be honest I was nervous about coming here because of some of the reviews, but I heard about the Cuban from some friends, so I decided to drag my family here. All I can say is… I love this place!!! It…” read more

terribly saddened…where’s an introvert to go when he wants to chill, drink in a public setting with a book to go?!…..drink at home….that’s alcoholism yo

1) Food is awesome…loved the fries (aka chips) 2) SEAMUS is such a great person, makes you feel like family 3) The staff was very attentive 4) I live in Nashville, but will visit the Brass Door every time I am back. 5) Had such a great time!!!!

I love the concept of this restaurant. A book bar? That is so cool. However, the real truth about it is, it really is more of a bar than a place to read when I have been there. The servers are kinda awesome and nice, and the food is amazing. But if you are there in the evening its a bit too loud to really be reading in there. I went there during the day once and it was pretty good. The just had their grand opening on the 23rd, so I want to go back and check out what book selection they are selling. Since acres of books left left beach, there really hasn’t been any place to buy books in the area. I know a lot of people consider print media to be dead. Also I am not sure if the area has the demographics for a books store, and in order to have books we are going to have to have some sort of hybrid book store, bar type thing like this. Also, I wonder if there is going to be issues with people getting drunk and spilling things on books, or getting dirty fingers on books. I digress, I am a pretty big fan of this place. I waited for a long time for them to open, was super hyped when I was invited to the first soft opening, and went afterwards! I have a few questions, but I might revisit this review and upgrade it in the future. Either way, you should go and support this establishment! They are awesome!

“[…]But the experience of owning the first book bar on the West Coast has been invaluable and monumental.”

We stopped by Brass Door on a rainy night for the Tuesday 2 for 1 fish n chips. We were promptly greeted by Kelly and shown to our table. She immediately took our drink orders, including a delicious Strongbow cider and a cold Stella, and told us about the special. All 4 of us were craving crispy fish n chips and placed our order, which only came to $20 for the food itself! The fish was nice and crunchy and came with a huge pile of skin-on fries (chips) with tartar sauce, ketchup, and a housemade curry sauce. Kelly was a great hostess and even checked the ingredients for us, which we always consider going above and beyond. The pub has 5 televisions downstairs, while upstairs has a more cosy feel. Children are welcome as we dined at 7:30, and it was a quiet atmosphere. We definitely recommend when in downtown Memphis!

Samantha Argosino, the owner of Brass Lamp, said the business couldn’t keep up with the expenses being greater than the revenue, but that hasn’t stopped her from keeping her eyes peeled for a more affordable location in downtown to open a second, and more affordable, iteration of the book bar.

“It’s most likely going to be the go-to place before and after Redbirds games for us.” in 3 reviews

Wayne R. said “HOLD YOUR HORSES! This is NOT an exaggeration. I was flabbergasted to find this little gem out on Highland and Park. The inside is remarkably clean and tidy. They have two tv’s while you feast on the…” read more

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By the time you read this, The Brass Lamp will have probably closed its doors for good. I’m sad about this because it’s a fairly unique setup. It’s a bar, it’s a coffee spot, it’s got expansive tables, it’s got private rooms, it’s got a capable kitchen, it’s got craft beer, it’s got a stage, and it’s got a ton of seating. We hosted a buddy’s nerdy boardgame party here and the staff were friendly and accommodating from head to toe. I hope the next incarnation (the owner mentioned she was looking for alternative spaces) continues this tradition. I feel the location was amazing, although the building’s landlord didn’t do much to help with signage in terms of marketing it on the street.

Stopped into the Brass Door after settling into our hotel for the night after a long ass drive from Texas. It’s a striking old building and a great atmosphere for a pub. Big tall ceilings, beautiful wood bar, old mirrors – you get the picture. It was very welcoming and relaxing. There are TV’s above the bar, which does decrease the appeal and takes away some of the allure to me, but I know some like that. We sat at the end of the full bar and were instantaneously greeted by a sweet young bartender, Kaley! She was very attentive and very enthusiastic to play with some cocktail mixes for me. She made one that was really good with Rye and Ancho Reyes. It was so good in fact that some other patrons decided they wanted one as well. It was after 9:00PM when we arrived and the kitchen staff was keen to leave, but they were kind enough to make us a quick order of fish and chips before shutting down. I really enjoyed this meal. The fish was cooked perfectly with big chunky moist pieces of cod in a light crisp batter. The fries were also on point, but a tad bit salty. They even serve them with classic curry sauce. I really enjoyed that, but would recommend heating it up a bit. I wasn’t crazy about it being so cold with the food. Overall an enjoyable evening. I would go back.

“I’m also confident that my business partner and I will be able to build this again in another space and time, with the same vigor as its predecessor,” she continued. “In fact, I look forward to building this again and again.”

I tried the B.E.L.T it’s pretty good cool spot laid back with Irish feel.. 1st time coming definitely not my last . The bartender was really great made me a special drink it was great

Never, ever, ever disappointed when I come here. This place has a little bit of everything you need. It’s a great little lounge to hang out and chit chat’ grab some drinks (of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic kind), small savory foods, appetizing little desserts and killer coffees. There’s live music on certain days’ DJ’S on certain days and fun ON all days. If you’re feelin’ in a chill mind of mood there there are books and board games to pass the time. Best thing here though; service. The service here is impeccable. Hands down one of the best! Give them a go! Cheers!

We chose to go to The Brass Door on our last night in Memphis. We expected your basic Irish flavors, and we got them. What we didn’t expect was to feel so warm, cozy, and completely satiated by the end of the meal. Our server, Elizabeth, was polite and friendly. She tended to our needs without hovering. We started with beer cheese with pretzels, and I basically fell in love. It was amazing! It came served in a little iron skillet. For entrées, I opted for the shepherd’s pie (again, in a skillet) while my husband got a classic burger. The portions were generous and the prices fair. We wish we could have sampled dessert, but the entrées nearly did us in, they were so filling! Good job, Brass Door.

Update:Has reopened. Will visit soon! Temporarily closed while switching to new management. (Owners are the same.) Let’s hope they keep a few of the old faves: corned beef sammy and the fish and chips.

This is always the first place we hit when we come into Memphis. It’s a favorite, a bit off the beaten path, but the service and the food is always top notch. They serve off course a great selection of Irish whiskeys and drafts. I always get the stew or meat pie that is almost as good as Mom’s – not going there. We always find friendly company at the bar and lovely conversation, as well as a joke or two. Hey – it’s a real Irish Bar – laughter and wit is always included. So come on by and ask for a wee dram and a Guinness – sit back and enjoy a great evening out. I always do when I visit.

The Brass Lamp served the downtown and neighboring communities as an answer to the issue of coffee shops closing too early, and bars being too loud a setting to collaborate or work within.

A perk of living in Downtown Long Beach is the eclectic range of restaurants, bars, and shops offered. The Brass Lamp is one of those places that when mentioned in passing makes people go: “Huh? A book bar? Those exist?” To which you reply: “Yeah, come with me.” I showed up early for slam poetry night sans current book I was reading (March Violets in case you were wondering). Treated myself to a glass of Allagash white, and waited patiently. The bartenders Izzy, and Tony, were the sweetest. They’re so kind and personable. The space is laid out so that you can hang out at the bar, lounge on a couch, plush chairs, in enclosed rooms, or even a private room if you choose to rent it. Books line a wall if you’d like to read or buy. In one room, there are plenty of games to play with friends (old school ones, not electronic). I returned last night and was remembered by name. It felt like visiting family. The short rib grilled cheese was on the healthy side when comparing. The bread did have butter though, good going. The sweet potato fries came out with two dipping options, oil and a sauce that is really addicting. If drinking, I highly recommend their Brass Mule. I’m not the type to show up to places solo, but this place, I could visit often and feel right at home.

Where’s the new place going to be?Please let me know once you have a new location. You have a great sense of style and your vibe is second to none. Good luck!!

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the brass lamp February 25, 2017 Beloved Brass Lamp Book Bar to Close Doors After Almost Two Years Serving Downtown Community

Ramo M. said “I’m not giving it a five stars cause of the ” meme ” I guess. But I enjoy going to McDonalds. Is so yummy it fills my tummy. It’s so good. Eat McDonalds, and enjoy life.” read more

We stopped into The Brass Door tonight prior to the Redbirds game. We were looking forward to trying this spot after looking at the pictures. Still new to Memphis, we are still trying to find “our spot.” Very friendly staff. Unfortunately, they seemed to be out of a few things. Fish and chips they said they had… two orders of fish and chips – each with one piece of fish. Hmmm… not at all like the pictures that show three? Not a good value at all. Just be upfront folks. We would have understood.

Attention nursing students! This is your second home! Came here on a weekday morning and found this to be an excellent place to hit the books. While it is pretty dark inside, if you sit under a lamp you’ll be fine. There’s plenty of tables, plugs, etc. service is excellent also. Recommend: drip coffee! It’s so good Great coffee, plenty of seats, quiet environment. Need I say more?

“Although I wish we didn’t have to close down, I am very proud of what The Brass Lamp has become,” said Argosino. “I intended it to be a beloved place by the community where people can be inspired, creative, and productive, and a place where my employees grow and feel safe. And the development and outcome has been exactly that.”

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Random mid-day beer stop at The Brass Door on a Thursday afternoon turned in to one of the highlights of our Memphis stop over. The beer selection was good and the space was cool — long and narrow with a massive, gorgeous bar down one side, almost Irish in feel with lots of wood. We decided to belly up to the bar as we were 2 of 4 people in the place on this Thursday afternoon. We were offered samples before making our selection, and were excited to see so many local craft breweries featured as this is our favorite thing to do while traveling. We would have gone to the breweries themselves, but they were not open that day or during that time frame. Thank goodness for The Brass Door! What really stuck out to us was the people at The Brass Door. Seamus – one of the owners – was not only present and visible but also extremely friendly and genuinely interested in the patrons visiting his bar. He is the kind of guy that will remember your name and greet you every time you come in. Brad the General Manager was super cool and chatted us up during most of our visit. We talked about Memphis, what to do while there, where to eat, the festival that was going on the following day, and our favorite beers. We were happy to talk Indianapolis beers and give him a sticker from our favorite brewery in town. So genuinely friendly and a great guy to talk to. Ask about the signatures above the bar… and get up there to add yours if you can. We will totally stop back in to The Brass Door when traveling through Memphis in the future.

“And when asked about the Brass Door, Seamus, the owner, said it was like going home for a little bit every day (how cute is that?!).” in 10 reviews

We had an awesome experience watching the UCL Final! Great food and I’d like to compliment the manager Mr Backey that is a gentleman.

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Just as the community responded positively to The Brass Lamp’s opening, those who made the book bar a regular part of their lives have voiced their sadness and support to see it close.

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Em C. said “Being from Atlanta.. We do not have these there, my rule of thumb is… When you’re out of town go to places not found back home… So this place was suggested and I jumped at the opportunity to go… Walking…” read more

This place was very interesting both in good and bad ways. I’m not too familiar with good coffee shops in the Long Beach area, but a friend of mine who loves coffee and lives in Long Beach wanted me to check this place out. After seeing images online, I knew this was definitely a spot I might really like. It was pretty difficult to find the place at first but there will be a small sign outside that directs you into the building. Once you enter inside, everything is very hip. They have wood tables and chairs, a bar, blue wall with music note symbols on them, couches, and their most notable book shelves. It was not too noisy and it was a very calm, chill atmosphere. I really appreciated the interior design of the place. However, I wasn’t too big of a fan of their iced coffee. I believe the coffee was way too watered down and it didn’t really give me the energy that I needed to get through the day. Although the interior is very nice, I wouldn’t really recommend studying here because the lighting is too dark, and for me, I am always able to study better in brighter lighting. This place is much better for people who want to come with group of friends and hang out. Only parking available is the structure across the street and the first two hours are free so make sure to really know beforehand how long you are going to stay.

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