Benefits Of Installing Outdoor Patio Lights Touchstone Accent

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Benefits Of Installing Outdoor Patio Lights Touchstone Accent

Swimming pools and water features should also be well lit to prevent guests from tripping or falling into them. While there aren’t any specific laws or regulations that require swimming pool illumination in any of the 50 states, leaving that area in shadow is dangerous. This is easy to remedy. Motion-sensing lights are perfect for these areas.

Safety: Another one of the best reasons to consider purchasing some marina lighting is that additional light means more safety. This is especially important for those who own a business or home on a marina front and need to consider liability insurance. Everyone knows that inadequate lighting can lead to safety issues and falling hazards. These dangers are compounded when you add in the element of water, both on the walking paths around a marina and the body of water it is built upon. If you have these areas illuminated with marina lighting, then you will be much safer in all of your business or leisure activities. Also, loading and disembarking from a boat is much safer when you can see where you are going.

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If you are ready to light up the night with quality and beautiful patio lighting, then visit the Touch Stone Lights website today and browse the wide array of options available.

Aesthetics: One of the most commonly overlooked facets of a waterfront home or business is visibility. Some people may assume that proximity to the water is enough to make it noticeable, but that is not always the case. By adding marina lighting, you can make sure that everyone sees your home, business or boat. After all, nothing makes for a better night on the waterfront than the addition of soft lighting.

If you are like many people, your outdoor patio is an oasis. A place for you to relax and unwind after a hard day at work. However, do you have to retreat inside when the evening approaches? If so, it may be time to consider installing outdoor lighting for the patio. There are a myriad of options to choose from, which allows you to create an amazing looking space you can use throughout the day and night. Some of the specific benefits offered by installing patio lighting can be found here.

Security: One of the other benefits of marina lighting is that it provides an additional layer of security to your home, business or boat. Like any other kind of security lighting, having your valuable area illuminated will prevent a variety of maladies from befalling you. For example, if you own a business in a marina, then you can have the outside lit up to deter thieves while providing a feeling of security for workers and guests at night time. If you are looking to install solar marina lighting, then this is one of our best options.

Regardless of if your patio area is in the front or back of your home, when you install outdoor lighting, it can serve as a deterrent for would-be thieves. This means that the lighting you install will have a dual purpose, making it even a smarter investment.

Some cities have specific regulations for deck and patio lighting, so it’s best to check with your Touchstone Illuminologist during the planning stage to make sure your intended design adheres to those codes. We will bring your nights to life while making them safe for family and friends.

All things considered our marina lights allow you to conserve electricity, maintain energy independence and provide top-of-the-line safety, security and aesthetic qualities. If you wish to inquire about marina-lighting installations, then contact the illuminolgists here at Touchstone Lighting for a free consultation.

Do you, your children or pets enjoy spending time outside when it is dark? If so, you know it can be pretty dangerous if you can’t see anything. However, when you install outdoor lighting for a patio, you can increase the safety of your outside area. This will allow everyone in your family to enjoy the great outdoors more than ever before.

The biggest and most obvious benefit offered by installing outdoor lighting for a patio is that it will allow you to use the space during the day and at night. You can install wall sconces, overhead lighting or even string lighting to create the perfect ambiance. You are only limited by your imagination as there are quite a few patio lighting options to choose from.

If your patio space contains an outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to make sure there is adequate light to prepare food after the sun goes down. Be sure to focus some light on food preparation surfaces as well as grilling areas. Nothing ruins a party faster than an unscheduled trip to the emergency room for stitches or a painful burn.

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Special consideration should be given to changes in levels, such as steps or sets of stairs, and to changes in walkways, especially if the path goes from paved to rugged. Low-voltage lights are the perfect choice for illuminating stairs. They give off enough soft illumination to clearly define each step without flooding the deck or patio with harsh, unnecessary light. Pathways are best marked by fixtures that give off light in an outward direction. Such fixtures should be placed in flower beds or other landscaped areas when possible. Installing light fixtures in grassy areas makes it difficult to mow around them, and they can create tripping hazards during the day.

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When the days get longer and the temperatures climb to more comfortable digits, it’s nice to enjoy those seasonal changes in an outdoor space. Patios and decks have become an extension of our living rooms and kitchens from late spring to early fall, and we want them to feel as comfortable and as natural as their indoor counterparts. This is possible with the addition of carefully placed light fixtures. Lighting adds ambiance to lounging spaces and also provides a level of safety and security to homeowners and their guests.

For safety purposes, the perimeter of the outdoor lounge space should be clearly lit. This can be achieved with fixtures that adhere to railings, posts and banisters. These can be small sconces that give off discreet light, or flashy fixtures that cast a more dramatic radiance on the outdoor space.

If you have marina-front property or a boat that is housed in a marina, then you should consider the possibility of having some of marina lighting options installed. Whether you choose hard-wired or solar lights, there are many benefits that will appeal to you. Here, we will explore some of the best ways that you can utilize marina lighting to improve your property and ensure that you have a safer experience on the waterfront.

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