Can I Use Led Ceiling Light Fixture In The Usa Quora

tech lighting Can I Use Led Ceiling Light Fixture In The Usa Quora

tech lighting Can I Use Led Ceiling Light Fixture In The Usa Quora

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This doesn’t mean you can just wire it up to 120 volts and get light, it doesn’t work that way. But if you’re determined to get that light then you can either take a chance and buy it, then get an electrician to replace the transformer with a 120v one that will match the output voltage and power that the fixture actually needs (not impossible or even difficult for a trained electrician, it just means finding a transformer that will do the job). Or you can contact the company directly and tell them you’re on a 120v 60 Hertz power supply and see if they have that fixture in that voltage range. If they don’t, ask if they can send you the spec sheet on the transformer and see if you can order one online.

An awful lot (all those I have) of LED lights are actually 90–250V so it would work just fine on 120V.

This installation does not fit in the ceiling in the USA/Canada. You know there is a J-Box, while in the others, no.

So far, this sounds like a whole lot of bad news for that fixture you like. Now for the good news. If you really love that fixture and absolutely have to have it then there’s a way you can do it. That fixture only uses 39 Watts of power. So what, you might say. Why is that good news? Well, that means that between the power connection to the 240 volts and the actual LED strips there’s a transformer that’s knocking that 240 volts way down to what those LED lights need – somewhere around 3 volts or so (just a rough estimate without knowing exactly what LED they’re using).

The Power supply you have to know his rating before buy! Many lighting fixtures for home use do not include 120 Vac! The efficiency may be not good.

First of all, I don’t know what your local electrical code would allow for lighting in a domicile but I would be surprised if it’s over 120 volts and 15 amps. They say this is for safety, but to be honest it can still be lethal. If your local code would allow you to have a 240V ceiling box, then you would have to replace the wiring to that box from your breaker or fusebox all the way to the switch, which will have to be replaced, and to the light box – not an easy or affordable option.

If the LED driver is rated for 120 – 240 input volts, then yes.

But, of course you have to do battle with your local electrical codes.

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One word of caution, though. Hooking up a transformer can be tricky because if you’re not paying attention a transformer can be connected in reverse. I once worked on a building where an apprentice hooked up all the transformers for the low-voltage lighting in reverse. So instead of transforming 120 volts into 12 volts the transformers took the 120 volts and transformed it into 1200 volts. Thankfully, the breakers tripped before any damage occurred. Just remember, input is power supplied from the building, output goes to the appliance.

To understand what I’m telling you a little more, find a transformer in your home, a phone charger is a good one to look at. You’ll notice that it’ll list an input voltage, 120 volts in North America, which is the power you have to supply for it to work properly. Then it’ll list an output voltage, probably 5 volts, which is what your phone needs to charge safely. The energy is transformed from one voltage to another. The way it works is pretty incredible and worth reading about if you’re curious but that’s more in depth than what you’re looking for right now.

If you have, do not worry, just go forward, but you have take times and energy, even you may buy another power supply in your location.

That’s a beautiful light fixture. One of the things I loved when I was in Europe was the design of appliances and lighting. One of the things I hated was that we were on a different voltage and frequency. I did check the spec sheet on that light and I can answer your question in a couple of different ways but at the end of it all you’ll see that the answer is all about transformers.

Can I Use Led Ceiling Light Fixture In The Usa Quora