Ceiling Lighting Capital Lighting Capital Lighting Fixture Company

tech lighting Ceiling Lighting Capital Lighting Capital Lighting Fixture Company

tech lighting Ceiling Lighting Capital Lighting Capital Lighting Fixture Company

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Manhattan1 Light Sconce620611PN-4235.25″W x 17.50″H x 7″EPolished NickelView

Fire & Ice8 Light Foyer520881FI22″W x 34.75″HFire and IceView

Wright4 Light Foyer520442PN15″W x 28.50″HPolished NickelView

Capital Vanities3 Light Vanity121731BN-43123.50″W x 9.50″H x 7.25″EBrushed NickelView

Milan4 Light Chandelier419741CG28.50″W x 26.50″HCapital GoldView

Mid-Century10 Light Chandelier421101PN-42635.75″W x 75″HPolished NickelView

Renaissance3 Light Foyer521531RN12.75″W x 29″HRenaissanceView

Gavin6 Light Sconce621461IG7″W x 14.25″H x 3.75″EIron and GoldView

Cole6 Light Chandelier421361AO28.25″W x 29.50″HAged Brass & Old BronzeView

Gavin8 Light Chandelier421481IG16″W x 65.50″HIron and GoldView

Blakely3 Light Foyer9481CG-CR12.25″W x 17.75″HCapital GoldView

Regan1 Light Sconce619411CG-4177″W x 24″H x 5.75″ECapital GoldView

Gavin12 Light Chandelier421401IG28″W x 57.50″HIron and GoldView

Abella8 Light Chandelier423081CG33″W x 35.50″HCapital GoldView

Abella3 Light Vanity123031CG-43624.25″W x 9.50″H x 6.75″ECapital GoldView

Oxford8 Light Chandelier419681SP28.25″W x 29″HSilver PatinaView

City16 Light Chandelier419201PN29.5″W x 29.5″HPolished NickelView

Oxford3 Light Vanity119631SP-41922″W x 9.25″H x 6.50″ESilver PatinaView

Renaissance4 Light Pendant321541RN18″W x 19.75″HRenaissanceView

Camden3 Light Vanity120731PN-42323.50″W x 9.25″H x 6.50″EPolished NickelView

Axis6 Light Pendant4236AB30″W x 30.50″HAged Brass and BlackView

Manhattan6 Light Chandelier420661PN-42328″W x 29.50″HPolished NickelView

Cole4 Light Foyer521343AO16″W x 29″HAged Brass & Old BronzeView

Zander16 Light Chandelier421902AD36″W x 35.75″HAged BrassView

Ravenwood16 Light Chandelier419801BI38.50″W x 45″HBlack IronView

Dawson6 Light Chandelier419361AD24.75″W x 29.50″HAged BrassView

Alston1 Light Sconce621013OB8″W x 12.75″H x 5.50″EOld BronzeView

Renaissance18 Light Chandelier421502RN57″W x 66″HRenaissanceView

Alston3 Light Vanity121031OB24.50″W x 6.25″H x 4.75″EOld BronzeView

Abella4 Light Foyer523042CG18.50″W x 28.75″HCapital GoldView

Zander3 Light Sconce621931PN9″W x 20″H x 3.50″EPolished NickelView

Ravenwood3 Light Vanity119831BI-43523″W x 9.50″H x 5.50″EBlack IronView

Gavin6 Light Vanity121461IG21.75″W x 8.25″H x 4.50″EIron and GoldView

Pendants and Mini-Pendants4 Light Pendant322641BB16.50″W x 28″HBurnished BronzeView

Pendants and Mini-Pendants1 Light Pendant319912BB10.50″W x 64″HBurnished BronzeView

Mercer4 Light Pendant321242WG25.25″W x 25.50″HWinter GoldView

Regan6 Light Chandelier419461CG-41726″W x 67.25″HCapital GoldView

Pendants and Mini-Pendants1 Light Pendant319913PN15.75″W x 60.50″HPolished NickelView

Knox3 Light Vanity120331OB-43525″W x 8.75″H x 7″EOld BronzeView

Capital Vanities3 Light Vanity121831AD-43223″W x 10″H x 7.25″EAged BrassView

Ravenwood2 Light Sconce619821BI9.75″W x 22″H x 4″EBlack IronView

Ceiling Lighting Capital Lighting Capital Lighting Fixture Company