Common Problems With Operating Room Surgical Lights Meditek

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Common Problems With Operating Room Surgical Lights Meditek

What are the Most Popular Surgical Light Brands for Operating Rooms in Canada?

Perhaps what you need is an arsenal of information on the most common problems with surgical lights in the operating room?

One of the other major problems with halogens is that there is no warning of when they are about to die. LEDs, on the other hand, will slowly lose effectiveness, so as long as you are testing and calibrating, you should see the decline.

The common thought is that the majority of surgical procedures require a LUX of 160,000 or less, so having a light that goes up to that is beneficial.

Most likely, the surgeon will be more concerned with the performance and functionality, whereas the support team will want to know more about the costs and ease of cleaning.

It’s no secret that there are some pretty powerful lights out there.

Our ReNew program sees existing equipment remanufactured into as-new condition. We use OEM parts and back the quality of our workmanship with a 2-year, parts and labour warranty.

But in the quest to make the most powerful light, in terms of LUX, some manufacturers may have forgotten that more doesn’t always mean better.

Without the ability to reduce the illumination as required by procedure and preference, surgical teams will not be able to perform to their fullest.

Have you involved your maintenance or biomed team in the purchasing process?

If you are still using halogen lights, now is the time to really consider changing them out. With halogen technology becoming obsolete, rising hydro costs everywhere, it’s a situation of the sooner, the better.

Poor initial planning can lead to unforeseen problems with trajectories of the boom arms, and therefore limit the rotational axis and positioning of the lights.

Many times (enough to be mentioned in this article), we’ve seen hospitals purchase OR lights without any feedback or input from the people who actually use them.

With this information, you’ll know what to look for and which questions to ask.

While not related directly to the surgical light, the attached arm suspension and booms play a significant role in the final user ability.

You see the designs. You read the brochures and try to navigate your way through the industry sales talk. You look at each surgical light’s technical specifications.

What types of cleaning agents or chemicals can you use on it?

Meditek is a Canadian supplier of operating room equipment since 1981. With a national reach, Meditek has several services designed to help you save money and prevent problems.

Another major problem is with the suspension arms drifting. If the drifting gets bad enough, someone may have to concentrate on holding the light in place where it needs to be.

While this may seem as a no-brainer, you’d be surprised by some of the button placements on lights.

Being a lefty, this one really resonates with me as I’ve spent my life struggling with products that are meant for right-handed people.

Worse than getting limited movement is the chance that the lights can collide with each other. Collisions could create cracks or fractures on the lighthead itself or within the boom arm. This will increase the possibility of breakage or perhaps pieces of broken material falling into the surgical field.

Halogen lights not only can be detrimental to the surgical staff, but they also present a dangerous environment where there is a risk of getting burned if coming into contact.

In the event of a power loss to the OR, everyone still needs to see what is happening. If the light goes out, assuming it has a backup light, it should come back on within 5 seconds and project, at minimum, 40,000 LUX.

fail prematurely, become discolored, and/or explode Suspension Arms

Dirt or fingerprints on a quartz-halogen lamp can cause the bulb to:

When looking for your light, take notice of where the buttons are and how easy it is to access them.

Have a question about surgical lights that you don’t see here? Ask our experts.

If you’ve ever had to buy surgical lights for your operating room, you’re already aware of the major differences between … Read More

With the advent of LED technology, heat is no longer an issue. However, many operating rooms in Canada still use halogen OR lights.

Halogen lights are normally rated for 1,000 to 3,000 hours, while LEDs are rated for 25,000 to 40,000 hours.

However, in order to reduce glare and associated eye fatigue and headaches, the light needs to have good adjustability. This includes color temperature, color intensity and focusability.

Is the lighthead round and smooth, or does it have many corners?

It’s a fact of life that you will need to perform routine and unplanned maintenance on your lights, and some brands will require more than others.

Are the most-used buttons front and center? Or, are they lost in the mix?

Have you ever wondered what the most popular surgical light brands are for Operating Rooms in Canada? Judging by the … Read More

Arm drifting can be due to several factors, such as worn bearings in the boom arm, inadequate weight capacity and overly heavy lightheads, or simply bad boom arm design.

We will try our best to cover off the more common problems that we’ve seen over the last several decades, and please keep in mind that some problems may be specific to brands or models, while others are not.

This is obviously not a problem with lights, but moreso the acquirement of them.

Our InSight program goes deep into the inner workings of equipment, which allows you to know the current condition and when you should plan to replace it.

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Once the vendor has tightened the last bolt, how easy is it to get to those problem areas?

Tel: 204.786.8611 Toll Free: 1.800.567.8400 Fax: 204.779.4900 Email: [email protected]

Just a few years ago, this was a major problem. So much, in fact, that you would have to add in the extra cost of heat protection filters when figuring out how much your surgical lights cost.

Remember that sometimes time is an issue, and if it takes substantially longer to get to those areas from one brand to the next, you might want to put more value to that in your buying decision.

Welcome to the confusion – surgical light descriptions. What we mean by that is how surgical light manufacturers load their … Read More

We also are the exclusive distributor of Skytron lights to the Western Canada region.

Cleaning your surgical lights should be as easy as possible. When looking at the light, as in literally gazing upon a picture or physical model of it, try to identify areas that have crevasses, nooks, or slots.

If you’ve ever had to buy surgical lights for your operating room, you’re already aware of the major differences between the number of OR light manufacturers.

Even in this day and age, we still encounter architects, engineers and OR managers who come to us for help with fixing or replacing existing rotation problems from other manufacturers.

It’s important to review the types of procedures performed, and the personal preferences of the people performing them.

Comprehensive Review of the Most Popular Surgical Lights in Canada

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