Crystal Chandelier €¹ Kinetic Lights

tech lighting Crystal Chandelier €¹ Kinetic Lights

tech lighting Crystal Chandelier €¹ Kinetic Lights

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DEEP WEB @ the Festival of Lights in Lyon 8-10 December 2016

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Categories: architecture & spaces, kinetic, lighting, news Tags: Fête des Lumières, kinetic lights, Lyon

CITROËN celebrates the 5th anniversary of its DS-Models and at the same time marks the 136th birthday of its founder Andre Citroën while also presenting its newest C4 Cactus model,  along with the longest (65m) Kinetic Lights installation ever. The idea for the “The Paper Wave” installation comes from CITROËN and agency Lever de Rideau, its effective implementation from WHITEvoid designers and engineers.

Produced by: WHITEvoid | KRAFTWERK Berlin | CTM Festival Supported by: KINETIC LIGHTS | ROBE | AUDI

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Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke (aka Monolake) perform GRID a massive suspended kinetic light art piece at the Fête des Lumières light art festival in Lyon. The unique show at the Hotel de Region attracts more than 22.000 visitors in 4 days.

Kinetic show design and realization by WHITEvoid and KINETIC LIGHTS

WHITEvoid KINETIC LIGHTS Christopher Bauder Hï Ibiza High Scream

Christopher Bauder Kangding Ray Kraftwerk Berlin CTM Festival Kinetic Lights Robe AUDI

XXL KINETIC LIGHTS installation for Vodafone @ IFA BERLIN 2013

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Categories: architecture & spaces, kinetic, news Tags: C4 Cactus, Citroën, kinetic lights, Paper wave

Categories: architecture & spaces, art & technology, kinetic, lighting, news Tags: berlin, fair, IFA, kinetic lights, Vodafone

SKALAR is a large-scale art installation that explores the complex impact of light and sound on human perception. Light artist Christopher Bauder and musician Kangding Ray give an audio-visual narration of radiant light vector drawings and multi-dimensional sound inside the pitch-dark industrial space of Kraftwerk Berlin. By combining a vast array of kinetic mirrors, perfectly synchronized moving lights and a sophisticated multi-channel sound system, SKALAR reflects on the fundamental nature and essence of basic human emotions. With its titular Turmoil theme, CTM Festival 2018 sets the perfect environment to launch the artistic venture of SKALAR.

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WHITEvoid and TETRO+A present the DEEP WEB kinetic audiovisual installation and performance by Christopher BAUDER and Robert HENKE at the Festival of Lights (Fête des Lumières) in Lyon. The high precision motor winch systems with real time feedback and the main control software are provided by Kinetic Lights. High-end laser system manufacturer LaserAnimation Sollinger provided the technical expertise and development for this very specific spatial laser setup.

ART EXHIBITION: 27.01. – 25.02.2018 6 LIVE PERFORMANCES: 04.02.2018 + 24.02.2018 + 25.02.2018

08 -10 December 2016 / 20.00 – midnight @ Hôtel de Région Auvergne – Rhone Alpes, Lyon

Deep Web Christopher Bauder Robert Henke Tetro+A Kinetic Lights The Festival of Lights LaserAnimation Sollinger

With 200 KINETIC LIGHTS winches and RGB spheres and a footprint of 30×20 meters this star shaped Kinetic Lights installation dominated the Vodafone stand at the international consumer electronics fair IFA in Berlin. A new firmware and software combination allowed for unparalleled pattern combinations and motion precision.

The new KINETIC LIGHTS website offers a wide range of steel and power wire DMX winches and light fixtures designed and developed by WHITEvoid. All KINETIC LIGHTS products can now be purchased or rented for permanent and temporary art, interior, stage, show and event lifting and lighting applications.

A gigantic kinetic installation “Weaving Machine” was created by WHITEvoid with KINETIC LIGHTS winch system for an epic 2047 Apologue stage performance directed by ZHANG Yimou and produced by L!VE Kingway at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing.

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WHITEvoid designs Vodafone‘s complete stand with a complex multiple-stories high and topics diversified architecture with integrated light installation for this year’s CeBIT fair in Hanover (March 14th – 18th).

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WHITEvoid is proud to present their 1st collaboration with High Scream at Hï Ibiza for the seasons closing party 2017. Hï is the latest addition to the Ibiza club scene and provides state of the art production technology on the Island. We were happy to be invited by High Scream creative director Romain Pissenem to design and program a kinetic light installation for the grand season finale. We specifically developed a kinetic ceiling including 30 movable round mirrors and 30 kinetic mirror balls and LED lights. All kinetic elements were targeted with 30 Robe Pointe moving lights in full motion to create vivid light beam sculptures in mid air. KINETIC LIGHTS provided the high precision motor systems and custom software for this unique spectacle.

WHITEvoid is responsible for the complete design of this years Vodafone stand at the CeBIT computer fair. This includes the interior architecture and integrated light sculpture. All areas of the stand are connected through the monumental network-like light installation composed of 450 static and 250 Kinetic Lights elements. This unexpected light experience makes the Vodafone stand a particular adventure into the world of telecommunications.

SKALAR – Art Installation and Performance at Kraftwerk Berlin

Crystal Chandelier €¹ Kinetic Lights