Crystal Chandelier Parts And Prisms Antique Lamp Supply

tech lighting Crystal Chandelier Parts And Prisms Antique Lamp Supply

tech lighting Crystal Chandelier Parts And Prisms Antique Lamp Supply

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There are few pieces which provide a room with an elegant and graceful touch like a hanging light fixture. These eye-catching design choices can give any home or business a classy and sophisticated feel and can complement nearly any design choice. When it comes to these extravagant and distinct light fixtures, it is important to keep quality and durability in mind. Making sure these pieces remain intact and fully operational is a concern of anyone who uses them.

Our selection of lamp crystals, chandelier crystals, and crystal pendalogues leaves the shopper with almost limitless options. In terms of style and quality, our U-drop prisms, crystal pendalogues, teardrop prisms, spear cut prisms, spearhead prisms, and colonial prisms are excellent choices when replacing missing or broken parts on antique chandeliers, antique fixtures, sconces, early lusters, or antique table lamps including astral lamps, solar lamps, and early mantle lamps. Are you missing a crystal bauble? Lamp Supply stocks many traditionally styled crystal chandelier trimmings including faceted cut balls, crystal jewels, and crystal baguettes.

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We offer a large variety of chandelier parts and chandelier crystals to help those who opt for these fixtures keep them in working order. Restore a classic model to its original level of quality by stocking it with fresh components and replacement pieces. Antique does not necessarily have to mean worn down; you can keep the vintage look of these fixtures without settling for damaged or malfunctioning parts.Thanks to the large amount of networking our organization has done with antique dealers across the nation, we have been able to acquire a wide array of vintage and hard to find chandelier parts and chandelier crystals. Clear, colored, and cut models, are offered in a variety of styles. Electrical components and ornate parts are also part of our stock. No matter what theme you’re going for or what type of light fixture you have, you can more than likely find the component or piece to fit your needs. We also offer mounting supplies and tools to help you hang and install your beautiful piece after it has been restored and restocked with fresh parts. Heirlooms, antiques, or simple design choices are far too precious to let stay in a damaged or malfunctioning state. Contact us to order the pieces and components you need to restore your elegant piece to working order again and to make it look brand new. Hanging light fixtures are solid choices for almost any type of room. You can be sure that, no matter how vintage or rare your piece is, our inventory of unique components will be able to fit your needs. Do not settle for anything less than the elegant and high-quality d├ęcor you deserve; contact us today!

Chandelier Parts, Chandelier Crystals, Crystal Prisms, and Lamp Crystals

Clear Pendalogue, Fire PolishedClear Pendalogue with Two Beads3″ Clear U-Drop Prism with 2 BeadsHigh Quality, Full Cut Crystal Prism3 1/4″ French or Flat Crystal Magnum PendalogueClear French or Flat Crystal Magnum Pendalogue6 1/4″ Clear Flat Crystal, Magnum Pendalogue3″ Clear Full Cut Crystal PrismClear, Full Cut Magnum Crystal Prism3″ Clear, Full Cut Magnum Pendaloque2 1/4″ Clear, Full Cut Crystal PrismHigh Quality, Clear Cut Spearhead Crystal PrismsHigh Quality, Clear Colonial Crystal Prisms1 3/16″ Clear Prism with Brass Pins.

1 3/16″ Light Blue Glass Prism w/Clear Top Bead1 3/16″ Pink Glass Prism w/Clear Top Bead1 3/16″ Ruby Glass Prism w/Clear Top Bead4 5/16″ Clear, Flat Crystal Magnum Pendalogue4 3/4″ Clear, Flat Crystal Magnum Pendalogue5 1/4″ Clear, Flat Crystal Magnum Pendalogue5 5/8″ Clear, Flat Crystal Magnum Pendalogue5 1/8″ Clear, Flat Crystal Magnum Pendalogue5 1/4″ Magnum Prism with Clear Faceted Ball8″ Clear, Flat Crystal Magnum PendalogueClear, Fire Polished PendalogueCrystal Fuschia Bell3 1/8″ Hollow Crystal BallClear Basket Graduated ChainClear Glass Baggett1 1/8″ Clear Tear Drop w/ BeadClear TeardropFrench PendalogueCountry French PendalogueClear French PendalogueU-Drop PrismCrystal Plug DropClear French U-Drop PrismHigh Quality Cut SpearHigh Quality Clear U-Drop PrismHigh Quality Colonial PrismCrystal Cut BallSmooth Crystal Ball for Trimming Chandeliers3″ Clear Teardrop w/BeadGlass Pendalogue Prism Swedish CutGlass Pendalogue Prism Full Cut3″ Kite Prism4″ French PendalogueClear French PendalogueClear French PendalogueFrench PendalogueFrench Pendalogue2 1/2″ Cut Pendalogue2 1/2″ Cut Pendalogue2″ Clear Deco PendalogueNotched U- DropFrench PendalogueFrog PrismGorgian Crystal PrismHigh Quality Crystal Spear4″ Cut Spear2″ Cut Prism2″ Cut Prism3″ Clear Star Colonial PrismStar Pattern Colonial PrismClear Crystal Octagonal JewelClear Smooth Crystal BeadClear Faceted Crystal BeadClear Half Pear Crystal PendalogueClear Faceted Ball2 1/4″ Fitter Shower Shade4 Inch (100 mm) Clear Glass Pencil Prism6″ (152 mm) Clear Glass “Pencil” Prism4 1/4″ Antique Floral Pattern Prism

B & P Lamp Supply stocks hundreds of clear, colored, and cut crystals, as well as other ornate chandelier parts and electrical components. We also have mounting supplies and tools to help you hang your beautiful lamp or fixture when it is finished.

Revitalize the elegance and grace of your chandeliers and lighting fixtures with our complete selection of high quality crystal chandelier parts. We stock hundreds of chandelier lamp crystals, crystal prisms, necks, crystal arms, crystal beads and bead chain, trimmings and many more ornaments and components, including those made by Strass, Swarovski, and Brilliant Cut Crystals. Find the exact pieces missing or broken in your beautiful chandelier, or find new crystals to elevate the look.

Crystal Chandelier Body Parts – Chain, Balls, Bobeches, Arms, Bodies, Beads, Friut, & Trimmings

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Home > Chandelier Parts, Chandelier Crystals, Crystal Prisms, and Lamp CrystalsChandelier Parts, Crystal Prisms and Lamp Crystals

Crystal Chandelier Parts And Prisms Antique Lamp Supply