Custom Lighting Custom Design And Fabrication Of Interior And Exterior

tech lighting Custom Lighting Custom Design And Fabrication Of Interior And Exterior

tech lighting Custom Lighting Custom Design And Fabrication Of Interior And Exterior

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Custom lighting fixture
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Michaels’ Lighting offers its full line of services to a completely new market. The idea was born out of the increasing request by our customers, to meet new and demanding needs for products other than lighting. These growing demands were a direct result of our high quality, attitude, and highly motivated craftsmen. ML can handle any application from full custom fabrication to custom painting, assembly and shipping.

For over 25 years, Sansin has pioneered the use of environmentally-friendly stains and sealants. Our unique water-borne technology is inspired by a thousand year-old tradition that uses nature’s own ingredients – resins and gums from the heartwood of trees – to deliver long lasting, sustainable protection. We continue to develop innovative materials and processes that reduce the impact of our coatings on the environment. Again and again our history has demonstrated that going green actually enhances performance.

Our goal is to be a complete turnkey operation for your large or small request. Our belief is that if you cannot find it in a catalog and you need it soon, call ML Custom Fabrication for best price and delivery. ML Custom Fabrication is continually striving for excellence and expanding to meet our customers evolving needs.

At Sansin, we constantly look to minimize waste and ensure responsible handling of waste products. For example, a unique rinse water recycling system allows our production cleaning processes to capture and reuse raw materials that would otherwise have been wasted. Regular facility improvements and operating initiatives such as the Sansin Second Nature program focus on energy savings, waste reduction and recycling, further reducing our environmental footprint.

What currently separates Michaels’ Lighting from most manufacturing facilities is the ability to quickly offer substantial alternatives to budget oriented projects. Over the years Michaels’ has offered to designers many alternative products to meet the challenges of a restrictive budget and demanding conditions. One of our most commonly used alternatives is in metals. Michaels’ Lighting has worked with almost every commonly used ferrous and non-ferrous metal, but none more successfully than aluminum. Aluminum has several inherent advantages that other metals do not. Aluminum is easy to blank, form, bond, and finish, while offering great resistance to oxidation with lightweight and structural stability. The secret is being able to make the customer feel they are getting expensive bronze brass, copper or stainless steel. Michaels’ Lighting has developed a unique set of durable realistic faux finishes that tricks even the most discerning eye. Review our pallet of faux finishes offered through our standard product display, and then ask for samples, and see if you don’t agree.

Our innovative wood coatings, chinkings and sealants already provide consumers with environmentally-friendly alternatives to solvent based products. But that’s just the beginning. At our Research & Development Center, we’re focused not only on continually improving the performance of our products but also on reducing their environmental impact. Our wood coatings use a unique water-borne alkyd formula that combines the benefits of both oil- and water-based coatings, reducing environmental toxins – such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that contribute to smog and ozone depletion – to almost zero. Even when it comes to color, we’re “green”! Rather than using toxic dyes to color our stains and sealants, we’ve harnessed nanotechnology to create Sansin Microfines – pure pigments ground so fine they deliver remarkably vibrant and lasting colour deep into the wood.

Wood is our passion and our commitment to protecting it and the environment is paramount. Our mission is to continually improve our products as well as our corporate environmental practices. As part of our Sansin Second Nature program we are pursuing initiatives such as using alternative green energy and smart manufacturing processes that move us closer to our objective of operating a sustainable zero waste production facility.

At Michaels’ Lighting we use three different types of software to produce our custom products, AutoCAD, Photopia, and Solid Works. All of these programs allow the designer tremendous flexibility to produce accurate virtual luminaries in a fraction of the time, and for a fraction of the cost of physical prototypes. The graphics are so realistic it is hard to determine if the final product is an actual photo or a design rendering.

We’re proud to announce our new Eco2™ brand – a wood stain entirely derived from recycled exterior or interior Sansin products. Formulas are specifically designed to protect and beautify exterior wood surfaces such as siding, decks, timbers and millwork. View more information on Eco2.

Virtual imaging is very important in understanding a design, but sometimes an actual physical replica or portion of the product is necessary. Over the years Michaels’ Lighting has used a technique called Rapid Prototype Development, which is a method of CNC foam core prototyping, along with actual physical working samples, or small sectional overviews. The goal is to produce the most informative sample in the least amount of time, and at the least amount of cost.

Finally the secret to Design Phase Development is quickly and effectively communicating with the network of constituents involved in producing quality products on time and on budget. We meet these challenges by using state of the art equipment and services such as GoToMeeting, and real time production digital photography. Nobody wants the product to be more elegant than the craftsmen at Michaels’ Lighting.

CAPABILITIES: Sheering Sawing Mig/Tig welding CNC panel forming Sheet and plate rolling Tube and pipe forming Custom woodworking Custom painting Hand metal forming Metal finishing and polishing Auto CAD drawing Assembly and shipping Laser and water jet cutting Custom machining Plating

“Four months prior to construction completion the owner, City of Frisco, Texas authorized proceeding with eight frameless chandeliers for the City Room. Michaels’ Lighting produced these one-of-a-kind fixtures prior to the opening dedication celebration, on time and on budget.”

The design phase of manufacturing is probably the most crucial phase of all. It is important here to support the ideas of our customers, without discouraging the design intent. During this phase it is our responsibility to inform the designer of the rules that currently govern structure and lighting performance. The two most obvious governing bodies are Underwriters Laboratory, and National Electrical Code. We will be able to consider all of the necessary laws governing these two entities, and incorporate them to meet national and regional requirements.

Custom Lighting Custom Design And Fabrication Of Interior And Exterior