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Decorative Lighting How And When To Use It Homedit

Decorative Lighting How And When To Use It Homedit Decorative Lighting How And When To Use It Homedit

There are various different types of LED lights. LED tape light, for example, is highly versatile. It’s flexible and it can be cut to size. It’s also very easy to install pretty much anywhere.

LED tape or strips are usually installed above the kitchen sink or prep counter. They offer the task lighting needed here. LED strips are a better option in this case because they can withstand moisture better than tape.

LED under-cabinet lighting is a great way to also highlight a backsplash. It works nicely is you also want to delineate the space between the cabinets and a matching backsplash.

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You can hang these on any wall you want. Here’s how they’d look like at night. You can also use them as ambient lighting and they give the room a rather romantic look.

And speaking of reading lights and task lighting in general, in the bedroom you can also simply hang string lights from a nail hammered in the wall. Let the lights be a replacement for your bedside table lamp.{found on facingnorthwithgracia}.

How You Can Use String Lights To Make Your Bedroom Look Dreamy

if you don’t want the lights to be in your face and hanging above your head when you’re sleeping, you can hang them on the outside of a loft bed for example.{found on 30smagazine}.

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Accent lighting is quite popular in bedrooms. Most often, bedside lamps are used. But LED strips can be just as practical plus they also have a stronger visual impact without being very striking.

A romantic and shabby-chic idea can be to frame your headboard with a string light bunting banner. The banner can also serve as a fake headboard if you’d rather not have an actual one.

The most common use for LED lights in the kitchen is in the form of under-cabinet lighting. This option is appreciated for its versatility. Usually, LED tape is used because it can be cut to size to perfectly fit the cabinet.

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LED strips can actually be embedded into the design of a kitchen island or cabinet. A nice idea is to have LED tape installed inside a cabinet so it outlines its shape or gets filtered by the cabinet doors.

Use LED lights to create a focal point. Pick a feature such as the headboard, a wall shelf or a makeup vanity and highlight its forms, shape or color using this simple method.

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Here’s another version of a string light headboard. This one has string lights inside and can also serve as a bright nightlight or mood lighting.

Now here’s something really cool you can make if you have a canopy. The fairy lights look like twinkling stars and they envelop the bed creating a really cozy atmosphere.

If you hang string lights in a zig-zag pattern you can then use tiny clothespins to attach photos and other cute little things and personalize your bedroom walls

The string lights can be displayed in all sorts of shapes and patterns and if you hide behind a soft drapery they’ll get a glowy effect which will make them look particularly romantic.

LED lights are very useful in closets because they allow you to illuminate the shelves and storage spaces. Since closets don’t usually have windows, this is a perfect alternative.

When used outdoors, decorative lighting also becomes very practical and useful. For example, the space underneath an outdoor sectional can light up and this will eliminate the need for sconces and lamps. This stylish strategy can also be used for coffee tables and other furniture pieces.

String lights look whimsical no matter where you hang them. But when you combine their loveliness with the charm that any bedroom has you get a truly dreamy look. And given how flexible string lights are and the variety of styles they come in, you can create some really awesome and creative designs. So there you have it: string lights for bedroom awesomeness – your next home improvement project.

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Use string lights to create a fake headboard for your bed. It can have any shape and size you want. This one is shaped like a house and looks really cute.

Make a canopy for the bed that goes from above the headboard to the ceiling and forms a soft loop. Add fairy lights to your design and you’ll completely transform the room.

When installed under a kitchen island, they add a dramatic touch to the decor and make the unit appear to be floating. It’s a particularly nice look if the floor has a beautiful color or an interesting texture.

Similarly, you can attach string lights to a board and create custom messages, drawings, etc. Drill holes in the board to hide the ends of the string lights so only the desired design shows.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Decorative or accent lighting is often used when a certain architectural feature or a design element needs to be highlighted. It’s different from task lighting, its role being mainly aesthetic. It can be used as mood lighting and can take many different forms, depending the style, the space, its function and lots of other details.

If you really want to have twinkling stars into your bedroom, then get some star-shaped string lights and hang them on the wall. You can even add some fabric and make a could to hide the hardware used to attach the lights to the wall.{found on funkyjunkinteriors}.

Make something custom to personalize the walls of your bedroom. For example, make some wall art that lights up and you can also send a message.

It’s possible to use LED strips to create a certain ambiance in the shower or tub. Color-changing LEDs are a good option, allowing you to change the color according to your mood.

In the case of a freestanding bathtub, an interesting idea is to put LED lights under it and make it appear to be floating. Some tubs come with built-in LED lights meant to outline their beautiful shapes.

Decorative LED lighting offers numerous design possibilities. There are even color-changing LEDs which you can use if you want to be able to change the ambiance and the look of a room.

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There’s a super simple and actually pretty obvious way of making a rope light strand. Take some rope and a string of lights, preferably white. Weave the lights with the rope by twisting. Now you can wrap it up in a circle and hang it somewhere or simply display it on your dresser or nightstand.{found on amerrymishapblog}.

Decorative lighting can even replace traditional ceiling fixtures altogether in some cases. When the décor is bright and open, when the windows are light or when skylights are present, a little bit of accent lighting is all the space needs to look beautiful and to be complete.

View in galleryUse decorative lighting to outline box shelves and to draw attention to the things displayed there. It’s an interesting idea if you choose to display your collections on shelves or if you simply want to highlight a beautiful sculpture or decoration.

Wrap string lights around a branch or a piece of driftwood and make an accent piece you can display above your bed. You can even add a switch and turn this into a reading light source.{found on dustjacket}.

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An interesting idea is to have LED tape or strips attached to the underside of a cabinet or bench. Console tables and wall units can offer this opportunity in most living rooms.

In addition, LED lights are just an awesome way of making your kitchen look futuristic or of simply making it more functional and user-friendly. It’s the perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics.

When LED lights first appeared on the market, they weren’t very popular and that was partially due to the fact that they had a bluish white hue. Now however, they also give out the warm yellow light we enjoy.

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Even though LED lights have a bigger upfront cost, the investment is well worth it considering how energy-efficient it is. Lower power bills and longer-lasting bulbs make it all worth it.

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LED strips have multiple LED chips embedded into a metal enclosure covered by an acrylic shield. They are a good option for spaces such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

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LED accent lighting is useful when you want to set a more intimate and comfortable ambiance in the living room. Turn off the ceiling lights and enjoy the soft glow of the LED strips.

In the living room, LED lights are mostly decorative. A lot of furniture designs these days use them as accent features, although the lights can also be added separately.

View in galleryUse cove lighting to outline a certain area on an open floor plan. For example, it can define the lounge area and signal its distinct function, making it stand out from other adjacent zones that are part of the same open space.

There are many great uses for LED lights in the bathroom. For example, LED strips or tape can be used to outline a bathroom mirror. You may not even need sconces or ceilings lights.

When LED lights first appeared on the market they lacked the versatility needed for most home interiors. However, things are different now and LED light strips are now very popular along with other types. There are many different ways in which you can use them in your home, whether it’s for aesthetic or functional purposes. Every room could use LED lights in one form or another.

Instead of a headboard you can have a breezy drapery behind the bed. It can be see-through and you can hide string lights behind it to create a whimsical effect.

Create contrasts in your bedroom with black string lights on a white wall. The whitewashed bricks look really charming here and the lights serve to highlight some of the artwork.

Cove lighting is an elegant solution for overhead ceiling lights and a way to create a warm and pleasant ambiance. In addition to that, this option also allows you to highlight beautiful architectural features such as an exposed brick or stone wall in this case.

Decorative LED lights are subtle and simple enough to be used in any room of the house. The bathroom, for example, would look very inviting with some LED lights around the mirror. The simplicity and versatility of these little things allows them to be used in lots of creative ways and in all sorts of spaces. Put them up on the ceiling to create a starry view, on the wall, mirror, etc.

A ladder can serve as a nightstand replacement in a bedroom or simply as an accent piece. You can decorate it with globe lights to make it stand out a little more.

There’s also the option to hang string lights on the ceiling. It would look best in an attic bedroom or if you have a pitched roof.

View in galleryA different use for cove lighting includes highlighting the design of the ceiling. It can have a sculptural look and the decorative lighting can frame it and enhance its intriguing pattern and overall design. It would also add a more modern touch to the whole space.

LED strips or tape are perfect for adding accent lighting to a bathroom. There are multiple ways to do is. One option is to highlight the area around the mirror. Another idea is to attach the lights to the underside of the vanity.

And speaking of pitched roofs, here’s how you can use string lights to turn the bedroom into a cozy nook. The colored lights match the colored pillows.

How would you like to fall asleep watching tiny twinkling lights resembling stars above your bed? They’re not as cool as the actual stars but they definitely make the bedroom look stunning.

Modern and contemporary bathroom vanity designs sometimes include LED light accents. Whether it’s for practical reasons or a purely aesthetic feature, the look has just the right amount of drama to stand out in an elegant way.

It’s easy to highlight a shelf or a small wall unit with LED strip lights. Just attach them to the back of the shelf or under it to add a little bit of drama to the decor. It’s also a nice way to highlight a design with an interesting shape.

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Another advantage that comes with LED strips is the fact that they’re also dimmable. This may not be particularly useful in the kitchen but can be an enjoyable feature for spaces such as the living room or the bedroom.

Here’s something you can do if you have a canopy bed: hang string lights to make twinkling draperies. They’ll look magical and they’ll make your bedroom look like a princess’s layer. And even if you don’t have a canopy bed you can still get this look by simply hanging draperies and string lights from the ceiling.

View in galleryIn this case, the oak floor boards continue up the wall and end in a decorative light fixture designed to emphasize the warm color and texture of the material as well as the unusual combination and design strategy used here.

View in galleryEmbedded LED light strips can also add a sculptural touch to otherwise simple features such as concrete blocks, outdoor benches and other things. Use them to make your garden stand out and to make the landscape more interesting. You can also use decorative lighting to give the trees on your property a dramatic look at night or to light up the pathway through the garden.

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