Design School Pairing Lighting Fixtures With Stone Veneer

July 26, 2018 6:06 am by sandiego
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Brushed nickel spherical 24 wide 6 light pendant light
Design School Pairing Lighting Fixtures With Stone Veneer

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At Norstone we’re love great architecture, and this recently remodeled contemporary home in Palm Beach, FL checks all the boxes. Let’s take a look at what makes this project where Norstone was used in both interior and exterior applications so special.

Granite, Marble, Quartz – the big three when it comes to high end stone countertop material. Ever wondered how these products would hold up when you turn that stone 90 degrees and put in on the backsplash? The answers might surprise you!

The design team on this mixed use development project in Portland was looking for a durable yet natural surface, and hit a homerun with our Grey Aksent 3D panel which was used extensively on the primary level. Let’s take a look at this project in greater detail and how this stone product is a perfect fit for the job.

We instantly loved this modern inspired home in Massachusetts for the contrasting White Brick and Charcoal XL Stone Veneer exterior before we even realized how cool the inside and backyard was. Take a look at this cool house in this week’s project profile.

There are a lot of misconceptions about natural stone being a hard surface to clean when the inevitable accident occurs. Don’t let the thought of a spilled glass of red wine or junior going Picasso on your stone keep you up at night. Let us show you how these and other stains can be cleaned on natural stone surfaces.

Our new PLANC series has gotten us more excited than any other product we’ve ever launched. Check out this week’s article introducing the product and diiving into what it makes it so unique!

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A kitchen without a backsplash is like a car without windshield wipers – it can work some of the time, but when things get wet, watch out! A popular finish in today’s kitchen design is the use of mosaic tiles backsplashes, made from a variety of materials including tile, glass, stone, even metal. Come with us and explore the difference between traditional hand laid mosaics and today’s pre-mounted systems and see how a mosaic tile backsplash might be a good fit for your next kitchen remodel.

No longer just a product site, no longer just a beta, Norstone now has a living breathing Blog for our customers to enjoy, learn from, and share in…

More people than ever know the term quartz from the increasingly popular solid surface countertop material, but few know that the quartz stone that we make a lot of our natural stone veneer and tile products isn’t the same thing. The difference is actually pretty substantial, so lets take a look at the difference between the two in this week’s classroom session.

We’re incredibly impressed with the use of our Charcoal XL Stacked Stone veneer on this new construction modern lake home in Asheville, NC. Take a seat and let’s look at some of the design features that make this project award worthy.

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Come take a look at this amazing gourmet kitchen featuring Norstone White Rock Panels in countertop to ceiling backsplash and a unique dual sides fireplace that makes this space truly one of a kind.

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Norstone Aksent 3D panels in Grey are a perfect fit for this modern home in the South of England. Let’s take a look at some of what makes this project so special and a great use of this stone veneer project.

Curved or radius walls provide a unique opportunity to use stacked stone in a way not traditionally seen. We’ve gotten a chance to work on some great radius projects and wanted to share our tips and guidelines for using stacked stone on radius walls.

While we all know stacked stone makes a great veneer choice for projects like fireplaces, backsplashes and feature walls, check out this article for some design inspiration on how to use stacked stone in applications that will be unique and eye catching on your next remodel or new construction project.

If you travel in and out of Boston a lot you might have seen this amazing lobby atrium wall featuring our White Quartz Rock Panels at one of the airport area hotels. This project was several years ago, but one we still go back to frequently to show customers how stacked stone veneer can be used in applications that go beyond normal ceiling height, which we’ll explain in great detail in this week’s blog!

When designing a kitchen, there are a lot of little details to think about – cabinets, countertops, appliances, island or no island, flooring and more. The one detail that is often overlooked, or saved for last, is the backsplash – but it shouldn’t be! The backsplash can tie all the little details together and be the finishing touch on the kitchen. Here are a few design ideas using natural stone as a non traditional backsplash medium.

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One of our first projects in Canada was the Matrix Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta. Even we were blown away by the lobby fireplace which was a perfect fit for our White Rock Panels. In honor of some cooler weather we felt at our office this week, let’s pay homage to this project North of the border.

While lighting is normally one of the last things to be installed during a construction project, don’t wait to start planning for it until after everything else is done. It might take a while to find that perfect fixture, and it’s a lot easier to plan for and place fixture locations before and during construction than after. So the next time you find yourself planning a stone veneer project remember all the amazing ways lighting can enhance your design.

Stacked stone can be used in a variety of features on a swimming pool to enhance the look,texture, and overall design of the space. Explore and learn more about designing pools with stacked stone in mind in this week’s featured post.

Coverings, the largest tile and stone in North America, was last week in Orlando and our whole team attended. Check out our thoughts on the show and where the tile and stone industry is headed in this week’s blog.

Thinset forms that critical link between substrate and stone, but is all thinset the same? This article is a definitive guide to different types of thinset and what is the best type to use for your next stacked stone veneer installation.

Stacked stone is an age old building term that literally refers to constructing walls out of slabs of stone in various sizes. Romans used stacked stone walls in Europe to mark territories and some can still be found today. In New England you can find walls from early settlers that are moss covered and blending into tree lines.

Products like our Basalt Interlocking Tiles come mesh mounted to increase the ease and speed of installation by allowing the individual tile strips to maintain their pattern and spacing. Here’s a step by step guide on installing any mesh backed tile product successfully.

Here at Norstone we’re always been cognizant of lighting and how it impacts the look of our products on our customer’s walls. The first thing most people think of in terms of lighting is the color of the light the space will have. Is it natural sunlight from a window, or LED, Fluorescent, Halogen or Incandescent from a fixture? Each of these light sources is going to have a different shade, ranging from the yellow tinge of an incandescent to the ultra pure white of some LEDs, and can make a significant impact on how stone veneer looks once installed. What we want to talk about today is not just the color of the light shining down on that stone, but the fixture itself. A simple web search will net you pages and pages of different light fixtures in every shape, size, color, and material, so with endless options, let’s cut through some of that clutter and share with you some of our favorite pairings of lighting fixtures and stone veneer.

Sustainability and green building practices are important factors to consider as part of your next home remodel project. Learn all the different ways you can remodel your home and make a positive impact not only on the space, but on the environment as well, all while sticking to a budget.

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Stacked stone is a great look for a commercial application, and one thing every commercial space needs is great signage. If you’ve ever wondered what the best way is to handle signage on a variable thickness product like stacked stone, this week’s blog is for you!

This first project shows off a stunning Ochre Blend Feature Wall in a downtown Atlanta loft space. The prominent circular drop chandelier is perfectly colored to blend in with the base brown and grey tones of the Ochre color, and is also sized correctly for the space. The simple styling of this fixture also works well with the loft styling including the concrete floors and ceiling. Taking a closer look at the space you’ll also see a small row of Halogen pendants set to illuminate the stacked stone wall, which will create a dramatic effect at night.

Do-it-yourself projects are more and more common these days, and companies like Norstone are making home projects like Ledgestone Walls an easy affair. In this Norstone Industry Series, join us to learn about the growing trend in 2016 of DIY home-based projects.

All Natural Stone veneers are not the same. Thickness, build quality and color consistency, not to mention service before and after the sale are just some of the things to consider when doing your homework on this type of product. In this blog we dive into some key reasons why Norstone products differ from other products in the marketplace, and why ultimately that results in a superior product for the end user.

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Swimming and New York City are two things close to the hearts of the team at Norstone, which makes this cool enclosed rooftop pool that used our Ivory Rock Panels on some feature walls a place we’d enjoy getting our laps in before or after the work day.

The crisp evenings of Fall are in the air and for many of us there’s no better place to enjoy an evening than next to a crackling fire. Let’s take a look at 5 cool examples of how our stacked stone veneer and natural stone tiles can be used in an outdoor fireplace.

Houzz is one of our favorite tools to get design inspiration and find cool and unique products, but it’s also a great resource to find contractors for your next stone or tile installation. Let’s take a look at how to find a great contractor on this increasingly popular social network.

If you clicked over and are reading this article right now there is a good chance you discovered it while doing some research for a current or upcoming design project involving stone veneer. Natural stone has been the time honored choice for stone veneer since mankind started using it as a building material, but with recent advancements and the proliferation of manmade faux stone materials, you might be asking yourself what product is the right fit for your job? Read on for a comparison between the two and determine for yourself who is “King of the Mountain.”

The team at Norstone and the New Dimensions in Natural Stone blog hope you and yours had an amazing holiday season and very happy new year. In this week’s blog we wanted to outline resolutions we’ve put together to make 2018 the best year for natural stone yet!

Let’s take a look at two of the most common problems people see when using a fireplace clad in stacked stone and what the process looks like to fix these issues.

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A lot of stone facades, particularly large format, are installed using a variety of clip systems for a mechanical bond with the substrates. If you’ve ever wondered if this type of mechanical fastening can be used for a stacked stone panel installation, this article is for you!

Even though this project is still under construction, we liked how our Ebony Aksent stone veneer panels were looking so much we wanted to share some photos we snapped during a recent site visit. Enjoy!

Our Lynia tile in the ebony color is a real dark and seductive product and even in this beautifully designed Chicago living space still dominates the space with a fireplace we can’t take our eyes off of. In this week’s blog we’re going to take a look at what makes this product and project an inspiration for any modern fireplace design.

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As the trend of turning master bathrooms into mini spa like retreats continues, we’re seeing more and more customers thinking about using stacked stone products in their showers. So how does a product with loads of texture and small tinygaps between each stone work in a wet environment? Learn all about how to use stacked stone in a shower in this week’s blog!

Light fixtures don’t always have to be seen to have an impact, which is what we have in this next project featuring our Ivory Rock Panels set behind a wine rack system, lit up from both the bottom and top with LED strip lighting. The clean white color of the LED light adds to the modern feel of the metal wine racks and sleek vibe of the room. Ivory is one of our favorite colors to work with from a lighting standpoint as the type of lighting used can really impact how it ends up looking. Under incandescent lighting this same wall would have a much yellower hue and the stone would look more rustic and less contemporary.

Bathroom, restroom, lavatory or loo – whatever you call it we all know it’s one of, if not the most important place in your home. With square feet often being a precious commodity, bathrooms challenge your design acumen to accomplish great things in small spaces. This article touches on how natural stone can be used on many surfaces of a bathroom serving both functional and aesthetic purposes to help create the luxurious spa like feel that will make you not want to leave.

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Got Dimensions? This is a quick tutorial on everything you need to know to measure your project for a stone veneer application. One of the first steps in any project is going to be measuring the space and determining material requirements in square feet (sq ft). Whether you are working on a fireplace, backsplash, or feature wall, measuring the pertinent dimensions can be broken down into a few easy steps. Let’s take a look at them here.

Lighting fixtures probably don’t get enough credit for pulling the design of a room together. They’re an important part of any project, so let’s explore and take a look some of our favorite stone veneer projects where the fixture adds to the design of the space.

Some things to avoid when pairing lighting and stone veneer are fixtures that overpower or clash with stone on size, shape, or color. Misdirected or lack of lighting can also detract from the overall design – stone walls are so beautiful and such a natural focal point that the last thing you want is lighting that misses its mark or leaves you in the dark.

Everybody needs to get away from their cubicle every now and then, but not everyone has a great outdoor space like this at their office! Let’s check out how our Lynia Interlocking Natural Stone Tiles were used on the landscaping walls of this week’s featured project!

Sometimes a simple change, like installing our Rock Panels with a vertical orientation can yield a big change in the overall look of a product. In this week’s blog post we discuss more about this installation scheme and why it might make sense for your next project.

The smooth finished Basalt Tile is the perfect hardscape material for this large multi family outdoor living space just across the Potomac from Washington, D.C. Come take a look at how the design team was able to transition seamlessly from feature to feature using this versatile interlocking mosaic tile.

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Not all light fixtures are just lights as this next project in Tampa, FL shows us. Our Basalt 3D Stone Panel in Ash Grey is featured on this smooth stone fireplace project. Featuring a long and skinny format gas fireplace, adorned with an ultra modern stainless steel and glass border and screen, this fireplace also has a large inset TV to complete the contemporary vibe. The lighting fixture consisting of a simple domed globe and a modern styled high volume fan works well with the smooth stone wall. The simplicity of the dome ties in nicely with the smoothness of the stone and the sharp angles of the fan blade suggest that it will move a lot of air around, linking up nicely with the industrial chic nature of this polished grey stone wall.

Assisted Living Facilities aren’t in general one of our favorite places, but this one that just opened recently in New Jersey might help us change our mind. With many of the same amenities as a spa mixed with a country club, like a sweet stone veneer feature wall and fireplace that used our Ochre Rock Panels, getting old is starting to look more appealing!

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Here at Norstone we’ve been noticing a trend in terms of design towards smoother finished products and away from more textured materials. This article explores that trend, how we see it showing up in our client’s projects, and how some of our products will work well in design schemes looking to embrace all that is smooth.

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Freeze – thaw cycles have the potential to really impact an exterior stacked stone installation if not done correctly. In this week’s blog we learn why freeze – thaw is such a big deal and the best way to address it in on a stacked stone project.

If you’ve ever heard the term “split face” in reference to a building material and weren’t quite sure what that meant – you’re not alone! This is maybe one of the broadest and most over-used terms in the stone industry and can be used to describe almost any product with a natural, unprocessed finish. Today’s blog discusses more about what split face means throughout the industry, how split face products are made, and why they might be a good fit for your next project!

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You’ve designed and maybe already installed an amazing stone wall, now use these tips to make sure the flooring in the space is just as on point as the wall you can’t keep your eyes off of.

It’s hard not to like this pool that was completed last year which used our Lynia Interlocking Tiles in grey as part of an extensive raised beam feature. Let’s take a look at what makes a product like the Lynia IL tiles a great fit for this type of project.

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Although all of Norstone products are DIY friendly, sometimes you just don’t have the motivation to learn or time to install your next stone project yourself. Hiring a contractor can be a daunting task for someone without experience or knowledge in construction, so here’s some tips and strategies for finding and hiring a contractor that will meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

In the not-too-distant future, we’ll look back effortlessly through our 3-D screens at the hallmark trends of today, and one thing that is sure to stand out as so remarkably simple yet so important that happened during this time is the revolution in design known as Sustainable Architecture. It is, without question, the Architecture and Design industry’s biggest fundamental shift of today, and is embedding itself in every fabric of our future. Let’s discuss some of the important principles involved in Sustainable Architecture, and see what shakes out.

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There’s so much to love about this kitchen recently completed in a re-developing area area of Texas’ Capitol city of Austin, especially the super cool stone wall with a low maintenance but stylishly designed ventless fireplace. Let’s take a look at all the things that make this project cool in this week’s project profile!

A lot of our customers ask us if they should seal their stone and the answer in almost every case is a resounding yes. While its critically important in some installations, such as water features, a case for sealing natural stone veneer can be made for just about any project. In this week’s article let’s take a closer look at why sealing might just be the most important part of your next natural stone veneer installation.

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When it comes to catching a great film, we’re partial to the iPic Theater in Boca Raton’s Mizner Park. Beyond the comfy reclining chairs and awesome food, the restaurant and bar have some of the most amazing and dramatic design elements found anywhere – and of course some awesome columns and other features done up in our Ochre XL Stone Veneer Panels.

Sometimes as ubiquitous as it is beautiful, Travertine really is its own segment in the natural stone industry. When you start hearing words like tumbled, polished, honed or filled you know you’re entering a world of light earthy tones with uses as diverse as the stone itself. Come learn the basics of this unique natural stone and why it might just be the perfect selection for your next project.

This next one is a Residential Project in Austin, TX  that has one of our favorite lighting features serving as a focal point chandelier for an informal dining space. The stacked stone feature wall done behind the table has loads and loads of texture and a carefully design block geometry to give it an appealing modern yet rustic look. The fixture captures those same qualities with its use of one shape in a layered format. The warm glow of an incandescent bulb adds to the sunburst look of this very cool and modern light fixture.

If you’ve ever had a stacked stone panel installation fail one of the first things to look at is whether or not a waterproofing membrane was used on the substrate. In this week’s article lets take a look at what this product is, what purpose it serves and why its so important.

Mosaic design has been used for centuries to create everything from functional floor and wall coverings to some of the most impressive pieces of art known to man in a variety of different mediums including natural stone. Learn more in this article about the practical aspects of selecting and working with today’s natural stone mosaic finishes.

Our last project reminds us that a light fixture doesn’t always have to be on the ceiling. Set against the crisp look of our White Quartz Rock Panels, this shadowbox cafe signs with Edison style incandescent bulbs contrasts nicely with the wall behind it. Equally beautiful when illuminated or turned off, this unique fixture is both stylish in design and function.

Stacked stone makes a great backdrop for a media wall and a question we get asked all the time is how to hang a flat screen tv on the stone. Keep reading our latest blog for the best solution to this quandary and some other tips and tricks we point out along the way.

Norstone’s New Dimensions in Natural Stone blog aims to discuss design themes, sources of inspiration, and how the world around us influences our creative interpretation and buying preferences.

For many people, outdoor living space is more than just a nice feature, it’s a necessity. Whether it’s a small rooftop terrace overlooking a city skyline or a large space shaded in the leafy suburbs, outdoor spaces allow us to look away from the glare of our screens, breathe some fresh air and reconnect with nature. Natural stone finish options abound in these spaces and can be used on flooring, walls, seating and speciality features like outdoor grill islands and water features. This article visits on relevant design ideas and concepts for natural stone patios.

Installing Norstone Stone Veneer with a Vertical Orientation

Stacked stone panels are a great product to use for exterior siding applications, especially as part of a renovation project, which is the focus of this week’s New Dimensions in Natural Stone blog!

This past week we rebranded our Basalt Interlocking and Basalt 3D Panel lines into our new Lynia and Aksent Modern Tile Series. Learn more about these exciting changes which are much more than just a new name!

On a tile or stone job, corners are not only where things come together, but also where details stand out. Let’s talk about the difference between the common field practice of miter cutting corners versus using our pre-fabricated corner units and what makes these two techniques so different.

We love the design of this client’s modern inspired home in Austin, TX and we especially love all the different places they used our Ochre Rock Panels adding a little bit of Texas charm to this sleek beauty.

This is one of our new favorite fireplaces, designed by the amazing team at Springhaus Designs in Ft. Collins, CO. Unafraid to mix materials and colors allowed them to create a truly unique modern fireplace in this Northern Colorado home.

Tumbled Stone is to polished marble as those $500 “vintage” designer jeans are to a brand new pair of Levis. Have no fear Norstonians, this isn’t SAT English – but it is our latest Blog where we take a closer look at what all the fuss is about when you take a perfectly good stone and make it look old.

A small home made almost completely of larch wood in Austria dazzles us with its imaginative composition of traditionalism and futurism. Simply stunning, come check this gem out.

An in depth look at different ways to finish the exposed edges of Norstone Rock Panel system. When working on a backsplash, fireplace, feature wall or any other application that does not require corners or terminate into another wall or abutment, you might find yourself with an exposed edge, which begs the question how do you finish an exposed edge? The answer is, it’s up to you! This is a place in your project where you can get a bit creative and really give your application a unique touch. Depending on the final look you are trying to accomplish, there are several options we recommend.

The photos and videos of the eruptions and lava flows from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii are incredible to look at and a good reminder of the power of mother earth. Did you know Norstone has crafted a select line of natural stone products from Lava Stone that we launched earlier this year? Let’s take a look this week at Lava Stone and what makes these new products so unique to use for natural stone tile.

With Summer grilling season right around the corner we wanted to showcase a great outdoor kitchen project that used our Ochre XL Rock Panels on the base and cabinets of this awesome space. If an outdoor kitchen or grill island is in your summer 2018 plans check out this project for some great inspiration!

Calling all you DIY’ers out there – ever wondered how to best cut stacked stone under different conditions? Ask and you shall receive with this week’s blog focusing on how to cut stacked stone veneer.

Making sure you’ve got the right installer for a tile or stone project is one of the most important parts of the whole job. Here’s a deep dive into the steps you should be taking when finding your next tile or stone installer.

There are many differences between manmade tile products, like porcelains and ceramics, as compared to natural stone. One of the most noticeable is color variation – something that can be tightly controlled when tile is manufactured versus something Mother Nature dictates when it comes to natural stone. Learn more about why color can vary and figure out what type of product works best for you.

We recently bought a home and it is a fixer upper. My husband and I are already dreaming about the laundry list of projects we want to tackle. The first up is the bathroom. When brainstorming ideas for the design of the space, the various materials and textures to consider, my suggestion for the shower was subway tiles. They are classic, easy to clean, and affordable. However, my husband’s automated response was “Subway tiles? They are so boring!” Little does he know the world of Subway tiles that exist…

Natural Stone has long been the choice for retaining walls that last the test of time and now with advanced manufacturing techniques that enable manufacturers to cut stone into thin veneers, retaining walls can be built easily out of component parts, simplifying the installation even further. This blog explores how thin natural stone veneer products like Norstone can effectively be used for retaining wall applications.

We were blown away when we saw photos of this client’s project recently completed about an hours drive outside of Kansas City, KS. The detail the designers and installers wove into the installation is pretty extraordinary. Come take a look inside with us and see what makes this project so special.

The horizontal stack is the basis for most stone masonry work and is the primary feature of what we call “ledgestone” in today’s marketplace. One of the bigger advancements with ledgestone over the past 20 of so years changed the process from a back breaking labor intense process to what most installers today refer to as lick and stick. Come learn more about what ledgestone is and why with today’s technology it’s more achievable than ever.

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Of all the rock panels,the Ochre Blend has the most color variation to it. You will find shades of gray, rust and beige. If you are lucky, you will even receive panels with hints of blue and green. Since the Ochre is made up of a combination of sedimentary rock and quartz, you will also notice that it has a slight gold glimmer that will catch your eye. This can be your guide to designing with this crowd favorite, helping you elevate your project from ordinary to extraordinary.

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This stunning hotel project just south of Downtown Orlando was one of the first installations of our Aztec XL Series Stone Veneer material. While pictures don’t do the size and complexity of the stone color range justice, let’s take a look at how the design team worked this great accent wall product into this busy commercial space.

Columns run the gamut from stately accoutrement in grand entry ways to just plain unsightly, view blocking headaches in a basement. Whatever its purpose, stone veneer is a great option for finishing columns, providing either a singular unique look, or allowing you to extend the stone veneer to more than just the flat walls of your project. This article touches on the major points to consider when selecting a veneer for a natural stone column project.

Whether it’s charging up your phone or setting the mood with lighting, outlets and switches are a necessary and important part of many kitchen and bath backsplashes. However, when it comes time to renovate, figuring out how to work your new surface material around them might be more than you bargained for! This week’s article is a great tutorial on how to work around outlets when installing a stacked stone backsplash and many of the lessons can be applied to other similar surfaces as well.

As the economy continues its steady climb and the residential markets become less acrimonious to first time home buyers and investors once again, designing a space with a strong personal signature has become the hallmark trend of today’s emerging remodel and new construction market. Creating a space that is uniquely yours means finding materials that set you apart. With this increased demand for higher end materials comes a growing landscape of suppliers and vendors like Norstone that are rising up to meet your needs. This guide will review the essentials to ensure you choose a vendor who cares about your signature design as much as you do.

Many installations don’t end neatly into another wall or fixed object. What do you do when your thin veneer installation ends right in the middle of a wall? Natural Ends by Norstone are a great way to solve this problem. Each “unit” has two “ends” left in the natural cleft, allowing an installation to be finished mid wall, without seeing, or finding a way to cover up the standard smooth saw cut ends of a field unit.

Norstone Basalt Interlocking Tile is used prominently in the lounge of a student housing complex on the downtown Philadelphia campus of Drexel University. Let’s check out what makes this space so well designed and probably much nicer than any dorm we’ve spent time in.

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Who doesn’t love a nice burrito bowl or some carnitas, especially if you’re lucky enough to visit this restaurant in South Florida that used our Basalt Mosaic Interlocking Tile on the exterior facade. If great design inspires great hunger – this is the place for you. Let’s take a look at how the interlocking tile was used and why it was a great selection for this project.

This credit union in central Washington state raises the bar from a design standpoint as far as financial institutions are concerned. Let’s take a look at how our Ebony Basalt 3D Panels were used extensively on the interior and exterior of this project and how this credit union gives you a lot to look at when you stop by.

We love the architecture of this modern home with its abundance of glass, steel, and stone throughout its design. Let’s take a closer look in this week’s blog on what makes this house so special.

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Color trends come and go, and one that we’ve noticed recently is a renewed interest in our Ivory Blend color, so we decided to feature a residential project in Southwest Florida that used our Ivory Blend on the exterior as this week’s featured project.

If you’ve always loved Norstone’s Standard Series Rock Panels, but the price hasn’t worked for your project, we’re happy to introduce our new Slim Line Series Rock Panels, a thinner and lower cost product that we’re debuting this Spring.

Whether you’re buying online or from a brick and mortar dealer or distributor, samples should be an important part of the selection process for your next tile and stone job. This article delves into some of the reasons why and some major pitfalls that can be avoided with the simple step of requesting a sample.

Our blog is a forum dedicated to discussing design themes, sources of inspiration, natural stone products, and how the world around us influences our creative interpretation and buying preferences. In this blog you’ll find our articles sorted according to 3 main topics:

Big returns on a small budget are music to any homeowner, investor, or flipper’s ears. When a blockbuster budget to re-do the kitchen or bathrooms isn’t in the cards, or if you’ve been diligent and have some money leftover at the end of a big renovation, look no further than the fireplace for smaller project that can significantly change the way a room looks and feels, and if done correctly, give you a great return on your renovation dollars.

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Brick was and still is a very popular building material, particularily for residential fireplaces. Whether it’s been a few years, or a few decades, the brick will look pretty much the same, but your tastes might have moved on. Stone Veneer is an excellent choice for refinishing over an existing brick substrate because it most often can be applied directly over the brick, minimizing the prepwork and allowing for a quick and easy transformation of the space. This article covers in detail some of things that you might consider when installing stone veneer over brick.

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In honor of Jolly Old St. Nick, who’s made a name for himself coming through fireplaces, here are our top 5 stone fireplaces of 2017. Santa will be sure lucky if he gets to visit one of these houses in a few nights and might even pause to admire how great they look!

There comes a point in most stone veneer projects where the stone will need to go around an outside corner to either continue along, or terminate into another wall or structure. Calculating the right mix of field and corner units for your project the first time around is a critical step to staying on time and in budget. So don’t let an outside corner bring your stacked stone project to a screeching halt – Here’s a handy guide that explains how using our Rock Panel series Outside Corner Unit will have you turning corners in no time.

This vacation home on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus has got not only some life changing views but some amazing stone work worth appreciating as well. Allow us to introduce this special project we had the privilege to supply stone to in this week’s blog.

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Think of your kitchen or bath backsplash as a canvas where you can express your own creativity or embrace the latest trends in backsplash tile design, without the same cost and construction commitment as other elements of the space, like cabinets and countertops. Let’s explore some more trends in backsplash design that might get you in the remodeling mood!

Sealing stacked stone is an important finishing step for many projects, especially exterior installations, or where the stone is in or around water. Let’s take a look at how and why stacked stone should be sealed in this week’s blog!

What are the big differences between natural stone and cast, or manmade, stone products – and why are those differences important? Here’s a high level industry targeted look at the differences and some guidance on picking the right material for your project.

At Norstone we get to work with clients on all levels of projects – from a small backsplash or fireplace where our homeowner client is installing the stone veneer themselves to large architecturally specified projects that can take years to develop. If you’ve ever found yourself in the middle of a big project and aren’t quite sure who is responsible for what, here’s a great guide we compiled to make things clearer for us and our clients.

Slate tile and other sedimentary based stone tiles are wildly popular due to their range of colors, ease of use, and in many instances, great value. While these products aren’t as durable as most ceramics or porcelain tiles, slate tile and other stone tiles can be easily maintained with a few simple steps and will offer the uniquely natural qualities that a manufactured product just won’t have. Read on for some tips about caring for your slate tile and other sedimentary based stone tiles.

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This project in the Seychelle Islands off the Eastern Coast of Africa has always been a favorite of ours. We get to see our products in a lot of truly extraordinary places all over the world, but none are as stunningly gorgeous as this one. Come take a closer look at this beautiful project and location in this week’s blog.

We love how the colors of Aztec make this backsplash stand out in this beautiful modern inspired kitchen in the hip College Park area of Orlando, FL. Let’s take a look at what makes this light and bright color a good choice for this perfectly designed corner kitchen.

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The Norstone team based in Central Florida lived through Hurricane Irma over the past couple of days, thankfully with little damage to our homes and office. While a few of us still are waiting on power to come back, this experience reminded us of a great project we worked on in 2011, the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, which experienced major damage caused by Hurricane / Superstorm Sandy in 2012, and which we’ll profile in this week’s blog.

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Design School – Pairing Lighting Fixtures with Stone Veneer for Amazing Results

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