Dining Room Charleston Lighting And Interiors

tech lighting Dining Room Charleston Lighting And Interiors

tech lighting Dining Room Charleston Lighting And Interiors

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Lighting your home isn’t always as easy as it seems. Here at Charleston Lighting, we want to help you make the most out of your home, so we have put together this handy guide to help you understand the three main types of lighting. Check out the infographic on this page for a visual breakdown of the different types of lighting. When you need expert help determining the b…Read More

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First impressions are important, and the entryway into your home can say so much about you and your style. Invite people in with a flair. The perfect exterior lighting choices will make those first impressions stylish and alluring while also providing your family with the safety they need. Finding the right lighting is simpler than you think.

A Buffet or Sideboard A buffet or sideboard can be flanked with wall sconces on either side. Choose fixtures that complement the style of your chandelier. Displayed objects can be accented with recessed downlights installed in the ceiling above.

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When you live in a small space, there are a lot of obstacles you have to overcome to keep your apartment looking trendy and not cluttered. You don’t have a lot of space to work with, which sometimes means sacrificing certain pieces of furniture or types of lighting fixtures. But don’t worry, we’re strong believers that bigger isn’t always better. At Charleston Ligh…Read More

While the word chandelier usually carries connotations of large decorative fixtures hanging in the foyers of large homes, the truth is, modern chandeliers are great options for almost every room in your house! Charleston Lighting can help light up your home with our gigantic selection of light fixtures and lamps. Read on to learn more about how modern chandeliers can add s…Read More

Chandeliers can add sparkle and style to your dining room while giving you the general lighting you need for dining and entertaining. They are also used in bedrooms, foyers, or over a living room grouping or a grand piano. Some are designed with downlights to provide task lighting for homework or table games, or to accent table settings. Chandeliers are available in both incandescent and tungsten-halogen. The addition of a dimmer control lets you alter the intensity of light to suit the mood and activity.

Overhead ceiling fans are commonplace in homes across the United States. From those sweltering hot July days to the frigid temperatures in the winter months, ceiling fans are useful for temperature regulation and keeping you and yours comfortable, no matter the weather. If you are in the market for a new ceiling fan, you may be stuck at a crossroads when it comes to one of…Read More

We spend so much time inside that it’s easy to forget that the outside of your home needs great lighting, too. At Charleston Lighting & Interiors, our lighting experts can help you design outdoor lighting that will make your home look as great outside as it does inside! Contact us or come by our showroom to find the fixtures that fit your existing style or that will …Read More

Family Portraits A family portrait can be dramatically lighted with recessed adjustable accent fixtures. Ask the certified lighting consultants at your local ALA showroom to help you choose fixtures that are best suited for this purpose.

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We all love spending our summers outdoors in the Carolinas, but you might have forgotten about your outdoor patio during the cold winter months. It’s time to dust off your outdoor space and transform it into summer mode! With some touch-ups, maintenance and new outdoor lights, it shouldn’t be too hard to turn your outdoor patio into the Southern getaway of your dreams.…Read More

Lighting sets the tone for an entire room’s style. Whether you choose a bold statement piece like a chandelier or a minimalist design, your lighting fixtures will help tell your room’s story while providing light to comfortably perform tasks and move through the space safely.

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Recessed or Track Lighting Recessed or track lighting provides general lighting, while enabling you to highlight prized possessions throughout the room. A ring of four recessed downlights around the dining table supplements the light from the chandelier, while providing accent lighting for your tableware. The pure white light of low-voltage fixtures with tungsten-halogen bulbs will make your crystal and silverware sparkle.

Everyone knows where to expect a chandelier in a home — above the dining room table, in the living room, above the kitchen island. We’re all about routine, but if you’re looking for unique and crafty places to put chandeliers in your home, our team at Charleston Lighting and Interiors can help! We offer chandeliers in all shapes, sizes and designs, which is probably …Read More

While bedrooms used to be a place where we slept and relaxed, the modern bedroom has taken on many extra roles that can make it challenging to properly light. At Charleston Lighting, we’re dedicated to helping you figure out the best ways to brighten up every room in your house. In this blog, we will go over some of the best ways to light your bedroom in a way that will …Read More

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Ceiling fans are best known for serving a functional purpose, but they are also a great way to jazz up the aesthetic appeal of your home. Choosing the right ceiling fan for your home might seem like a daunting task since there are so many different styles, colors and types of ceiling fans out there to choose from. At Charleston Lighting and Interiors, we have a large ceili…Read More

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China Cabinets A China cabinet, breakfront, hutch, or wall niche can become a showplace for your prized collectibles by installing strips of low-voltage mini-lights under the shelves.

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“The kitchen is the heart of the home.” As cliché as that might sound, the kitchen is a room of your home you’ll use for several occasions and tasks. Whether you’re cooking dinner to wind down from a long day or hosting a social gathering, you might find you wind up utilizing your home’s kitchen area more often than any other room in your home. That’s why find…Read More

Dining room lighting should be both beautiful and functional. This requires a mix of general, task, and accent lighting that can set the mood for a number of functions, including a formal dinner, a family get-together, and other activities such as homework, hobbies, or family bookkeeping. Dimming controls will enable you to vary the light for each occasion.

Chandeliers A chandelier is the focal point of the dining room. Suspended over the dining table, it serves as a decorative style element that enhances the beauty of your fine furnishings. When the light is dimmed, a soft, glowing atmosphere similar to candlelight is created. If equipped with a downlight, the chandelier provides task lighting for the table and accent lighting for a centerpiece.

Dining Room Charleston Lighting And Interiors