Direct Lighting Vs Indirect Lighting Custom Landscape Lighting

February 5, 2019 7:25 am by sandiego
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Direct Lighting Vs Indirect Lighting Custom Landscape Lighting

Make a statement from the moment one enters your driveway to see your perfectly lit home, or steps out into your beautiful outdoor living space.

Who said you had to have a large yard to enjoy outdoor lighting?!  This condo in Kirkland has an interesting backyard which “floats” over water!  Water is ever flowing under all the walking paver stones throughout this lakeside backyard.

Utilizing invisible installation techniques and superior products we stylishly illuminate your residential and commercial properties.

This home underwent an extension redesign of their backyard and it was made clear from the start that they wanted outdoor lighting in the end result.

One of our favorite contemporaries with a variety of light fixture applications.  The trees are highlighted with uplights from the base and the path lights create puddles of light along the stone steps and garden edge.

“Our home is far more secure and stunningly attractive at night. We receive compliments frequently and love to share about our experience with Northwest Outdoor Lighting.”Karen T.- Seattle, WA “I am so impressed with your customer service!” Mike L.

– Kent, WA “They have a very good artistic sense about what materials to use, which plants to feature, and where these lights should be placed. They are very hard working, efficient, and reliable. They are also a pleasure to work with.

“Garry P. – Snohomish, WA “I have received so many compliments from neighbors who have noticed the wonderful appearance of my home!”Barbara C. – Laurelhurst, Seattle, WA “Their attention to detail made the whole designing process easy for us.

 Our yard is so beautiful now, we love coming home late at night and seeing how inviting and safe our yard looks.”Keith & Julie – Magnolia, Seattle, WA “All my friends say I have the coolest place in the Northwest!”Cherise – Woodinville, WA “All the wires are nicely hidden and a couple of the lights are in locations that we are actually a bit baffled how they managed to do the install without leaving a trace.

“Jennifer C. – Renton, WA “The landscape lighting really makes a tremendous difference. Your work was perfection!”Stan – Kirkland, WA “If you want lighting and you want it done with excellence and lasting results, you would be well served to work with Northwest Outdoor Lighting.

“Karen T. – Bothell, WA “I really appreciate your annual maintenance service!”Henri – Medina, Bellevue, WA “I can’t recommend NWOL highly enough! Their work was absolutely excellent quality, they were fast and the project was reasonably priced.

“Jane D. – Mercer Island, WA

When we completed installing lighting on this beautiful Bellevue home, we dubbed it “The lodge in the movie White Christmas”!  This home stands with elegance and poise!

Homeowner, Linda, has commented numerous times how lovely it is to come home at night to a well-lit yard.  From the moment you enter the gate, you are greeted with warm ambient light in the plantings and garden path. 

Regardless of your outdoor lighting project size, contact us to enhance your home, garden or any outdoor space with beautiful led lighting.

There are a variety of lighting decisions for you to consider when selecting the correct outdoor landscape lighting intensity – in fact, as many as when selecting your indoor lighting.  When lighting a piece of art or a kitchen countertop, you’re always juggling the purpose of the lighting design, as well as other factors including fixture options, fixture positions, esthetics, ambiance, mood, type of light, color of light, angle of light, reflective beam/range, reflective impact, down lighting, up lighting and many more.The same considerations apply when approaching outdoor lighting design.  When asked to work with our clients on their outdoor lighting design, we often start by discussing wattage or reflective intensity, because that is what homeowners experience when we install their lights.  However, somewhat counterintuitively, we specialize not in direct lighting, but in indirect lighting.   It’s important to NOT see the light, just its effect!A common example of direct lighting in an outdoor environment?   The typical carriage lamp found on a garage or at the front door of a home.  As you look at the front of your home in the dark of evening, you will see your lamps, which typically have very bright bulbs in them.  These bulbs were selected to overcome the extreme darkness of the evening so that visitors can find your door or danger can be kept at bay.   However, science actually tells us that our ability to see is actually undermined by bright light.  Your bright carriage lamp actually reduces your ability to see because your iris closes, reducing the amount of light you can take in when you remove your eye’s focus from the lamp.  This is the result of too much wattage.  Your eyes have the ability to manage with lower light wattage than you would expect.As a result, we at Northwest Outdoor total the accumulated light existing on the property prior to our lighting design.  If the existing light wattage is what our client wants, we then design to a higher wattage total.  If they even mention that it is too bright or offensive, the design changes to a comprehensive lighting design factoring the accumulated light total which reduces the total wattage per fixture.  This total then provides a subtle lighting result.  The design is more appealing and impacts your senses with soothing results.Try it out.  Check your existing outdoor lighting and then look around your property.  What can you see?  If nothing but black, then you could have too high wattage bulbs.  (Dimmer switches work great on carriage lamps as well as reduced wattage bulbs.)Creating an overall lighting effect is not just about illuminating certain elements or aspects of your home or property, but knowing how to light for maximum intended impact.  Curious how we would approach your property?  Give us a call; we’d be happy to help!

Landscape lighting is a wonderful way to enhance your property value and give you many more hours of outdoor pleasure and overall security. Whether you are outside or inside, low voltage landscape lighting will add to your home’s enjoyment. Experience for yourself the peaceful feeling of looking out your window to a yard that is softly lit with a serene ambiance. Feel welcomed when you come home late at night and your home is elegantly lit all around. Our fixtures illuminate with a beautiful creamy white light – don’t settle for harsh white or blue tones!  Field tested to withstand the harshest weather they are guaranteed to last many years.  With numerous styles to choose from, we are able to design for specific applications.  You’d be surprised to see where and how we install lighting.  Become one of our astounded clients today!

This contemporary home has a home automation system by Lutron which operates our LED fixtures throughout the property.  These fixtures were especially made to operate with a Lutron system.

We were contracted by Salish Lodge to update their lighting to make it more welcoming and safe for their guests.  With our industrial strength up lights we accomplished their goal and designed the front to have more POP and accessibility to all that drive onsite.

Outdoor LED Lighting enhances your landscaping, your external art pieces, your gorgeous flora, and your patios or walkways.

Northwest Outdoor Lighting specializes in creating and installing custom landscape lighting designs.

After living in their home for nearly 30 years, these clients decided that they were ready for outdoor lighting.  We worked closely with the clients to hear their desired objective in installing lighting and what the end result would look like.

Our objective is to provide each client aesthetically appealing yet security-conscious lighting at an exceptional value; Our success is your beautifully lit home or project. Regardless of your outdoor lighting project size contact us today and enhance your property or outdoor living space with beautiful low voltage LED lighting.

Located in Suncadia Resort, this newly built contemporary home sits in amongst the wooded landscape. With much glass in every room, there is a view to look at and enjoy! 

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