Diy How To Make A Mini Bed Lamp Simple

August 27, 2018 2:01 am by sandiego
5 simple and inventive diy bedside table lamps
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Diy How To Make A Mini Bed Lamp Simple

Of course, instead of using a bottle you could use anything you want. For example, you could take some old books and make a base for the table lamp out of them. Eight hardcover books should be enough. You’ll also need a lamp kit, a lamp shade, some spray paint, a drill, a razor blade, 2’’ screws and a screwdriver. First spray paint the lamp fittings and then stack and arrange the books. Drill into the book at the base. Cut a channel into the book and attach the rod. Attach the rest of the books, secure the top book, assemble the lamp kit parts and attach the lamp shade.{found on hgtv}.

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This is another design for a bottle lamp but it’s very different from the one presented earlier. To make a similar one you first need to find a wine bottle, clean it, drill into the reservoir of water, sand the edges and then insert Christmas lights inside it. Add the cord switch and you’re done. Now you have an original beside lamp.{found on janinascasa}.

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The DIY craft craze has been sweeping the nation, ever since the “online corkboard” site called Pinterest has gotten popular. You can find almost any craft under the sun on this site. Figuring out cheap and easy ways to make your own furniture and decor is a trend that is becoming more and more popular. Because of that, some pretty impressive tutorials have been created. For those of you who love crafts (or even just cool projects), check out these 21 lamps you can build yourself using only household items and simple tools. They are great crafts and, even better, they look fantastic when they are finished.

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Here’s another ingenious idea: a bottle lamp. To make a similar you need an old wine bottle, a diamond tipped drill and some wiring. First place the bottle on a towel and start drilling. Make sure you cool it off every minute. Then remove the labels, take the wire the pull it through the hole. Then place the lampshade on top and it’s all done.{found on lanared}.

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To make a lamp similar to this one you first need to gather the supplies. You’ll need one meter of teak batten strip, 3 threaded rod pieces, one M8 bolt, one M5 screw, six wing nuts, one M8 fork joint and one M5 fork joint. Drill the holes through the wooden pieces, attach the fork joints and then make the base. This one is made of concrete.{found on nimidesign}.

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In the bedroom it’s important to have an inviting, comfortable and cozy décor. One element that can help you achieve that is to have personalized items. For example, a DIY piece can add warmth and character to the room. A simple DIY project would be a bedside table lamp. It’s not overly easy but it’s not too complicated either. Here are five designs and projects to choose from.

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This lamp is actually a bathroom mirror turned into something else. To make a similar one you need a mirror with a design similar to the one you see in the pictures, a lamp socket, an adapter nut, a plug and wire. First wire the socket and screw on the adapter nut. Thread the cord through the back of the hardware and wire the plug. Hang it up and you’re done.{found on manhatan-nest}.

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