Niagara falls winter festival of lights kicks off on 21 november
This 8 km trail of lights will transform niagara falls into a dreamy winter wonderland
The ontario power generation winter festival of lights transforms niagara falls ontario into stunning displays utilizing colours with millions of sparkling
Dufferin islands park festive of lights dufferin islands niagara
Holiday lights tours and over 2 million lights displayed along the niagara parkway dufferin islands and throughout niagara falls
A christmas light display showing the biblical story of noah s ark at dufferin island park

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Dufferin Islands Winter Festival Of Lights Niagara Falls Ontario.

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A new lighting feature for this season enjoy elegant spanish moss trees along the niagara parkway section of our lighting route
Niagara falls winter festival of lights credit winter festival of lightsThe winter festival of lights chchWinter festival of lightsA pictorial of festive displays during the winter festival of lights in niagara falls ontario dufferin islandsMenu next menuSince the augmentations by the power company in the first decade of the 1900s even since the bridges built to the cynthia islands dufferin has been open

Be sure you explore the amazing glowing light displaus that make up the Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls, Canada – November 18th, 2017 to January 31st, 2018. Each winter we capture the magic of the holiday season, be sure to attend our brightest season yet!

Dufferin Islands is home to the Festival’s Canadian Wildlife displays including three-dimensional Moose, Deer, Polar Bears, Fox, Bison and Geese. These displays range in height from 4’ to 11’ tall.

Near the exit of Dufferin Islands the bridge is illuminated at night in changing colours.

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Tour our 8km long route that travels through the beautiful landscapes of the Niagara Parks, Dufferin Islands and surrounding tourist districts. As a treasured holiday tradition for people from around the world the Winter Festival of Lights is attended by over one million visitors each season. Download the WFOL Mobile Application for our route map, events schedule and much more!

This beautiful nature area also features a colourful arrangement of over fifty trees wrapped in lighting.

Halfway through the Dufferin Islands loop in the area used for picnics in the summer you will find, the Sylma, this iconic display is twenty feet tall and has a diameter of thirty-five feet. Visitors are invited to walk into the display underneath its arching strands. At the centre of the Sylma is a magnificent central pillar lights, there is also a platform within one of the displays loops that visitors can stand on for a great photo opp.

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Winter Festival of Lights November 18, 2017 – January 31, 2018 @ Queen Victoria Park

There is no admission fee to view the lights but donations are gratefully accepted by Festival Ambassadors at the exit of Dufferin Islands (suggested contribution ($5 – $10 per car; coach bus’s $1 per passenger), with proceeds used to enhance the lights and displays. Make it your winter tradition!Route Map

On the Dufferin Islands pond there is a water fountain that is illuminated in changing colours, the fountain sprays water up to twenty-five feet in the air!

The light displays include our iconic Zimmerman Fountain, three dimensional Canadian Wildlife displays including Moose, Deer and Bison in Dufferin Islands, the world’s largest Canadian-American Flag, Noah’s Ark, the lights at the top of Niagara’s iconic Skylon Tower, over fifty trees in Dufferin Islands wrapped with lights and the Toronto Power Generating Station Light Show.

There is no fee to view the illuminations but donations are gratefully accepted by our Festival Ambassadors at the exit of Dufferin Islands (suggested contribution $5 – $10 per car; bus groups $1/person), with proceeds used to enhance the Festival’s lights and displays.

As you exit Dufferin Islands, take a second to admire our newly improved Gingerbread House and say hi to our WFOL Ambassadors who greet visitors passing through!

Note: This information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed accurate by ToNiagara.

In addition to the breathtaking displays, the Winter Festival of Lights also has several events taking place each season including Opening Ceremonies in Queen Victoria Park, Laser Light Shows, weekly fireworks presented by Fallsview Casino, the Fallsview Sound & Light Show on the Oakes Hotel, the Deck the Falls Holiday Walking Tour, nightly Falls Illumination, Festival of Stars Concerts, the Sparkle Lighting Awards, Niagara Falls New Years Eve Concert & the Niagara Falls Icewine Festival.

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If you are taking a winter drive to tour Niagara Falls from Toronto or Mississauga, make sure you visit during the Winter Festival of Lights (WFOL), which usually begins mid-November and ends late January. Whether you are with young children or on a couples retreat you kick off the winter holidays as you gaze at the giant lit animals lining Dufferin Islands.

Originally called Clark Island the property was purchased by the Niagara Parks Commission in 1887. The Dufferin Islands are famous amongst both tourists and locals; they consist of different small islands that are linked by footpaths and bridges. The islands are approximately 10 acres in size and are a nature lover’s paradise. The Dufferin island’s are most famous for their Winter Festival of Lights displays. 3-dimensional lighted displays of Moose, Deer and even a Mammoth placed on Dufferin Islands delight children and adults during the Winter Festival of Lights. There is no fee to view the illuminations but donations are gratefully accepted by Festival Ambassadors at the exit of Dufferin Islands.

Many who take a summer trip or tour to Niagara from Toronto will visit Dufferin Islands. It is a tranquil setting where you can take time out and get back to nature. Many people enjoy bird watching, nature walks and fishing. There is also a wonderful picnic area overlooking a pond with ducks and geese where you can gather the family and have an outdoor picnic lunch, but please do not feed the animals. However, it is pleasant enough to stroll around the grounds and experience nature in all its simple, beautiful glory.

Queen Victoria Park 6075 Niagara Parkway, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, L2G 3N4

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There are also two-dimensional displays set up across the ponds including an Inukshuk, Kissing Swans, Bears climbing a tree and Wolves howling at the moon.

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