Garage Lighting Safe And Cost Effective Lighting Lumax Lighting

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Just ordered this to replace one of those ugly builder grade globe lights in our new house thanks sis for sharing the link cabelas grand river lodge
Garage Lighting Safe And Cost Effective Lighting Lumax Lighting

The northern part of India is already saturated and the vehicle manufactures are not on the look-out of new establishments there. As the company already has enough capacity in northern part of India, the capacity plans in those areas are immature pondering. Looking into the expansion by OEMs in Gujarat, Lumax has plans to expand accordingly with an investment already made in Sanand. New investments will tap on successful commissioning and utilisation of the existing facility.

Automotive industry in India is becoming more demanding in terms of lighting solutions. Looking in to the young population and increasing buying capacity of the end users, vehicle manufactures are demanding more in terms of functional and aesthetic contents of the lamps. In India trend is towards the migration from conventional bulb type to LEDs and projectors. With lot of industries getting digitalised of late, lighting industry’s digitalisation is the adoption of LEDs. By and large LEDs are the digital era of lighting. Lumax Industires, is into LED lighting for quite a long time now. “We have our own design and manufacturing plant for electronics at Manesar and we do get supported by our JV partner Stanley. By next fiscal, more than 10% of our lighting would be in LED as the auto industries have started LED adoption mentioned, Mohit Sehgal, Sr. Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Lumax Industries.

Lighting in parking garages is very important for both drivers and pedestrians. There is a lot of movement inside and space to illuminate. Also, there are various lighting levels needed in the garage, so consider using lighting controls in order to save some energy.

You can save energy by using lighting controls for changing daylight and occupancy activity. Ramps and entrances have higher light levels during the day. Therefore, consider adding photo sensors to reduce lighting levels at these zones to save some energy during the night.

Lumax Lighting is proud to introduce the high performance AIR LED Luminaire. The AIR (Advanced Indirect Recessed) LED Luminaire outshines other recessed lighting fixtures in performance, aesthetics, efficacy and control.

Many municipalities are interested in upgrading municipal parking garages. In the last 10 years, LED technology has emerged as one of the best lighting options for parking garages with constant improvements in its performance. Other lighting technologies, however, have also seen improvements over the years. Some of these improvements are linear fluorescent and induction luminaires, which also deserve consideration.

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Sometimes lighting industry jargon can make it difficult for business owners, project managers, and other non-technical stakeholders to understand the process of determining the best lights for your needs and ultimately implementing those recommendations. Did you know, for example, that the power input to any luminaire system is measured in watts, but you measure the […]

“We should sell and proclaim ourselves as leader in LED technology but that requires us to edge in terms of price and quality. Our joint venture with Stanley helped us innovate and with those innovations we tapped lot of markets. We have 2 R&D centers – one in North and other in West working with the concept of self reliance. We have a design studio in the west to look into future trends of technology in lighting. As mentioned, with Stanley we underwent innovations in lighting solutions and the same is supplied to Maruti and Honda. The newly launched Maruti Suzuki S-Cross head Lamp and HCIL’s Jazz tail lamp wear our LEDs. M&M’s XUV 500 and Activa’s head and tail lamp also have our LEDs.” averred Sehgal.

Lighting control systems are a smart lighting technology used for a variety of lighting applications including industrial, commercial, and also residential uses that often results in energy savings, may satisfy building codes, and comply with green building programs. These systems are essentially networks where there is intelligent communication between system input and outputs to provide […]

Industrial Lighting – Ecological and Economic Lighting Upgrades

There are many factors that influence light levels on different spaces. Target light levels depend on the function of the room: meaning the tasks that are being performed. Target light levels also depend on the ages of the people inside the rooms and the importance of speed and accuracy. When selecting your new lighting fixtures, […]

Last fiscal was positive for Lumax in terms of growth in technology and number of orders. The orders were successfully processed and executed with new technologies. Commenting on the exports Sehgal said, “We are already exporting to customers like Trucklite Europe, JLR, Audi and John Deere. We have plans to aggressively look at entering into new customers and new geographies. Also we are planning to double our top line by 2020, nevertheless it depends on economy and OEM growth concluded Sehgal.

Parking garages may seem easy to illuminate, considering they are usually large spaces and the lighting needs are straightforward. However, it is important to analyze the space and decide what type of lighting is suitable for the garage as a whole and individual sections of the garage. It is also important that lighting helps keep […]

Deciding what light quantity and quality levels can be tricky in different parts of the garage. First, it is important to have one appropriate uniform light level, for night and day. According to the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), low light levels are recommended for basic parking areas and higher light levels are recommended for ramps and entrance areas. Considering that most parking garages always have their lights turned on, ramps and entrance zones should have even higher lighting levels during the day, so the drivers and people who use the garage can adjust their eyes from daylight to the artificial lighting inside.

Commercial and industrial lighting are changing rapidly due to newly available technologies and other changes in the marketplace. Businesses and institutions are using energy efficient lighting because they want to take advantage of many of their benefits from longer lasting luminaires with less maintenance to increasing cash flow and ultimately realizing a return on the […]

There are many lighting technologies that can be used in garages: induction, LEDs, T5 fluorescent systems and T8 high performance fluorescent systems. When choosing between your lighting options, consider light quality, light levels, how easy they are to maintain in addition to other safety and security issues that affect both drivers and pedestrians.

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LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design changes the way we think green buildings and how communities are designed, constructed, operated and maintained. The main goal of this change is to be more environmentally responsible and use available resources as efficiently as possible. About 35% of the total energy used in a typical commercial […]

When you need to choose which of these improvements would suit your parking garage best, consider your specific location, facility operating characteristics like temperature, security issues etc. Also, make a list of the fixtures that need replaced. It is helpful to collect as much information as possible about each existing fixture at the parking garage. Have in mind that light levels will be different, considering that ramps and entrance zones might have different lamp types than parking zones.

There are a number of common misconceptions about lighting from warehouses to hospitals and Lumax Lighting is here to break them! By believing these ‘Lighting Myths,’ you are risking bad purchases and poor quality lighting for any industrial and commercial project. Let’s explore these lighting myths and what the true story is. Fluorescent Lights Consume […]

Growth in this industry is promising as lot of manufacturers are realising the need of LEDs. The company’s growth is penned as 5-6% this year against the last year. The company has enough capacity to satiate the demands of OEMs. With growing demands they could still manage with the existing capacity and no new investments are planned this year for the expansion. However when growth gets accelerated, plans for capacity building will be contemplated.

Lumax Lighting Announces release of the new, innovative AIR Advanced Indirect Recessed luminaire.

Businesses are always interested in ways that they can introduce efficiencies and reduce the cost of their business especially without sacrificing operational effectiveness. Due to significant technological improvements and government programs, more and more companies are looking into reducing their lighting energy costs. Due to the economic but also ecological crisis, many more businesses have […]

Photometry is the science of light measurement. Light is measured in terms of its perceived brightness to human eye. Photometry is different than other measurements of light within the field of optics like radiometry, which is the science of measurement of electromagnetic radiation including visible light. Radiant power is weighted by a luminosity function in […]

When it’s particularly cold outside, warm air inside of a building can condense on cold surfaces causing mold to form and damaging insulation. Ordinary lighting fixtures leak air when they are off. To better visualize the process, think about a chimney that drives air to higher places, such as an attic. Lamps rated as ICAT […]

The migration from conventional filament and halogen bulbs to LEDs is comparatively expensive but with voluminous production and the frugal adoption the cost will be optimised very soon. In the coming years this new technology will be the common platform for majority of the lamps. LEDs will be sold soon at a competitive price with the above mentioned voluminous manufacturing in place. Not to over emphasise, the mass production has started in certain companies and LED lamps will be rolled out in the market soon. Our lighting solutions to auto industries will benefit them in many ways, stated Sehgal.

Lighting design in hospitals is a complex and challenging task. The right hospital lighting will help manage a hospital’s cost and will provide the best environment for patients to recover and staff to work. Lighting have specific impact on patients’ mood and even their perception of pain. This article is chock full of tips for […]

Classroom Lighting Fundamentals – Facilitate Learning and Reduce Overhead

Athletic facilities are a challenge when it comes to good lighting practices. They have high ceilings, are wide open spaces, and are very large. These features mean that these sites can be very expensive to illuminate, but you don’t have to increase your lighting overhead unnecessarily if you employ the services of a professional lighting […]

Car and pedestrian interaction must be as safe as possible. Remember that too much contrast between bright and dark zones creates possible safety problems. Lighting fixtures with appropriate distribution patterns and with suitable spacing can prevent these problems. Watch out for the light colors on ceilings and vertical surfaces because they can increase reflection.

Hazardous Location Lighting – Luminaires in Difficult Conditions

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Lumax to focus more on LEDs in Corporate / Cover Story — by Bhargav S — December 31, 2015

Looking in to the current market trend, Lumax is able to bag the orders from OEMs like MSIL, HMSI, TML, TKM, HCIL, M&M and TML. for new technology lamps for the upcoming models although being expensive as compared to the conventional lighting solutions. Lumax introduced LED tail lamp in two-wheeler 7-8 years back in a high volume model. This could only be possible by optimising the design. Lumax takes ownership to bring expensive technologies to mass market and endeavors to right fit the technologies in the OEM sockets.

Classrooms need good lighting in order to facilitate learning. From a practical standpoint, there needs to be enough of and the right kind of light to perform the functions of a school. Finally, lighting has been shown to improve morale and increase productivity in the workplace. That may carry over into learning environments like schools. […]

Though majority of two-and four-wheelers are still using halogen lamps, LEDs will be popularised very soon. The lack of awareness is due to the lack of standard formulations. There is no doubt that lighting technologies are moving more towards LED as a light source. It is obvious that lighting in automotive is becoming intelligent with the use of micro-controllers and sensors. As green environment slogan is pervasive, usage of LEDs will support the slogan with a good vigour as these are eco friendly.

Office Lighting – Improving Productivity While Reducing Costs

The Environmental Case for Energy Efficient Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting

Parking garages may seem easy to illuminate, considering they are usually large spaces and the lighting needs are straightforward. However, it is important to analyze the space and decide what type of lighting is suitable for the garage as a whole and individual sections of the garage. It is also important that lighting helps keep parking garage customers safe both as motorists and as they enter or exit the garage individually. Finally, garage lighting should provide the right light for security cameras to capture quality video.

Coves are types of lighting that direct their light upward. Depending upon the commercial or industrial application, there are certain parameters that should be set as to how far the top of the cove should be from the ceiling and where the base of the cove should start relative to the floor. Cove lighting is […]

Stairwells are a common part of many workplaces and other industrial and commercial facilities. Stairwell lighting is particularly important in commercial and industrial applications because falling on the stairs accounts for over 60 % of slip and trip injuries in buildings. Stairwell lighting safety amounts to proper lighting, slip resistance of stair treads, suitable handrails […]

The right office lighting does two things: facilitates work while managing costs. Not only does office lighting affect the productivity of employees, but also, lighting affects their health and mood. Employees who work with bad lighting make more errors. Imagine an employee who reads and writes under bad lighting. It harms his sight reducing productivity […]

There are three types of interior lighting that can work together in order to illuminate an area depending on the style and function. This concept of illumination is often called layering. These types are ambient (top), task (middle) and accent (bottom). The type of lamp, fixture and amount of light can vary depending on whether […]

Industrial facilities need good, safe and efficient lighting. Hazardous location lighting in facilities such as those in the petrochemical industry or storing or processing any type of hazardous materials need full proof lighting systems to conduct their business. Hazardous locations need fixtures that can handle highly corrosive elements, flammable gases and vapors and combustible dusts. […]

The lighting design process is complex, because it includes a number of variables some of which are hard to measure precisely especially in industrial and commercial applications. The lighting design process involves a few steps and you need to follow them in order to avoid mistakes. The steps are: identifying the requirements, determining the method […]

If you run a business with cold storage facilities, you know that the cost associated with running cold storage is significant. Lighting costs are a part of overhead and are costly since luminaires are a source of heat. Many types of lights do not perform well in cold temperatures either. Fluorescent lights, for example, will […]

In clean rooms, precision matters. To prevent contamination, the materials, including lighting, must be germ free and the professionals who perform work in clean rooms must be able to conduct their business without introducing contamination into the environment. Cleanroom lighting must meet these rigorous requirements and facilitate the work conducted in the room. In addition, […]

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