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Garage Lights Lights By Handh Garage Lights Lights By Handh

H&H did such a fantastic job switching out all the ceiling fans at my condo. On time, professional, and left the place spotless. Quick response time was really appreciated as I was trying to get them installed the same week I contacted him. Highly recommended!!

Mark was by far the most friendliest of electricians I have dealt with, I first started with smaller projects with other electricians and they were a little shady and I had to buy everything myself. They still charged a lot for installation, they did not even give me a description on specifications of the items I needed to purchase so I just bought what I thought looked nice. So this caused me returning to the store to return and exchange back and forth. With Mark and H&H everything was purchased for me, none of the hassle, even the installation of my upgraded circuit breaker panel was a streamline process. I just got my solar installed yesterday and the installation team said that I was lucky that everything was already done properly and did not need any additional work. I gave Mark my long term goal, and he ensured everything was done and he surpassed my expectations. My house now feels like a upgraded and modern home. Definitely a reason why it was top of the list on Yelp. I don’t normally post in regards to positive reviews but do it on exception of stellar business practices. So now I have a hot tub hook up, new outlets, and lights, and a properly grounded house to save even more money with my solar installation. If you are preparing for solar, or want a more modern look definitely give him a call and he will modernize your home and prepare you for savings.

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I can’t tell you how happy and satisfied I am after dealing with Mark and H&H lighting. Mark was friendly, on time and professional. He answered my call right away when I first started calling around for an electrician while some places took days or never called back. His price was reasonable from what I can tell. He showed up on time, finished the job as expected and even threw in a couple free or discounted upgrades. If I need lighting or electrical services in the future I will definitely call Mark again.

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It was a great experience. Mark did our outside lighting and put in 3 fans in our house. Everything went smoothly and we are really happy with the work he did! I can highly recommend him.

So it’s bound to happen sometime after thousands of transactions with vendors and it’s ALWAYS in your time of need … we just got ROYALLY screwed over by Mark and H&H Lighting & Electrical! If you want an electrician who has a complete lack of attention to detail and threatens you with a mechanics lien when he was paid but didn’t finish the work, OR a contractor who over-promises and under-delivers, H&H is your company. We found H&H Lighting & Electrical on Yelp due to their high reviews. Mark met with my husband who detailed every single thing that we needed done on our remodel. Mark wrote up an estimate with a few line items on the bigger things and absolutely NO detail on the other smaller things that needed done. We then had him back out two days later because we needed a more detailed estimate to make sure we were on the same page and we had a tight schedule. We also needed to remove items to get closer to our electrical budget, so we removed almost all of the can lights, hard-wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, etc. in order to get closer. Mark gave us a new price to meet our budget, but no updated written estimate. Mark gets started but WHAT’S THE FIRST THING HE DOES? The almost $1200 charge of the alarms and detector that we wanted to remove. At that point, I made him go over EVERYTHING that we discussed, which he noted on a yellow paper pad, still no actual estimate with details. Because he seemed to have a grasp of what needed to be done and was only a couple days into the project, we proceeded with him. Our mistake! The next problem was that Mark told us it would be four days to complete the whole project, and he wasn’t close to done after 8 days on the job. His first excuse was that his helper Lucas was sick and bailed on him so we gave him the benefit of the doubt and let him continue. We then found out that Lucas is a trainee and Mark doesn’t really have anyone else qualified to work with him. (I’m also not sure why his license says that they’re exempt from workers comp — it says that they have “no employees at this time” — Lucas is clearly an employee and should be covered by workers comp in this dangerous business). And then there were the endless mistakes: putting up two ceiling fixtures in the same room off-center with each other, putting in Decora light switches when we wanted standard light switches, repeatedly telling him ALL interior switches on dimmers and then not doing dimmers, installing alarm/detector wiring (that we didn’t want) and the couple of remaining can lights randomly in the middle of the ceiling with no rhyme nor reason, putting a vanity light’s wiring so high that the fixture would hit the ceiling, and then losing the cover to our brand new ceiling fan/light/heater combination. The best part is Mark blames US for being disorganized when HE’S completely disorganized. Here’s what he texted my husband: “The first day we met I discussed four days then you called a second meeting doubling the work then you stopped thing with deciding no can lights this job is to rushed and has been unorganized in 98% done and if your that unhappy with us then maybe we need to stop all put in the few breakers that are left a not do all the add inside” First, I don’t even know what he’s trying to say other than calling us “unorganized”. We are the EPITOME of organization here … we are just at the mercy of good contractors who need to be able to self-manage since we are not yet living at the location. Second, we didn’t double the work and we actually removed stuff … this is how wrong he was all the time. Mark never said that it would extend the number of days that he needed to work, and he put our whole tight and very organized remodel plans in jeopardy. Everyone was waiting on Mark, but then he said he had bronchitis so we had to move on with another electrician. This is not by any means over and we’ve already taken up his lack of a written estimate, having an uninsured employee, etc. with the CSLB and then we’ll go to the BBB as well. We can’t let this happen to anyone else. AND the mistakes our new electrician has discovered are enough to make us want to pursue a full refund — old breakers installed rather than new ones in a sub-panel, light switches controlling nothing, things taken out that shouldn’t have been. Anyway, it’s such a complete waste of time and effort to even write something like this when we have a major remodel underway with 5-6 talented contractors on-board, BUT I feel like it’s my duty to be clear about the lack of accountability and risk to your home without workers comp. Just looking up a contractor on the CSLB is not enough … be sure that you get a written estimate detailing everything and NEVER let a contractor without workers comp have an employee on site. Licensed does not equal insured OR being accountable for your actions OR being a good business person.

Mark was wonderful in replacing existing landscape lighting with LED lights and replaced the transformer with a solar sensor, so no more readjustment of the timer to align with Daylight Savings! The yard is now well lit and brighter! Mark was efficient, thorough, and explained everything well. I thought pricing was reasonable.

Mark did a great job on our outdoor landscape lighting project. He showed up on time with samples of quality brass fixture lighting just like I was looking for. His pricing was very competitive and the install was done in a couple of days. After shopping a few others I was very happy to have chosen Mark for this project. Professional, competitively priced and and courteous. Once my backyard pool in complete I will be hiring Mark to install the lighting there as well.

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Nobody WANTS to call an electrician when they have a problem, but I am ever so pleased I called H&H when that time came. Fit me in early and arrived on time. Thoroughly impressed with level of professionalism. Very appreciative of how straightforward and clear he was about what the problem was and how it needed to be addressed. It helped me feel comfortable with the information and at no point did I feel like I was being taken advantage of. Hopefully I won’t have to call again, but if I do–I won’t hesitate to call H&H again.

Mark showed up on time, spoke with me, listened to my issue and completed the task quickly. Since it didn’t take much time, he didn’t charge me. He’s a great guy and I’ll definitely call again.

I just had a great experience with H&H. I had a lot of work done over the course of a few weeks after closing on a property before moving in. I got a new electrical panel, under cabinet lighting, canned lights for a few rooms, and I had a lot of fixes done for the prior owner’s substandard work. Everything went great, and Mark was always keeping me up to date and showed up on time, every time. There was no funny business, just straightforward work and pricing. I won’t be hesitating to call back if I need more work done in the future.

What an amazing experience. Mark was extremely professional and friendly. Arrived with short notice and earlier than expected. I needed a chandelier hung where there looked like there had been one before but I wasn’t sure about the wiring. Mark had it finished in like 20 minutes, clean, polished and working perfect. I would definitely recommend him.

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Very professional from start to finish. They were responsive, showed up on time, did a thorough job and our outdoor lights look great.

My fiancee’ and I are satisfied customers 110% …accurate quote, great price, on time service and quality work. Mark is the greatest electrician in the area, there is a reason Mark has so many 5 stars!! Our home was probably one of the most difficult to work on. We hired Mark to do a complete re-wire (which we have no crawl space in our home and that was a major challenge all on its own), he also installed over 30 dimming light cans throughout the home, a complete electrical panel was installed in our garage aka “Lewis’s man-cave ” around 15 new outlets and did drywall last minute for us with literally hours notice of request. His work ethic was admirable as he worked during the hottest days last summer when the temperatures exceeded 100+ especially in our home that has NO CENTRAL AIR or good insulation!! He was up and at the house simply ‘getting the job done’ within the promised time and with quality every step of the way. I wish all people in the trades were this outstanding. Myself being OCD I loved how clean he was and made sure every speck of dust was gone by the time the job was done. This was something that was going to be a concern of ours having to clean up afterwards but nope Mark made sure it was spotless!! Lewis and I are people who literally will read yelp reviews for hours when looking to have work done on our home and I am so happy I did because no other Electrician compared. We knew he was the right choice as soon as we met him for the initial quote/walk through. Mark was not only professional but one of the most kind, funny and just genuinely all around good people Lew and I have had the pleasure of meeting, which makes the working relationship that much better. No one likes to deal with anyone who has a nasty attitude or gives you the feeling they don’t enjoy their job, it was clear Mark was proud of his company and showed it in his work. I legitimately wish we had before and after pictures to show the difference. It was great to find a professional who takes pride with the details of his work, dedication, who is trustworthy and at the end of the day making sure all that was promised was delivered. With all sincerity, One Good Electrician deserves a 5-star rating, plus some! To Mark …Lewis and I TRULY thank you for your diligence, creativity, affordability and great professional care and courtesy!! Looking forward on working with you again!! Lewis and Sophia K.

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Would definitely recommend!!! I had a blown fuse/tripped circuit that I couldn’t figure out, and had no power anywhere in the house. Called this number, and first he helped me troubleshoot a few things over the phone in case it was an easy fix. When I still couldn’t fix the issue, he came by to take a look. Very friendly, professional, and on task. Was there about ten minutes and problem solved! Would 100% use this service again!! Thank you!

If you’ve ever been faced with electrical issues you already know the headache that comes with finding someone you can trust with your money and time. H&H went above and beyond for me and I would recommend them to anyone who needs lighting and electrical services. Easy to get in contact with and high standards of service. Easy to schedule and quick and easy payment. Thanks H&H for the wonderful service! Highly recommended!

Extremely satisfied! Amazing service, accurate quote, and beyond reasonable price. After talking to Mark and explaining the job on the phone he was able to give me a estimate and make an appointment just 3 days later. He showed up right on time and got to work immediately. Even after I threw in an extra installation of my bathroom fan last minute he did not hesitate to take on the extra work and was able to do it all in the same visit. He even had to tackled my attic to install the ceiling vent and that is a TINY space to get up to. Even I won’t go up there. He warned me that this was a dirty job, which I expected, but did a great job cleaning up after himself and left me barely anything to clean myself. I am so excited to say I found my electrician! I will definitely be reaching out to Mark again for future jobs. Thanks Mark!

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We can’t say THANK YOU enough, to Mark, who came out to do our lighting and ceiling fans yesterday! Our house looks and feels so amazing, it has us kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner. Mark is extremely professional, efficient, productive, and a very talented and skillful electrician. He was very communicative, and prompt in his replies, and I loved that he was so thorough and confirmed to remind me what time he would be arriving. He is a man of his word and he follows through. His laid back, kind, and easy going demeanor were just the added bonus that you don’t expect from someone coming out to do hard work on your house. Mark installed 6 can lights, with a dimmer switch, and 3 ceiling fans, and he started in the morning, and was done by very early afternoon. He warned me ahead of time of the possibility of little hiccups in the project, and what the cost would be associated with them, but I’m thankful to say, that all went so smoothly, and he didn’t run into any issues with our home. Our house feels like a completely new home because of the amazing new lighting, and we are just loving it! We truly can’t get over how 3 ceiling fans have cooled our house down so much, that we haven’t had to use the air conditioning. Thanks again Mark, we love love love the results of the work you did on our home, and we can’t wait to refer our friends and family to you! We highly highly recommend Mark for your electrical needs…he really knows his stuff!

Excellent service! Excellent quality design, innovative materials and installation. Mark is definitely a true expert in outdoor lighting and a really nice guy. He was even able to repurpose some of my old lights to add drama and impact without breaking the bank. I wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone who wants to truly make their property shine!

We had just purchased our condo and went through, deciding which fixtures stayed and which had to go. Well, unfortunately that meant that most of them had to go – I think these were the original fixtures from the seventies haha. Anyway, we got a reasonable estimate and they had someone out to our place pretty fast. They replaced every fixture and repaired some old ceiling lights as well. Everything looks so modern and we don’t have to worry about something catching fire! Professional work all the way!

Mark at H&H saved Christmas after I somehow managed to blow out the master bedroom circuit after doing some “home improvement” projects. He was the only one to return our call within an hour, cleared his calendar to help us through our electrical emergency, and stayed later than he had anticipated. I think he thought he’d be in and out, but after over five hours of tracing every circuit, taking apart the plugs, replacing wiring caps and more, he managed to fix the issue. Thank you friend!

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