Garden Light Shop Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights 12V Plug

tech lighting Garden Light Shop Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights 12V Plug

tech lighting Garden Light Shop Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights 12V Plug

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Being low voltage the system is completely safe for you to install yourself, little ones and pets.The system is easy to extend allowing you to add more lighting over time. In fact many customers start of with one of our Techmar garden lighting kits. Just add more cable and lighting, remembering that your total light wattage must be lower then the wattage of your transformer.

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Bring a splash of colour to your garden with our new Focus Verona 7W colour spotlight. Available in green, red, blue and amber, these spotlights are a great alternative to using an rgb lamp if you are only interested in a static colour. The Verona spotlight head is easily adjustable through 120 degrees with the use of a screw driver. Veronas are…

The simple Techmar garden lights low voltage plug and play system means that now everyone can enjoy professional design results at exceptional value for money. Options include 12V LED as well as a few 12V halogen models, although these will probably be phased out of the range. All models at the very minimum will have an LED replacement option.

So what’s the benefit of 12V LED floodlights over halogen? Led technology now means that you can have lots more light for a lot less energy consumption. As all the range opperate on a safe 12 volt transformer they are never going to be a problem to animals and people if the cable breaks by accident.  

When we first started working with Techmar, all of the lights in their range were halogen with around 70% of them having LED replacement bulbs available. Moving on 4 years the trend has completely reversed, now most fittings come with LED bulbs as standard. This is mainly due to the improvement in LED technology as well as demand.

So there it is, a 12v low voltage garden lighting system you can easily and safely install yourself. Without any tools or electrical experience. Saving you money on having your garden lights installed by a professional electrician.

Apply for a trade account today to receive trade pricing and discounts on the whole Techmar range.

If you are having trouble working out your cabling or need advice on what light would be better for certain areas of your garden, we are here to help

Watch the Techmar Garden Lighting System video to see just how safe, quick and easy it is to choose and install garden lighting yourself.

Installing your Techmar garden lights couldn’t be easier. Simply place your garden lights where you want them. Connect each garden light to the mains cable, extension lead or directly to the transformer via the simple plug in screwconnecter. Plug your Techmar mains cable or extension lead (if being used) into the Techmar transformer using the same simple to use connector. Plug your transformer in to your power socket. Enjoy your garden lighting, it really is that simple.

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12V Led garden floodlights are a very popular addition to the Techmar system. Whether you use them for lighting up a feature in your garden, a security light (when teamed up with a sensor) or even as a light above your bins or washing line, their versatility is endless. You can even put them away in summer and plug in something from our decorative lighting range ready to get them out again in winter. LED low voltage flood lights are also great to add lots more light from one source. You may want to highlight a larger tree or perhaps the front / side / back of the house.

Smaller 15w version also available 9501011Material: AluminiumColour: BlackDimension (HxW): 140mm x 180mmCable: 2 metre rubber cable & plugLight Source Included: LED – Warm White – 30W Lumen: 1497 Energy Rating: A IP Class: IP44 suited for outdoor use Mounting Type: Ground spike / Mounting plate

The Techmar Jersey plug & play 12v post light is very traditional in style. The lights would look great in both front and rear gardens as well as other outdoor spaces.

Great for floodlighting larger areas and for security! New Slimline Version.Material: AluminiumColour: BlackDimension (HxWxL): 121mm x 40mm x 154mmCable: 1 metre rubber cable & plug (H05RN-F)Light Source Included: LED – Warm White – 12WLumen: 750 Energy Rating: A IP Class: IP44 suited for outdoor useMounting Type: Ground spike / Mounting plate / Screw…

Whilst many people believe that we are only online, this isn’t the case. Our warehouse has a fully functioning sales room where anyone can come and look at the range while enjoying a coffee or cup of tea. In fact many people do exactly that. Being online opens up our service nationally, offering this great range of garden lighting to everyone.

Low Voltage Garden Lights | 12V Plug & Play LED Outdoor Lighting From Techmar

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Want to see the latest Garden Light Shop Techmar garden lighting brochure? Simply download or request a brochure via the form and we will post you one.

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To use only 1 manufacturer, so every light could be used with every other light. That it needed to be a complete range, offering spotlights, wall lights, post lighting and underwater options. It needed to be safe.

It needed to be very easy to install without the assistance of an electrician. It needed to look good. It needed to be affordable. Techmar Garden Lights

The only range we found that ticked all our boxes was the plug and play 12V low voltage outdoor lighting Techmar system from the Netherlands. After spending time with them at shows in Europe as well as at their headquarters, we quickly decided this was the range we wanted to offer. Now in our fourth year, we are still the only company to offer the complete range as well as being the only online company to offer only the Techmar range, ensuring that what ever lights you choose can be used within the same system.

Techmar generally add to their garden lighting range every year. So why not join our newsletter or follow us on your favourite social media to be kept informed on new lighting you could add to your garden design.

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The Techmar range includes 12V LED spotlights, post lights, bollards, wall lights, uplights, submersible lights, deck lights and a few decorative RGB garden lights such as balls, stones and fairy lights. Everything you would need to create your garden lighting exactly how you want it.

We strongly recommend that if you never try to mix the Techmar Garden Lights system with another system. This will shorten the life of your lights and void your three year warranty. All Techmar lights on the site are clearly marked on the site, if you are not sure, please contact us, we will be only too happy to help.

We decided quite early on that for our garden lights range we wanted

The Techmar low voltage cables are broken down into three mains cables of 15m, 10m and 8m and five extension cables ranging from 1m to 10m. Techmar main cables have pre-formed plugs along their length while extension cables don’t. Everything you need to reach your garden lighting wherever it’s positioned. If you need help our team offer a free cable design service.

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Techmar are a Dutch company that specialise in 12V low voltage plug and play garden lights. The concept of plug & play simply means that there is no wiring. Everything simply plugs together to create a beautifully illuminated garden, terrace or outdoor space. The whole system simply plugs in to an ordinary outdoor 3 pin plug socket. Alternatively you can use an indoor socket if you wish.

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The Techmar lighting system is made up of low voltage LED garden lights (as you would expect), 12v cables, transformers and switches (used to automate when and how your lighting is switched on and off. All of which uses the same preformed connectors. Making the whole system simple and easy to install in minutes.

Low voltage garden lights UK. Illuminate your garden and outdoor spaces with our range of 12V plug and play low voltage garden lighting. Easy to install outdoor and garden lighting that doesn’t need an electrician.

The Techmar Round 30 decorative garden is very versatile indeed. Not only is it a stunning light for your garden, it is also a very stylish light that can be used in your house, at parties or even weddings.As with all the garden lights in the Techmar range. The only limitation is your imagination.

The Techmar Jersey plug & play 12v post light is very traditional in style. The lights would look great in both front and rear gardens as well as other outdoor spaces. These lights have never been available before and will (probably) never be available again. Very limited stock. When they are gone, they really are gone.

So you want to buy some garden lighting, but where will you go? While it’s true that many garden centres as well as a few high street stores carry low voltage garden lighting. As with the case of our owner before opening you will often find you are left looking at a display with little help or guidance. It’s because of that very experience that we first came up with the concept of a garden lighting store that not only carries all the relevant information you need, but a team of dedicated staff that can give you all the guidance that your ever need. If you supply us with the details of your garden dimensions and a rough layout of the important features, we even have a FREE cable design service where we will plan out all your cabling for you!

Low voltage garden lights have many benefits. When installing your own garden lighting system, low voltage means that it is not only extremely easy to install yourself, but the safest mains garden lighting system available.

The Transformers in the range are available in 21W (indoor plug) 22W, 60W and 150W. All use a standard 3 pin plug. European transformers are available on request.

Round 30 – Remote LED Garden Ball Light, Multifunction, Multicolour

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The options include a timer sensor which switches your lights on at dusk for a set amount of time. Remote control and receivers to turn your lights on remotely and motion sensors. You can of course use a mixture of the three for ultimate control. Alternatively you could of course just turn them on and off at the plug socket.

Techmar bring out minor updates to their range throughout the year. Major releases of brand new lights tend to happen once per year.

Once you have chosen your garden lights, worked out your cabling and selected the correct transformer. All that is left is to select how you wish your garden lighting to be operated.

To choose the correct 12V Techmar transformer, simple add the wattage of the garden lights you have chosen together. Then simply select a transformer of a higher wattage. It should be remembered that you may want add more lights later, so leaving some capacity on the transformer is always a good idea.

Garden Light Shop Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights 12V Plug