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Garden lights landscape design lamorinda lafayette orinda moraga piedmont walnut
Garden Lights Landscape Design Lamorinda Lafayette Orinda

Garden Lights Landscape Design Lamorinda Lafayette Orinda Garden Lights Landscape Design Lamorinda Lafayette Orinda

Carved from a warren of existing rooms, a large common kitchen/living/dining room was created that receives light and ventilation from all four sides and acts as the town square to the gathering of interior and exterior spaces that surround it. Modest materials, exacting craft and a new garden and pool design combine to support the formal clarity of the project and to give it an air of appropriateness that encourages an informal indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Jury Comments: Well-executed, refined hand. We find the indoor and outdoor play to be well-integrated, but not overwrought. This renovation follows in the tradition of Wurster.

Garden Lights Landscape & Pool Development 1 Northwood Drive, Suite #7, Orinda, CA 94563 Office (925) 254-4797 • Fax (925) 254-3211 email: [email protected] Contractor’s License #702845 C27 &C53Providing landscape design for East Bay homeowners since 1990 in Lamorinda, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, Piedmont, Montclair, Berkeley, Oakland, Hiller Highlands, Pleasant Hill, San Ramon

Garden Lights Landscape Development is an award winning landscape design/build firm that has been installing distinctively dramatic and eye-catching gardens in Lamorinda and the greater East Bay since 1989.

The Garden Lights Team offers their clients the unique advantage of years of experience in both design and installation of landscapes and pools.Our expertise extends to all aspects of landscape development including: landscape design, irrigation, drainage, softscape, hardscape, pools, spas, ponds, streams, waterfalls, landscape lighting, and landscape and seasonal maintenance.

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We had three reputable landscapers come over to discuss a bid for our project. The other two promptly came back with bids within a few days. Steve from Garden Lights has yet to provide a bid or display the courtesy to follow up on three phone calls and emails I have sent. He was the only contractor where we had to take time and fill out an online survey before we could get an appointment and provide site plans which cost time and money to get to him. We did our part. He failed to do his. We would never consider using this company.

Outdoor landscape lighting Wood fencing Wood decks Privacy fences Drip irrigation systems Wooden garden bridges Concrete and flagstone patios Garden ponds and fountains Lawn installation Installation of landscape boulders and rock gardens Drainage solutions Hot tub decks and installation Stone stairs Stone and concrete retaining walls Stone and concrete driveways Water feature landscapes Dry creek bed installation And much more… Please see some of our Landscape pictures to see examples of our work.

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Our goal is to help you create a beautiful and functional outdoor space. We are proud to help our customers in Lamorinda (Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette), Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, Piedmont, Montclair, Berkeley, Oakland, Pleasant Hill and San Ramon, make their backyard landscaping ideas a wonderful reality. We specialize in:

Wow, came out to house eventually but evidently resodding backyard, annuals and refreshing dead plants in frontyard and backyard were too small a job for them. They could have said that immediately. I gave them my landscape plan and asked for it back but they never returned my call. I wasted several weeks waiting on them. I would not recommend them for any job whatsoever.

Steve and his crew are fantastic. We have used them to completely redo our backyard. They have transformed a “nice-enough” backyard into an amazing retreat. Everyone who comes to our home – from friends to service people – gushes over how beautiful the outdoor space is. We have a beautiful entertaining space with custom stamped concrete patio, a trek deck with overhead trellis, custom bbq/bar unit, all surrounded by planting beds and a beautiful fountain. Our property is large, and Steve designed a beautiful retaining wall that runs the length of the hillside, with two separate signature step areas leading up into it. Steve has a great design sense and is very knowledgeable about plants, etc. He listened to our ideas and concerns, and made suggestions based on this. The lighting that he added is amazing, including torches that have LED bulbs but also can be used as tiki torches for when we have large parties. The whole design is simply beautiful. Steve worked with our budget, as we implemented this in two stages, separated by three years! His crew foreman, Rich, was great as well. Steve was very detail-focused, and every time he visited he was actively fine-tuning things, i.e. pruning plants, adjusting lights, etc. He truly cares about the end result and wants you to be happy. We have continued to rely on him when small problems, issues, or questions arise, and he is always responsive.

Wow, we had the opposite experience with Steve and his crew. In late Spring 2009, we moved into a house with a large backyard that had never been landscaped. In December 2009, we met with Steve and told him what we wanted for our yard. Steve and his crew worked through an incredibly wet winter. They were there in the sun and before it rained to cover our entire (just shy of an acre) yard with plastic tarp. The tarp was repeatedly laid down for rain, picked up for sun, laid back down, etc. The crew was responsive and tidy. All the work was done as we asked. We have a magnificent showstopper of a yard. It is child-friendly, yet gorgeous. We asked for Steve to incorporate fruiting plants and trees into his plans and he did. The fruiting plants and trees are interspersed in the yard and never give the backyard the feel of an orchard and/or farm. We are always complimented on what an amazing yard we have. One of my girlfriends said it was like coming to a magnificent resort. She said our backyard was such a gorgeous oasis, but one that was not only meant for adults, but also for children. Speaking of children, my husband and I have three young ones and when we spoke to Steve, we asked him to create a yard which would entertain and captivate our boys and their friends. Wow. Did Steve ever! From adding onto our Rainbow Structure, to creating a sport court, to putting in a zip-line, to creating a biking/tricycling/riding/walking path around the perimeter of our yard, to creating an in-ground sandbox, as well as finding a fire-engine red hand-pump (what I really wanted) for water-play… the list goes on. Steve also made sure to leave us plenty of space for a beautiful lawn (I can still picture my urban-reared eldest son running around the newly-laid lawn, happily yelling, “Grass !Grass! Grass!”). Thinking ahead, Steve also made sure to plan for a potential pool (at a point in time when we no longer have three drowners). Due to the fact that our children are young and because one of them is a runner. I prefer to host play-dates instead of going to the park. Our sons friends actually prefer coming to our house and refer to it as “(put in three boys names) Park. Along with the beautiful landscaping, Steve designed a beautiful outdoor barbecuing area with an outdoor fireplace. In summers, it is divine! We live in our backyard. Our front yard had been(sort of) landscaped to sell, but Steve had to put in better drainage. We also asked him to install more plantings, create some potted-containers, as well as create a pondless fountain for us (Lost my pond in the move, but probably good due to our three boys and their lack of self-preservation). All of it is a showstopper. We’ve had neighbors stop on their walks to comment on our yard. I should also add that Steve corrected an egregious mistake made by our general contractor, which resulted in flooding of our (less than 6 months old) newly finished playroom and guestroom. As soon as we discovered the flooding, we called Steve. He was at our house and had his crew working on our issue. Steve and his team quickly figured out the problem and immediately began to work on resolving the issue. All in all, we found Steve to be detail-oriented and very fastidious about quality-control. He was at our job site more than a few times a week. Steve still continues to pop in (our yard was completed in June/July 2010) to monitor our yard. Would we use Steve in the future? Definitely. In a heartbeat.

Steve and his crew revamped our vegetation, ponds, waterfalls, irrigation, and lights. Initially we thought everything was great. We then started to have trouble getting the promised maintenance 3 times a year. Our water and electric bill went up considerably, contrary to our initial intentions. Much of our vegetation grew into a jungle, many other plants died from lack of water. We finally had to hire a three person landscaping crew to come once a week for a couple months to revamp the vegetation and irrigation system. Soon we will start replanting with appropriate sized plants and plants which will have water. Attention to detail and design, communication, and follow-up are significant weaknesses.

We carry full Workers’ Comp and General Liability insurance and an active C27 license (#818633) from the CSLB. We are a current member of the CLCA (California Landscape Contractors Association). We operate in the East Bay Area including Oakland and Berkeley. Please call us to discuss your entire backyard landscaping ideas.

We think Garden Lights is great. They did a beautiful job on our backyard in Orinda. Then after completing the job, have been very helpful in keeping our yard looking great. They just helped us put in a BBQ at the last minute. They were so helpful. This group has creative design ideas and executes them beautifully.

Warning. We had a bad experience. I understand they are capable and experienced but you may go five weeks without hearing from them in the middle of a job.

We have used garden lights on two separate occasions for the front landscape of our Orinda home. Both times we were more than 100% satisfied, as the finished project well exceeded our expectations, and being very picky people, that’s saying a lot! One can immediately see the high level of professionalism at work in the design, plant selection, and lighting. Our beautiful yard gives us a sense of pride we enjoy every day.

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2015 Update: WARNING- LIFE-THREATENING DISREGARD FOR ELECTRICAL CODE: Steve gave us a beautiful pond, complete with electric pump and electrical outlet. However, the electrical outlet was NOT GROUNDED! We could have been electrocuted any number of times over the last 15 years, because he didn’t obey the law and use the required type of outlet, namely a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). We only found out because we had an electrician move the outlet which Steve had attached to our fence. When the fence had to be replaced, the electrician told us that any outlet within 6 feet of water (any sink, for instance) must be a GFCI. The whole point of having an electrician be licensed is so that they do their work according to Federal and State Code, but Steve completely failed to protect us from the well-known danger of electricity mixing with water. Our house caught on fire once because of how he installed the timer that was to control the lights. DISREGARD FOR BUILDING CODE: He had told us that he would apply for permits, but he never did and we were too naive to realize this, the result being that he built us a patio that looked beautiful but wasn’t built to code and has permanently destroyed the value of our home and complicated our selling the house in future. We have spent $10,000 just trying to protect our house from water damage that would naturally result from the patio having been built 12 inches too high. I have spent sleepless nights and many years regretting our hiring Steve. But, if you are determined to proceed with him anyway, here are a few other things that might help you know what to watch for in areas less critical. As a Landscaper – The most serious mistake Steve made was to leave an entire section of our garden with no irrigation at all. Some other things we found merely irksome: 1. We asked for riotous color and got yellow and pink flowers almost exclusively. 2. He gave us 10 Barberry bushes, which have nasty thorns, but are deer proof. He put them all in the part of our property that is fenced off from deer. He even planted several of them in front of our rose bushes; I couldn’t prune the roses without squeezing past these poky plants. 3. He planted a number of quick growing plants right in front of the irrigation control panel so I had to dig them out to maintain access. As a General Contractor – Steve chose the person to build the arbor. Here are some of the things the builder did wrong: 1. He used indoor-only lumber for an outdoor structure. 2. He neglected to cap off the posts, and further compounded that serious oversight by positioning the posts with the grain up; the wood acted as a veritable sponge and developed dry rot. 3. He didn’t even prime the wood! From Day 1 we had paint chips falling on our patio like rain. The wood rotted very quickly. 4. He used nails rather than screws. Everyone has told us that screws are a must for an outside structure. 5. He used non-galvanized nails so they all rusted, causing rotting inside the wood. 6. He charged us $8,000 eleven years ago. We have a current bid of $7,500 to take his structure down and rebuild it properly.

John H. said “Had Simply Trees come out about a month ago and do some work around my property. I don’t normally write reviews for services, but these guys stood out. They cut down and trimmed up all the trees on my…” read more

Steve is unbelievably non-responsive! He built a fountain, which leaks. He promised to come take a look but never did!

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I read a good review about this company and contacted Garden Lights. Terrible! They scheduled an appointment 3 weeks out. The owner, Steve Lambert, who they send out to see your property, cancelled the day of, a couple of hours before. Re-scheduled for the following week. The first thing he said was he had not bothered to read our responses to their 15-minute required online survey. He spent only 10-15 minutes on the property, hardly asked a question, and then, a week later, e-mailed to say he was declining to give an estimate. Based on a comment he made when he was here, I gather it was because he considered it “a small job.” They could’ve told me that up front and saved me a whopping 1-month delay, etc… I complained about all of this to him and got no response.

Lapje Roofing, Inc. is a fully licensed and insured roof contractor in San Francisco, CA serving home and business owners throughout the Bay Area. We use the highest quality materials from brands including CertainTeed, APP… read more

Jessica W. said “I was referred to AJ’s my best friend who had her entire backyard done by them. The work they did on her backyard was beautiful and she was very pleased, so I decided to also get a bid from them. From the…” read more

Unless you like unprofessional and yes, even unethical conduct, under no circumstances use Garden Lights. We were told on many occasions that our backyard pool plans had been engineered and submitted to the City for permitting approval. We attempted for several weeks to get a copy of these plans. We were told: “they were at the printers”, “they were on their way”, “they were in Steve’s truck,” “they would be coming directly from the Engineer in LA” and on and on it went. After a frustrated in person visit to their office, we were then given the wrong plans for someone else’s property! Finally, we called the printers, no plans. We called the City, no plans. Surely there must be a huge misunderstanding….Right? Wrong….when we finally reached the owner on the phone, he finally admitted he never submitted any plans to City Planning. The plans, well…they didn’t exist That’s right…we were flat out lied to. Unless you like to be treated this way, bring your business elsewhere.

Steve and his crew were the consumate professionals! We’ve had several contractors over the years with varying experience, good, OK and UGLY. Garden Lights was TOP of the card! The workmen were polite, clean and hard working. Our deck and lighting was turned out better than we imagined. The job was completed in a timely fashion for a reasonable price. I highly recommend Garden Lights.

I was referred to Garden Lights by the The Patio & Fireplace store in Alamo, as a contractor that might be able to help us with design & installation of a custom fire pit in our yard. I left them a voicemail on a Friday, and got a call back on Tuesday from a woman in the office. We confirmed an appointment for the following Friday at 1pm. She told me the owner, Steve, would personally come out and give me a quote. Friday rolled around, and Steve never showed up. I waited at home (on a beautiful Friday afternoon, when I was on vacation) for 2 hours and not only did he flake on our appointment, he never returned any of my 3 calls asking where he was or when he was coming. I was disappointed in the lack of follow through and will be looking for someone else to help me with my yard remodel.

Go elsewhere….they don’t deserve your business! Steve Lambert (President) came to my house 2/2/13 to do a walk around for outdoor lighting, and was to follow up by emailing a proposal. It’s now 5 weeks later and I haven’t received anything, and he hasn’t replied to my email asking about it. Hello?

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Located in suburban Orinda adjacent to a protected watershed, this project involved the complete renovation of and minor addition to a neglected 1950’s ranch house.

Featured in Sunset Magazine We were excited to be featured in Sunset magazine. Click here to view the article. more > Custom Woodworking We pay attention to detail on all our projects including custom woodworking projects.

more > Custom Redwood Bridge over Dry Creek Bed This functional yet visually appealing redwood bridge connects sitting areas and back deck over dry creek bed. more >

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Garden Lights Landscape Provides Creative Solutions to Common Landscape Challenges Problem – Solution Sloping Lot – – – – – Hillside Landscapes [read more]Lousey Lawn – – – – – – – – – Artificial Sod [read more]Can’t Afford it – Budget Your Landscape [read more]Pleasing Everyone – Designs for Families [read more]High Water Bill – – – – – Water Saving Plans [read more]Don’t Know Where to Start – The Process [read more]

Garden Lights just finished a job in our backyard. The work was top notch. They addressed all of my concerns. Very professional.

Steve and his crew did a great job on our back yard. It was a large and complex job but it came out looking amazing.

Nikki M. said “I called for a quote to come and check out our building’s lawn, shrubbery and irrigation. They were very nice on the phone, we made an appointment, they showed up right on time. They had really good advice…” read more

I totally agree with other Yelpers. The first meeting was very promising. When it finally came time to reveal the plans though, it was like we had never talked and I actually thought that he was showing me someone else’s plans. Nothing that we asked for was there and everything that we said we didn’t want was. And all without any explanation at all. Just here are the plans and silence. A very expensive lesson learned.

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We did an extensive yard project. The design, lighting, plants etc are all lovely. However, if you need permits for your project, don’t even think about working with them. They play loose with permitting and you will get stuck having to sort it out yourself. They got a permit for part of the work but let it lapse. Then it was renewed but I had to close it out myself with the county after waiting six months for them to do it. The second permit was never applied for and we have spent nearly a year trying to get a permit issued even though the work is done. Have also discovered that the outdoor sink is not connected to the sewer system and we now have to fix it. No amount of calling, texting, emailing, begging, or threatening gets them to make us a priority. The team is very, very nice and the work crew was lovely. I hate having to write this review as it could negatively impact them. But I would never have contracted with them if I’d known how difficult this would be. ;(

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