Glo Ceiling Lights Ceiling Light Fittings

tech lighting Glo Ceiling Lights Ceiling Light Fittings

tech lighting Glo Ceiling Lights Ceiling Light Fittings

Sunburst light fixture gold pulp home eclectic ceiling lighting beth dotolo
Flos glo ball c1 small 13 round ceiling light wall lamp
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Flos opal white glo ball s1 pendant globe suspension light by jasper morrison
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Large glo pendant light
Flos glo ball pendant lamp by jasper morrison
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Acorn pendant
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Glo ball s1 pendant light by flos
Modern large led chandeliers stair long globe glass ball ceiling lamp with 10 balls light fitting fixture avize home lighting in chandeliers from lights
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Radiant 06FS8RT111 Fluorescent Starter FSU 4-80 Watt RT-111 (High Quality) Accessory

Radiant CB17 Downlight 12v 50w – aluminium – c/o 62mm Low voltage MR16 (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Since the 1950’s, martinelli luce has produced high quality functionally-decorative luminaires that incorporate Italian design inspired by nature and geometry.

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K Light ELC-429A/WH Square Low Voltage Aluminium Tilt Down Light White

Radiant 06LN25 Locknut 25mm Hexagon Galvanised Brass Condouit Accessory

K Light ELC-GU/BRACKET High Voltage 220v GU10 Lamp Holder with Earth Wire Silicone Wires and Metal Bracket

Radiant 06LH3NY22 Lampholder Nylon 10mm B22 (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Radiant AA20 Downlight 230v 60w – flush globe – 80mm c/o Incandescent (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Brightstar DL001 Recessed Lighting Kit Downlight (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Solent Motor Senorita Black 3 Blade Aluminium 1200mm Black + Tara Light

We supply both decorative and functional ceiling lights. From chandeliers and track lighting systems, pendants, Fluorescents, Island Lighting, recessed lighting, Accent Lights, Spot Lights, flush mount fixtures and beyond, we offer the widest selection of ceiling lights in South Africa. Whether for commercial or residential use, our ceiling fixtures are available in designs that cater to all needs and décor schemes.

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Lighting is defined as the deliberate use of light to achieve a practical or aesthetic effect.At Glo Lighting, using our lighting experience and expertise, we can advise and provide the very best lighting solutions for your project. Types of lighting we specialize in include: Ambient lighting – Provides an area with overall illumination Task lighting – Helps you perform specific tasks, such as reading, grooming, etc Accent lighting – Adds drama to a room by creating visual interest

Brightstar DL066 220V – 240V Recessed Housing Downlight (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Radiant CA20 Downlight 12v 10w – starLight concave – c/o 25mm Low voltage bi-pin (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Radiant 06LH3NYB22 Lampholder Nylon Batten B22 (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Brightstar DL003 Recessed Lighting Kit Downlight (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

QLOCKTWO makes you stop and look at time in a different way. The typographical display combines the moment with the written word and turns it into a statement.

Eurolux D25 Round Straight Downlight With Spring Clip (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

K Light ELC-144A/WH Square Low Voltage Aluminium Straight Down Light White

New Collection of Antique Bulbs from Eurolux. Click here to view them.

Solent Motor High Breeze Antique Bronze 3 Blade Wood Blade 1200mm Mahogany

Radiant CE/CUP-BL Downlight surface cup – for CE10/CE30 – 66mm Low voltage bi-pin Black

Osram AC0394500DC LSSPAR165036 5W/830 230V GU1010X1AR4OSRAM – LED Lamp

Radiant LDL042-W LED Downlight 4W EPISTAR And BUILT IN DRIVE -c/o 85mm White

Radiant 06FH4START Stater Holder – Pins Fluorescent Lampholder & Accessory

Radiant 06SA225G Saddle 25mm Galvanised Brass Condouit Accessory

Radiant LDL043 LED Downlight 5W EPISTAR and BUILT IN DRIVE -c/o 85mm White

Modern Everlasting Glow Flameless LED candles and Lanterns which are battery operated and easy to use.

BuyLighting JC24 ROUND TILT Die cast recessed downlighter (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Radiant HG11 Lampholder 240v – GU10 and bracket and terminal block Accessory

A simple, elegant frame comes together to accommodate a large vintage globe. Perfect for the modern office of study.

Radiant CB04-W/S Downlight 12v 50w – reflector – c/o 100mm Low voltage MR16 White

Major Tech Veti is available in both a Complete Units (Sockets, Switches) and Modules (Communication, Cover Plates, Electronics, Fixing frames, Sockets, Switches) with also a wide range of Circuit Breakers.

A ceiling fan creates a sense of quiet enjoyment and ease, making your life a lot more comfortable It’s not just cooling you desire but a style that reflects you!

82 6th Street, Parkhurst Johannesburg, 2193PLEASE NOTE: Only a few of the many Products that we have online are on display at our Showroom.

Radiant 06FS8FSU Fluorescent Starter FSU 4-80 Watt Accessory

The first Anglepoise Lamp was designed in 1932 by British designer George Carwardine. Anglepoise Lamps today remain true to Carwardine’s original design whilst incorporating modern features such as energy saving bulbs.

Radiant CB18 Downlight 12v 50w – aluminium bayonette – c/o 70mm Low voltage MR16 (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

* Light fixtures constructed out of recycled cardboard* Newsweek’s most innovative green design…

Radiant CA10 Downlight 12v 10w – starLight protruding – c/o 40mm Low voltage bi-pin (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Eurolux D20 Round Straight Downlight With Curved Rim And Spring Clip (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Eurolux D26 Round Straight Downlight With Spring Clip (Blister Pack) (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Solent Motor High Breeze 100 Black 4 Blade Wood 1500mm Bronze Bent Light Teak

The material and process has been the primary inspiration, along with the desire to make a light which is brilliantly functional in it’s form.

Radiant AA30 Downlight 230v 100w – flush globe – 100mm c/o Incandescent (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Radiant CC51 Downlight 12v 50w – steel tilt – c/o 85mm Low voltage MR16 (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Radiant BK34 Downlight accessory for BK21/7/8 – X insert Black

Radiant 06SA232G Saddle 32mm Galvanised Brass Condouit Accessory

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Radiant CA10-CH Downlight 12v 10w – starLight protruding – c/o 40mm Low voltage bi-pin Satin chrome

Eurolux P472 Farmhouse Pendant with Adjustable Cord Length Black

David Trubridge Design is an internationally renowned company that designs and manufactures lighting and furniture based New Zealand.The designs are contemporary and have a strong connection to nature.

Many of the designs are packed flat and kitset for easy and low energy shipping.

Radiant 06LN32 Locknut 32mm Hexagon Galvanised Brass Condouit Accessory

Moulded to create a smooth, sleek surface from thick-cut glass, the stylish profile of the Lighthouse pendants has retro feel of modernist forms.

Replace your old 60w and 40w Filament bulbs now while stock last. Lasts 10 year and uses 4W energy.

Radiant CB15 Downlight 12v 50w – steel – c/o 60mm Low voltage MR16 (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Radiant 06LN20 Locknut 20mm Hexagon Galvanised Brass Condouit Accessory

Brightstar DL018 Recessed Lighting Kit Downlight (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

* Extremely break resistant thanks to aluminum heat sink and polycarbonate cover

LIM is a revolutionary, ultra-slim LED task light that is as fun to use as it is functional. The base integrates a USB port for charging mobile devices.

Brightstar DL067 Pressed Metal Downlight (Multiple Colours/Finishes)

Radiant AF10-W Downlight 240v 60w – eyeball – c/o 100mm Incandescent White

Radiant LDL040-W LED Downlight 4W SMD And BUILT IN DRIVE -c/o 85mm White

Radiant 06SA220G Saddle 20mm Galvanised Brass Condouit Accessory

Glo Ceiling Lights Ceiling Light Fittings