Good Questions Decent Modern Bathroom Lighting Apartment

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Good Questions Decent Modern Bathroom Lighting Apartment

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***Photography by Ryan Liebe, Tessa Neustadt, Bjorn Wallander, and Zeke Ruelas and a big thanks to one of our market researchers Jeran from Oleander and Palm who helped us roundup some of these great floor lamps. 

#5 is a great cantilevered option for those of you without overhead lighting and a slightly larger budget than the other one we highlighted above. #4 has a fun modern shape in a classic style which would be so fun in a little girl’s room, or a living room reading nook. If budget is not a restriction then #19 is very tempting, and if you are looking for something simple that will work in almost any style, #2, #6, #12, and #17 are your friends.

Over $500 for a lamp might seem crazy for some, but all of these below are high quality, great in style and are sure to add a beautiful light in your room while still being functional.

The simple design and low price of this fixture make it a perfect choice for renters and homeowners alike looking to ditch the boob.

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All the style of a modern chandelier in a product with only a 6″ drop. It’s also available with the bulbs in a slightly different configuration that results in only a 4″ drop, for spaces where clearances are especially tight.

If you are looking for some more of our lighting roundups be sure to check out: flush mount roundup, brass sconces, favorite lighting sources, swing arm sconces. The lamp in the featured photo from Cup of Jo’s Living Room is no longer available but here is a similar version online.

Good for replacing an unappealing flush mount fixture in a smaller space, like an entryway or hallway.

If you have the room for this fixture’s 10.5″ drop, it would make a beautiful (and budget-friendly) alternative to standard ugly flush mounts.

I believe that your home should look like you, that every room is soul-less without something vintage or antique. I also believe in having fun. Like, a lot of fun.

Overhead Lighting – this is what most peoples homes will come with. Either a canlight or some sort of incandescent lightbox (remember when every house in America thought it was a good idea to install those?).

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If your apartment or home lacks any overhead lighting then #16 which comes in white or black is a great option to bring in some diffused light throughout the space without taking up too much space. Brady used #6 in his space in white as a task lamp next to his sofa, and Ginny has #2 in her living room which also comes in a more narrow version. I also love #19 for a more traditional style, or #10 if your style leans a bit more modern glam.

1. The Grasshopper Task Floor Lamp | 2. Stand Floor Lamp | 3. Curvilinear Mid Century Floor Lamp | 4. Rico Espinet Buster Floor Lamp | 5. Avenue Brass Floor Lamp | 6. Studio Floor Lamp | 7. Knox Bronze Brass Task Floor Lamp | 8. Stem Floor Lamp | 9. Albany Tree Floor Lamp | 10. Sphere Stem Floor Lamp | 11. Cylinder Floor Lamp | 12. Kenneth Floor Lamp | 13. Surveyor Floor Lamp | 14. Clint Floor Lamp | 15. Hackney Floor Lamp | 16. Raku Arched Floor Lamp | 17. Split Deco Floor Lamp | 18. Brooklyn Tripod Floor Lamp | 19. Stirrup Antique Bronze Floor Lamp | 20. Odum Tripod Floor Lamp | 21. Catalina Adjustable Task Floor Lamp

Ambient Lighting – this is the main category that light falls under. Basically any type of lighting that generally lights a space in a diffused way. Ambient lighting is your friend when it comes to soft natural feeling light in a room. Lamps with fabric shades on them, glass opaque domes, or basically anything that is diffusing the light coming from the bulb fall into this category. You will want at least a few of these types of lights in each room if you don’t have overhead lighting as they help to light the room in an even diffused way creating a warm and soft glow.

Moving on up into the $100 – $250 range opens the options and styles up a little more.

The only thing that comes to mind right now is Rico’s gorgeous lighting fixtures, one of which would probably fit right in with the Jado hardware.

Perfect if you crave the look of an industrial, modern chandelier but just don’t have the ceiling height.

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This fixture’s Buckminster Fuller-inspired faceted glass globe will make an intriguiging centerpiece for any room.

Seven bulbs make this flush mount fixture appropriate even for a space where you need a lot of light, and has the grandness to stand in for a chandelier.

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All the style and glamour of a chandelier in a fixture that hugs the ceiling.

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Keep in mind as you shop through some of our favorites below that each room should be lit from at least two sources of light, one of which should always be ambient lighting. Now that we have our basics in place let’s get into some of our favorites at every price point for your browsing pleasure.

The classic schoolhouse fixture, available in a variety of finishes and in a variety of shapes.

We’ve all seen them: the dreaded boob lights, marring apartments and builder-grade homes everywhere with their unrepentant mediocrity. If you’re a little bit handy you’ve probably replaced one, or thought about it, but then you probably ran into the same difficulty I did when I started looking for a fixture to replace the boobs in my own apartment: flush-mount fixtures can be really ugly. If the room in question doesn’t have the head room for a beautiful chandelier with a two-foot drop, finding the right fixture can be a real challenge. Where are all the nice-looking flush-mount lights? Surely, they have to be out there…somewhere, so we decided to do a little hunting, and here’s what we found.

Goodbye Boob Lights: 15 Stylish, Modern Flush-Mount Fixtures

Just because your room doesn’t have natural light or great overhead lighting doesn’t mean that it can’t be a beautifully lit room. Floor lamps, sconces, and table lamps can all do the trick and help to bring in that additional light some rooms desperately need, so today we are tackling floor lamps. But, before we dive into it, let’s break down the different types of lighting and when they works best:

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1. Trio Floor Lamp | 2. Adesso Director Floor Lamp | 3. Marble Floor Lamp | 4. Solid Spotlight Floor Lamp | 5. Crane Floor Lamp | 6. Silver Hemisphere Floor Lamp | 7. Dormont Floor Lamp | 8. Louise Tripod Floor Lamp | 9. Sphera Floor Lamp | 10. Cosmos Floor Lamp | 11. Brogan Task Floor Lamp | 12. John Metallic Bronze Floor Lamp | 13. Joakim Floor Lamp | 14. Cylinder Task Floor Lamp | 15. 3 Head Globe with Marble Base Floor Lamp | 16. Mast Floor Lamp | 17. Wilmington Metal Floor Lamp | 18. Stilt Floor Lamp | 19. Stacked Ball Floor Lamp | 20. Theo Blue Floor Lamp | 21. Shellany Floor Lamp

When it comes to lighting in your home the options are endless, and there is nothing worse than picking out the wrong piece that ultimately doesn’t do the right job and bums you out every time you turn it on. There is a reason ABC spends a small fortune lighting those perfect vignettes that we watch all those bachelorettes give their confessionals in – good lighting makes you and the room look good. Lighting can drastically change the way a room feels which is why today we are bringing light to the issue (see what I did there) and pulling together some of our favorite types of floor lamps at all different price points.

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Task (or Directional) Lighting – this type of lighting while still generally lighting the room like the ambient lighting category does, it serves a more specific purpose. Think a task lamp above a reading chair, or a metal shaded arc lamp above a dining table. They help you with a specified task which requires more directional light. These are great to sprinkle around the room when you need them but if they are your only source of light you will find that you have spots of light throughout your room rather than an even glow like you would with ambient diffused lighting.

This chandelier can be mounted with a drop or installed flush to the ceiling.

1. Owen Matte Brass Table Lamp | 2. Sommerard Floor Lamp | 3. IC Task Floor Lamp | 4. Preston Floor Lamp | 5. Mid Century Overarching Floor Lamp | 6. Laiton Floor Lamp | 7. Cypress 3 Arm Floor Lamp | 8. Triad Hand Fordged Floor Lamp | 9. Rayne Floor Lamp | 10. Moresby Floor Lamp | 11. Crane Floor Lamps | 12. Brass & Black Iron Floor Lamp | 13. Mid Century Wooden Floor  Lamp | 14. Grasshopper Blue Gray Floor Lamp | 15. Brompton Swing Arm Floor Lamp | 16. Rome Floor Lamp | 17. Martel Floor Lamp | 18. Tree Floor Lamp | 19. Cleo Floor Lamp | 20. Alderwood Tree Floor Lamp | 21. Anchorage Floor Lamp | 22. Varnado Arched Floor Lamp | 23. Miles Floor Lamp | 24. Sommerard Triple Arm Floor Lamp | 25. Mulberry Tripod Floor Lamp | 26. Garner Floor Lamp | 27. Carson Floor Lamp

So, are there any sources that we have left off that are great places to source lighting, or have any of you tried any of these options above? If so let us know below and also let us know what you would like us to roundup next.

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Under $100 for a floor lamp is a pretty good price and we tried to pull together some great options. We love #7 as a task lamp for the price and style and have used it in a few makeovers. #9 and #21 are great options to put next to a sofa in a living room to create that natural light we talked about earlier in the post, and if you are looking for a great lamp to add to your cozy reading nook then #1 comes in a few different colors to suit your style.

We are – at the moment – stuck in our bi-weekly accounting session (which always makes us incredibly tense) and have to therefore throw this out to the crowd.

Hurricane Katrina has motivated a bathroom renovation. We’ve got the paint, a vanity, a gorgeous Jado faucet, but haven’t found decent modern bathroom lighting. We can’t wait to ditch the hideous oak strip! Our tiny bath requires a wall mounted fixture. Any suggestions? Thanks! Sarah

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1. Crosby Schoolhouse Floor Lamp | 2. Dawson Antique High Pharmacy Floor Lamp | 3. Franklin Floor Lamp | 4. Menlo Collection Floor Lamp | 5. Hektar Floor Lamp | 6. Modern Globe Floor Lamp | 7. Cantilever Floor Lamp | 8. Ranarp Floor Lamp | 9. Orbit Trio Floor Lamp | 10. Arched Floor Lamp | 11. Bleeker Adjustable Floor | 12. Puppis Task Floor Lamp | 13. Nixon Floor Lamp | 14. Solleftea Floor Lamp | 15. Pendant Floor Lamp | 16. Exposed Bulb Multi Head Floor Lamp | 17. Barometer Floor Lamp | 18. Oak Wood Tripod Floor Lamp | 19. Arc Floor Lamp | 20. Copper Arched Floor Lamp | 21. Brass Tripod Floor Lamp

Accent Lighting – the smallest of the categories, these lights typically do not bring a lot of general diffused light to a room but more serve as an accent piece or have exposed bulbs which can often be harsh to look into. There are a few of these that we included below. They are sculptural, pretty, and still provide light but should be used sparingly and as an addition to the other two categories rather than the main source.

I started this interior design blog in 2010 as a journal of my style and home projects with the belief that design should be approachable, informational and accessible no matter what budget.

I love and have used #15 in my own living room, #12 is a simple modern option for diffused lighting and if you are ready to bring some copper into your life then try out #14 which is a classic and will never go out of style.

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