Hanging Lamp Lacquered Steel All Lighting Matter

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Hanging lamp lacquered steel all lighting
Beach pebble ochre pendant beach pebble designed by ochre is a pendant made of a solid glass drop illuminated by led carved oak cap with matching canopy
Hanging Lamp Lacquered Steel All Lighting Matter

Materials: Metal shade with feminine lines and a more masculine chrome-plated suspension and the matching textile cable.

CONCEPT LED suspension for direct diffuse lighting. MATERIALS Disc made of Baydur (large and medium models) or aluminium (small version). Aluminium stem and decorative canopy matt painted. OPTIC Microprismatic …

… giving thesuspension a soft and original feel. The red wrapped cord brings the lamp a touch of irony (but canbe replaced with a transparent one on request). The magnetic hanging device makes installationand …

pendant lamp / contemporary / polished brass / opalescent glass CIRIO CASCADA by Antoni Arola

Materials: Powder-coated steel or polished copper-plated frame.Subtle grey smoked glass shade.Cloth-covered cord.

pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / acrylic LP SLIM ROUND Ø250

CONCEPT Direct or direct/indirect emission suspension fixtue for LED lamps. MATERIALS Metal frame, body in matt coloured Baydur® polymer and lower diffuser in opaline polycarbonate. MOUNTING Complete …

CONCEPT Diffused emission suspension fixture for halogen and LED lamp with E27 lamp holder or compact fluorescent lamps. MATERIALS Metal frame and opaline glass …

pendant lamp / original design / painted aluminum / methacrylate PLISSE’ cod.21002/DIM/AN by Emiliana Martinelli 2017

Form follows function with BuzziJet, an intentionally simple design based on the principles of geometric acoustics. Wide in diameter, this cylindrical design allows sound waves to bounce back-and-forth within the radius of its circular …

Materials: Made of polyester mesh shade, acrylic, nickel-chrome steel hardware, and fabric cord.

pendant with chain and built-up base in inox 316 – indoor and outdoor use

pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / acrylic LP SLIM ROUND Ø440

pendant lamp / contemporary / polycarbonate / methacrylate AINA 6683+2695 by Jordi Jané

pendant lamp / contemporary / lacquered aluminum / methacrylate COASSIALE cod.2885/S/NE by Vittorio Venezia 2017

Design: Poul Henningsen Concept: The fixture provides 100% glare-free light. Its design is based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which directs majority of the light downwards. The fixture emits both downward …

LED hanging lamp Family: APOLO Application: Hanging Diffuser: Glass Frame: Brass Finishes: C – Chrome Nm – Matt Nickel Bulb: LED 40W 3300lm …

pendant lamp / original design / Opalflex® / Lentiflex® LA LOLLO by Lorenza Bozzoli

pendant lamp / contemporary / metal / adjustable SNOOKER FOR G-BOARD

pendant lamp / contemporary / blown glass / handmade MOBY 5092

Description Suspended lamp for diffused light. Materials Ceiling rose: matt white painted. Diffuser: crystal with sandblasted engravings. Internal screen in Pyrex glass.

Even though, theoretically, contemporary pendant lighting can be installed in any room, there are some rooms and spaces in which they look particularly striking. A large pendant lighting model, or a grouping of smaller pendant lights, looks particularly dramatic over a flat surface, like a dining room table or kitchen island—mainly because horizontal surface areas act as nice visual counterpoints to the vertical line created by pendant lamps. No doubt, this is a primary reason that modern pendant lighting appears so often in kitchens and dining areas. That said, depending on the particular features of your living room, bedroom, and entryway, modern pendant lighting has the potential to be equally striking in almost any room in a house.

Papavero Raggiante suspension lamp is a tribute to the poetry of flowers, their innate evocative power made of colours and perfumes and an homage to the creative genius of Gherardo Frassa and his unique Poppies at the …

pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / incandescent DOME C

Materials: Metal shade with soft, feminine lines and a chrome-plated suspension with a more masculine expression, textile cable.

pendant lamp / contemporary / brass / LED EPOQUE : 0G90S by Stefano Papi & Saviz Yaghma

Design: Louis Poulsen A/S Concept: The slim housing encircles and high-efficient acrylic diffuser emitting diffused primarily downward directed light. The slim body has a slight curvature and an inner curve which reduces …

pendant lamp / contemporary / blown glass / handmade MOBY 5095

… compact, ornamental design – apt to serve as a recurrent embellishment conjuring images of Versailles – which exudes its warm LED candle light, lending atmosphere to large spaces.

With Sfera by Patrizia Volpato it is time to discoverthe new directions taken by design to transformeveryday scenarios into places of pure pleasure.The destination is a new aesthetic avant-garde,in which light and steel merge to give …

Materials: White satin finish hand-blown diffuser achieved using glass blowing procedure without turning the glass in the mold (referred to as “stationary”), subject to immersion in acid.The glass in the medium and large version is incorporated with a matt transparent injection molded polycarbonate ring nut, which is in white polycarbonate in the small version.

Matt transparent injection molded polycarbonate lamp holder support.Stainless steel suspension cable and a transparent electrical cable.Canopy with galvanized metal bracket and matt white batch-dyed ABS cover.

Materials: Metal wire frame, poly carbonate lenses, ultra thin suspension wire.

New designs by Bec Brittain are now available. This up-and-coming lighting designer, known for her fascination with crystalline structures, has just released several new designs. Click on the image above to see the fresh additions as well as  her other work on offer.


pendant lamp / contemporary / Opalflex® / handmade VELI MINI QUARTET

Hanging lamp, diffused light with a transparent methacrylate diffuser and laser drawn lines effect (21001/AN) which are lighted by a LED light source inside an anthracite lacquered aluminium …

Materials: Aluminum body.Polycarbonate lens assembly.Powder coat white steel canopy (field paintable).Fabric cord.

Why should I choose modern pendant lighting over other kinds of contemporary ceiling lights?

pendant lamp / contemporary / metal / blown glass BOLETA by jordi jané

Materials: Spun brass shade, powder coated exterior, hand-beaten interior.

pendant lamp / contemporary / felt / dimmable BUZZIPLEAT LED by 13&9 Design

La Lollo is a tribute to the roaring 50’s, a series of graceful suspensions that reawaken images of divas in the spotlight. The patented techno-polymer cylinders, in varying shades of contemporary prismatic metallization and geometric …

Teak is a wonderful material with which to work, and we are always excited when one of our designers puts it to good use. Shown here is a detail of Matt Gagnon’s Knit Fort woven from teak and rubber cord. First shown a few years ago during New York design week, we recently set it up and have fallen in love all over again.  

pendant lamp / contemporary / crystal CRISTALLINA by Romani Saccani

pendant lamp / contemporary / crystal / dimmable MANTA : 0K031 by Dodo Arslan & Nicolas Terzani


A ceramic print detail of fine stripes creates an ethereal moiré pattern on the glass planes of Tom Dixon’s new Trace side table. Part of a larger series soon to be up on our website.  

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Whether grand or understated, lavish or minimal, modern pendant lighting designs are amongst the most popular contemporary ceiling lights for a very good reason. Much like jewelry, this aptly named category of modern ceiling lights always makes an eye-catching statement in the home, whether suspended above dining table, kitchen island, or entryway. If you’re in the market for pendant lighting, you’ll likely find such a vast array of options that narrowing things down will be a challenge. Consider the following key questions hen you find yourself in search of striking modern ceiling lights.

Bocci’s 22 series outlets are now available in a tamper resistant version. The 22 series is the most revolutionary development in electrical socket technology in the past 100 years. This subtle detail will elevate any space to the next level.

Please contact us for more details.


Materials: Plastic coating over a steel wire-frame, brushed, nickel-plated steel.

… chosen for Penta: brass, aluminum and copper; respecting the lamp’s interior color and applying an oxidation process to the outside of the lamp. “The premise was to make an interior table lamp …

hanging lamp / contemporary / aluminum / dimmable BOXY : R C

pendant lamp / contemporary / glass / LED ELIPSE S/50/H OUTDOOR by Alex Fernández Camps & Gonzalo Milà

pendant lamp / contemporary / metal / fabric BUZZIHAT by Alain Gilles

Karl Zahn’s Momentum series is now on the web site. We showed this work for the first time during NY Design week. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind study in materiality and motion. All are handmade by the designer.

  Gifts Matter: A curated selection of objects designed by Jonah Takagi, Max Lamb, Objects of Common Interest, Other Kingdom and Visibility, among others.

Taking form from its Olympian namesake, Discus is an extended lighting family that is equal parts classical and contemporary. The versatile collection is available in table, floor, and swing-arm sconce iterations, and is also offered as a series of modular hanging and wall-mounted fixtures.

Crypto has an original shape in transparent glass, with irregular surfaces that recur in varying lengths, a design creation for attractive and elegant suspension compositions, giving movement and volume to their surroundings.

Materials: White opaque disks made in moulded ABS. Chromed semi-sphere.

SNOOKER is more than just a pendant lamp. Its creative and playful construction is based above all on the innovative GRAVITY LIFT: the luminaire should be able to be adjusted in height and position at …

Paul Loebach’s designs often focus on the emotive meanings of objects. With Major, a collection of large-scale hanging lamps, Paul takes inspiration from brass musical instruments.

In Volpato Patrizia House sprouts a new seed of ideas and design that smells of summer and velvety fragrance and that, as a Sunflower, follows trend and style. Essences of light radiate and intoxicate the senses projecting the view in …

This collection is defined by the essential shape of the semicircular shade and the exclusive mirror finish.


pendant lamp / contemporary / polycarbonate / methacrylate AINA 6683+2696 by Jordi Jané

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pendant lamp / contemporary / steel / glass FOLIAE by Roberto Mora

pendant lamp / contemporary / metal / LED EPOQUE : 0G91S by Stefano Papi & Saviz Yaghma

TECH Lighting SoCo Pendant Light – Modern from $85.50 $95.00

Materials: Stainless steel, Copper, Anodized Aluminum, Brass.Powder coated metal.

… andfeminine cluster. Each diffusor is fitted with a magnetic hanging device, making installation andmaintenance quick and easy. The red wrapped cord brings a touch of irony to the suspension lamp,and …

Materials: Stainless steel canopy.Fibreglass soaked in epoxy resin, chromed steel pendant.

Materials: Steel canopy. Aluminum socket. Spun aluminum shade. Aluminum check-ring. PVC cord.

pendant lamp / contemporary / lacquered steel / polished stainless steel PAPAVERO RAGGIANTE by Gherardo Frassa

pendant lamp / contemporary / polycarbonate / metal ERCOLE LED

Materials: Lamp and ceiling canopy in water resistant recycled paper, ceramic lamp holder and fabric wire.

Materials: Cement diffuser, consisting off a special amalgam colored with pigments, produced by pouring the fluid mixture into a mold.Internal parabola shaped aluminum diffuser for the halogen version.

Canopy with galvanized metal bracket and batch-dyed ABS cover.

pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / polycarbonate MONETA SUSPENSION

pendant lamp / contemporary / blown glass / opalescent glass SCONFINE SFERA by Matteo Thun

The Murano glass shaped in timeless forms, in many colors, from origin to creations of contemporary and prestigious, to furnish as well as illuminate the spaces with extreme elegance.

pendant lamp / contemporary / polycarbonate / methacrylate LAIA by Jordi Jané

Beyond that very practical advantage, though, contemporary pendant lighting designs are simply great visual statements. Dramatically suspended in the air, they automatically draw the eye. With the advancement of technology and innovative material applications, contemporary ceiling lights are more versatile than ever, comprised of glass, metals, synthetic composites, and even concrete.

Pendant lamps are versatile and useful in many different settings, including areas devoted to work, reading or relaxation. They are found in homes, offices, stores, factories and any covered space protected from strong winds.

Are there rooms in which contemporary pendant lighting looks better than others?

TS, short for ”The Standard”, is inspired by the 30’s architecture of the building in Copenhagen that houses, among other establishments, the Verandah restaurant. The tables’ metal base and marble top reference materials found in the original building.

Sophisticated and versatile, TS complements a variety of interiors.

Description Suspended lamp for diffused light. Materials Structure: anodized aluminium. Ceiling rose: matt white painted. Diffuser: opal white blown glass. Internal capsule in pyrex glass.

pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / dimmable BOXY : XL R C

pendant lamp / contemporary / metal CON.TRADITION by Sara Bernardi

pendant lamp / contemporary / crystal / dimmable MANTA : 0K011 by Dodo Arslan & Nicolas Terzani

A seed crystal is a tiny crystal used to grow larger crystals. They provide order emerging from chaos. This concept is the inspiration for a series of lamps by Bec Brittain for Roll & Hill. An armature of round, mitered tubes defines a chaotic void, yet order is imminent as seeds appear.

A pendant lamp hangs from the ceiling. ArchiExpo classifies this type of fixture by style, including design, contemporary and classic.

A very recognizable design that fits every decoration.The shade tone from transparent to pastel emphasizes the quality of the glass.

Materials: The lamp consists of an epoxy powder coated white aluminum plate and 6 different shaped translucent methacrylate slabs which fit into one another thanks to purpose designed couplings cut into the slabs.

In the red version, the slabs are silk-screen printed and colored on the outside.Two stainless steel suspension cables and transparent electrical cable, canopy with galvanized metal bracket and epoxy powder coated white metal cover.

hanging lamp / contemporary / rotomolded polyethylene / resin KIKI cod.21004/10/NE by Paola Navone

Description Suspended fixture for downward light. Materials Ceiling rose: matt white painted. Outer diffuser: painted metal (S5), painted polypropylene (S7). Lower diffuser: opal white thermoformed methacrylate

As it is with any major design element in a room or space, scale is essential. Modern ceiling lights, including pendants, are more artful than ever today—making them particularly desirable. But scale—the size of contemporary pendant lighting in relation to other elements in the room, and the size of the room itself—has everything to do with how a space benefits from the chosen light fixture. Making sure that the pendant lighting you choose are not only ones that you love but also ones that are optimal for the room’s proportions, is as essential as almost any other feature of lighting design.

pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / stainless steel PH ARTICHOKE by Poul Henningsen

pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / brass PENTA S/30 by Gonzalo Milà & Juan Carlos Ines

pendant lamp / contemporary / brass / glass APOLO : C-824/120

Elipse outdoor is a simple, free and flexible solution on its application. It can be used for a table top hanging from a branch during a dinner, to light a corner of a garden next to a hammock, or create a magical atmosphere …

… range is the use of handblown glass globes, a new decorative eye-catcher that combines warm tints and materials with the latest LED technology. The Gibbo is a suspended fixture with a base positioned at an angle so that …

pendant lamp / contemporary / glass / transparent ALMA by Chiaramonte & Marin

Hanging device, direct or indirect light, in grey aluminum. Metal tiges, 150 cm standard height, to connect into the rectangular box which is made in painted metal, to be fixed on the ceiling. LED light …

pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / polycarbonate BEBOP SUSPENSION

… the home, suitable for use indoors and outdoors, with a perfectly-arranged aluminium injection body housing state-of-the-art LED technology in a single circular plate, shielded from watching eyes by an opaline diffuser. …

pendant lamp / contemporary / blown glass / borosilicate glass DROP S/24L by Christophe Mathieu

Pendant consisting of two half spheres, the upper one metal and the lower one satin blown glass. It is manufactured in two sizes, 145 and 232 mm in diameter. Available in three finishes: anthracite grey lacquer with gold …

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Modern ceiling lights of any kind offer the obvious advantage of taking up no valuable real estate in a home. Because they’re independent of a room’s floor space or surface area, contemporary ceiling lights, including pendant lighting, can be considered for their own merits, and for how well they complement a room’s other elements, without any thought to how much space is available in a room.

CONCEPT Direct emission suspension fixture for dimmable LED module 230V. MATERIALS Matt painted aluminium body complete with opaline polycarbonate diffuser. OPTIC Metalised aluminium internal reflector. MOUNTING Complete …

… elegant fusion that gives rise to a lamp conceived to light up any spot, whether at home, in a hotel, at the office or in a restaurant. Whether in a single unit or several in sequence, Moaré Liviana is a pendant …

The Veli Mini Quartet Couture is a dramatic suspension lamp with a single, 32 cm canopy and fourcascading spheres. Each luminous diffusor, using volant of unbreakable, patented technopolymerOpalflex® and then printed …

pendant lamp / contemporary / metal / adjustable SNOOKER FOR G-50 CHANNEL

Hanging lamp Family: BASIC CONTRACT Application: Hanging Diffuser: Fabric Frame: Aluminium Finishes: M/O – Brown/Gold N/R – Black/Red Bulb: LED 20W 2000lm 3000K Dimmable: …

Visibility is an industrial design studio based in New York City which focuses on the purity of an idea, as well as its material and formal actualities. Their Matter Made Kyuzo capsule collection includes desk accessories and other small goods that exemplify the fusion between technology & design.

Design is about surprise, exclusivity, experimentation… something that knows how to convey AINA, the new collection of pendant lights that invite you to take full advantage of our creativity. AINA offers a whole spectrum …

  Mirror, glass and lighting works by Sabine Marcelis are available in NY exclusively at MATTER

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… creating a rim of light. With its curved, pristine shape, this is a design that will never go unremarked. A 500 mm diameter pendant light with an upper base and lower diffusing shade with black sides for the stainless …

Description Suspended lamp for diffused light. Materials Matt white painted metallic structure and ceiling rose. Transparent gray or red, thermoformed PMMA upper diffuser. Opal white roto-moulded lowe diffuser.

Animates space with elegance and spontaneity, awakening memories of a past full of celebrity divas and limelight with its shape and chromes. LED illuminated cylinders are arranged at different heights around a central ring and alternate …

pendant lamp / contemporary / blown glass / handmade MOBY 5094

CONCEPT LED pendant for direct diffuse lighting. MATERIALS Plaster-white painted aluminium body. Plasterwhite painted polycarbonate front element. Die-cast aluminium finned internal heat sink. OPTIC Optic …

pendant lamp / contemporary / steel / iron BATTI.BATTI by Skrivo

pendant lamp / contemporary / metal / LED BLANCOWHITE D1 / D2 by Antoni Arola

ELIPSE S/50/H OUTDOOR by Alex Fernández Camps & Gonzalo Milà

… The support is moulded in resin and rubber, black, and cabled for LED bulbs. The diffusor is in rotomoulded polyethylene. The power cable is equipped with an outdoor plug. The Kiki lamp allows illuminating …

suspension with textile cable – glass – 100% made in Belgium

pendant lamp / contemporary / glass / transparent CRYPTO : 292/S1

Your answer has been taken into account. Thank-you for your help.

pendant lamp / contemporary / blown glass / handmade MOBY 5093

Cosiness is large and round; of that the Superdome is proof. This hanging fitting was initially created as an XXL version of Tweeter, one of the award winners in the collection. The Superdome is perfectly at home in double …

Finally, and maybe most relevant, is the fact that pendant lighting has the potential to emit the kind of nuanced lighting that enhances a room’s ambience immeasurably. Beautiful modern ceiling lights that emit beautiful lighting are a hard-to-resist combination.

Materials: Shades: Spun aluminum.Concealing shield: Sand-blasted, glass.Struts: Rolled aluminum.

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… result are lamps, minimal, elegant and refined in shapes, the perfect choice for modern indoor spaces. Available in 4 sizes and 3 finishes (black, white or chrome) they are transversal in use (floor, wall or ceiling). A …

The name of this ceiling lamp by Stefan Krivokapic is inspired by a stage of the process whereby metal is forged. In the Medieval days, the Tuscan blacksmiths used full iron rods that were first heated and then beaten …

… give it to us, decomposed in a myriad of sparkling reflections, creating irregular plays of light on the surface where the lamp stands. A modular lighting solution to produce imaginative compositions that adapt to numerous …

… rectangular plate combines smart LED technology with the sobriety of lines that have been refined to the essential, ideal for installation above oblong tables. All models in the BlancoWhite family house a smart LED …

… suspended from the ceiling or applied as wall-hanging. The suspended BuzziPleat LED configuration marries sound control and illumination. It is equipped with BuzziSol, a powerful LED light source. The …

pendant lamp / contemporary / anodized aluminum / blown glass CHORUS MINI

pendant lamp / contemporary / Murano glass / white GLACE : 4612/S1 , 4613/S1

ELIPSE S/30/H OUTDOOR by Alex Fernández Camps & Gonzalo Milà

pendant lamp / contemporary / Opalflex® / handmade VELI MINI SINGLE by Adriano Rachele

pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / fabric BASIC : C-142/50

A simple and versatile pendant light fixture from BuzziSpace. Designed to fit existing acoustic lighting solutions, such as BuzziPleat and BuzziShade, this frosted LED globe light hangs from a black powder …

Filters: find the right products faster. Terminology: use the most common industry terms. Brands: a wider selection. Products: to improve the relevance of the collection. Other

The ULTRA comes in many different models, but they all have one thing in common. Its quite small tube shapes is what defines this range of lighting fixtures. Whether in single use or accompanied by another cylinder to make it directional, …

pendant lamp / contemporary / metal / LED KIKA by Franziska Hinze

pendant lamp / original design / Lentiflex® / Cristalflex® LA LOLLO L by Lorenza Bozzoli

… sufficient to permit their use. The new 96W LED version of the fixture offers the same light output, comfort and atmosphere as the 500W incandescent bulb version. We have designed a completely new light element for …

… counterweight to go up and down, constitute a practical arrangement of those applied in more commonplace pendant lighting. All models house a smart LED plate (executed via a dot cutting system) with …

… design arouses a sense of harmony and wellbeing. LAIA’s geometric lines create an all-enveloping symmetry, resulting in a pendant light that melds perfectly with any interior that calls for a singular feature. In addition, …

pendant lamp / contemporary / Opalflex® / technopolymer VELI MINI TRIO by Adriano rachele

PURSUE PERFECTION! Ornamental aluminum, coated in white or black and a hand made glass cylinder at the heart of the design are the ingredients that make the Dome collection unique and irresistible. With 3 varieties of coloured glass …

pendant lamp / contemporary / fabric / LED LENT cod.21001/DIM by Yonoh Creative Studio 2017

pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / golden BASIC : C-52/45

Materials: Chrome plated or black painted steel.White plastic cable (black cable in black shade).

Description Suspended lamp for diffused light. Materials Ceiling rose: matt white painted. Structure: anodized aluminium. Diffuser: blown glass with single incision and external painting. Internal capsule in pyrex glass

Materials: Polycarbonate lens assembly. Aluminum stem, ABS base and shade. Steel insert. Fabric cord.

Materials: Fibreglass soaked in epoxy resin, chromed steel pendant.

Direct and indirect light, thanks to the LED light sources hold inside two colored aluminium cylindrical supports which are at the endpoint of the twice power cables. One is for the ceiling connection, the other one is …

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pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / dimmable DUEMILATRE cod.2003/50/DIM/L/1/GR by Emiliana Martinelli

pendant lamp / contemporary / polyester / LED MOARÉ LIVIANA by Antoni Arola

SNOOKER is more than just a pendant lamp: its creative and playful design is based above all on the innovative GRAVITY LIFT. The luminaire can be adjusted tool-free in height and position at any time …

Choice will depend on the size and nature of the space to be illuminated, be it a reading, eating, work or leisure area. Ceiling height is another factor to consider.

… generates reflections in the body of the luminaire, which gives it a floating character. The SCONFINE Sfera LED combines all of the advantages of LED technology with room-determining aesthetics.

… LAlampada, probably is what each of us imagines thinking of a lamp. A suspended lamp that does not hide all its strength thanks to the solid metal (aluminum or steel) with which the diffuser is made. …

pendant lamp / contemporary / blown glass / borosilicate glass DROP S/48L by Christophe Mathieu

Reminiscent of the tubular shape of a propeller, BuzziProp is an aerodynamic design with sound absorbent capabilities. With its minimal design, BuzziProp allows your mind to travel to an uninterrupted and balanced space, for improved …

pendant lamp / contemporary / polyester / dimmable SUPERDOME

pendant lamp / contemporary / metal / LED BLANCOWHITE R3 by Antoni Arola

The main idea of the collection is built around a lampshade, characterized by the curvature at the top and the sfumato technique of the crystal, which allows light to radiate and spread comfortably in the environment.

A decorative and highly recognizable hat-shaped pendant light with excellent sound absorption capabilities. Its unique design, combining an upholstered part with a metal shade is bound to steal the attention in any space. …

NEO/CRAFT develops products from top-grade raw materials, which are processed in highly innovative ways. Their form is often deceptively simple – after all, it’s the details that make every object unique.

… with transparent electric cable. Finishes: nickel galvanised, shiny 24 K gold galvanised, cylinder in opaline glass. Ceiling lamp with rosette coordinated with the finish.

Ref: C-52/45 Energy Saving Hanging lamp Versions: USA UK J DIfusser: Aluminium Frame: ALUMINIO Finishes: Black Bulb: 1X E-27 PL 25W

A satin blown glass made of a conical base and a ovoid shape.Available as pendant, ceiling and wall versions.

LED Hanging lamp Family: TOMAS Application: Hanging Frame: Aluminium Finishes: Am – Yellow Az – Blue B – White N – Black R – Red V – Green Bulb: LED …

pendant lamp / contemporary / glass / LED ELIPSE S/30/H OUTDOOR by Alex Fernández Camps & Gonzalo Milà

Ref: C-53 Energy Saving Hanging lamp Versions: USA UK J DIfusser: Frame: Steel Finishes: Chrome – Matt nickel – White Bulb: 1 X E27 PL 18W

pendant lamp / minimalist design / stainless steel / methacrylate ALINA by Jordi Jané

pendant lamp / contemporary / glass / commercial QUADRI : 455/S1

pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / LED ARNE DOMUS by Santa & Cole Team

pendant lamp / contemporary / aluminum / acrylic LP SLIM ROUND Ø680

The Boxy is a longstanding classic in the Delta Light range. With the launch of The Lighting Bible 11 the range has been extended to become a divers and very functional range, featuring both cube and round shaped options in different …

… creator: “I was looking for a very bright light, and the translucent glass and its shape contribute to it. The light source is an LED that is hidden so that light is the only protagonist. Then, when the light is projected …

Hanging lamp with an acoustic comfort through an aluminium reflector covered with a special soundproof material and a fabric. It’s able to absorb the acoustic waves slowing down its reflection. Central …

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