Hanging Outdoor Lights Outdoor Pendant Lighting At Lumens

tech lighting Hanging Outdoor Lights Outdoor Pendant Lighting At Lumens

tech lighting Hanging Outdoor Lights Outdoor Pendant Lighting At Lumens

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24 Inch Option Canopy: H 1.88″, Dia 6.5″ 24 Inch Option Fixture: H 12.5″, Dia 24″ 24 Inch Option Maximum Hanging: L Adj From 20.5″, Adj To 68.5″

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This assortment of outdoor ceiling lights can accommodate a wide variety of decorative styles, ranging from traditional spaces to those with the most modern of outdoor furniture. Rustic and mission themed exteriors benefit from the pendant designs by Arroyo Craftsman. Hinkley Lighting offers solutions for almost any porch or patio style and if you love the classic lantern look in your outdoor lighting scheme, turn to the pendants from Troy Lighting or Maxim Lighting. In superbly modern outdoor living areas, Pablo Lighting’s collection of pendants offer eye-catching good looks. Finally, look to SeaGull Lighting’s outdoor pendants for fixtures that are stunning and equally energy efficient from their LED light sources.

In any space where a suspended light or chandelier is present, you can upgrade your home’s efficiency with the introduction of an LED pendant lamp. Whether you’re seeking focused downlighting over kitchen islands or bars, or an ambient, glowing centerpiece over a dining room table, modern LED pendants are here to answer the call. Consider rectangular pendants for the kitchen island or string together a set of mini LED pendant lights. Dining rooms benefit from large pendants, shining brightly for formal dinner parties or occasional gatherings. In the living room, a pendant is able to be the focal point of the area and create a lasting impression with an LED pendant in the entryway or foyer. Finally, look to any of outdoor LED hanging lights for covered porches and patios just waiting for a statement-making piece.

In the entryway or foyer, a large pendant or clustered pendant makes a welcoming statement that sometimes cannot be achieved with a traditional chandelier. As soon as guests enter your home, they will be met with the grace and elegance of your choice of lighting. Consider hanging a pendant in the living room as a conversation piece. You may even want to combine several mini pendant lights on a track or monorail system to create focused and character-filled lighting in the living room. And if you have the ceiling height in any of your bedrooms, be it the kids’ playroom or the master bedroom, any of the adjustable pendant lights offer you the option to choose the suspension length to accommodate your specific ceiling height. Mini pendants are also another option in place of a familiar bedside lamp.

Fixture: L 64″, H 1.8″, Wgt 4.6 Lbs. Maximum Hanging: L Adj From 6″, Adj To 118″

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Hanging Outdoor Lights | Outdoor Pendant Lighting at Lumens.com

Canopy: Dia 4.75″ Cord: L 10′ Fixture: H 10″, Dia 16″, Wgt 3Lbs Maximum Hanging: L Adj To 130″

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As with any form of contemporary home decor, you are well-afforded the chance to show off your appreciation of color with pendant lamps. This highly-curated assortment of pendants gives you the opportunity to find a wide variety colors to use in almost any scenario. Mix and match shades of blue in a set of mini pendants for a cool, yet dramatic approach. Use stainless steel pendants in the kitchen to complement the work space environment of the room and any other stainless steel accessories you may have present. Consider layering the levels of color in your entryway to guarantee a great first impression among your guests. Outfit a minimalist home with neutral colors like black, white and gray, or go transparent with clear glass shade designs. And look to rustic brown or wrought-iron finishes for your outdoor living areas to complement the color tones found in these spaces. Try to consider other elements of your rooms to allow a pendant of choice to seamlessly blend in with your existing decor. Or opt for a personality-packed pendant that will bring a splash of radiance into the room. With so many color options to choose from, you’re bound to find the look in a hue you’ll love.

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In order to make the home more safe and approachable at night, outdoor pendant lighting is most beneficial outside the front and back doors on the deck or covered patio. For a modern look in the backyard, hang a few modern outdoor pendants along the stretch of the patio roof. Gazebos are also great places for adding a warm glow, so adding a cottage-style, craftsman or classic outdoor pendant here is a welcoming choice. And since they’re mostly damp rated (and not wet rated), these hanging lamps need to stay under some sort of cover. To learn more about wet rated vs. damp rated for light fixtures, look to our information about UL Ratings.

Canopy: Dia 4.75″ Cord: L 10′ Fixture: H 12″, Dia 12″, Wgt 3Lbs Suspension: L 132″

Description: The Hinkley Lighting Burke Outdoor Pendant takes its inspiration from the American Arts and Crafts architecture movement, emphasizing clean lines and solid construction. The aluminum frame is complemented with a glass cylinder, offering an intriguing contrast against the sleek metalwork.

Voltage is a key consideration to finding the right pendants for your home’s lighting system. Interior designer favorite, Tech Lighting is a go-to manufacturer of both line voltage and low voltage pendants, giving you a wealth of options to suit your lighting application. Take time to thorougly understand your home’s electrical system to help you make the best choice. If you don’t have the ceiling height for a pendant or hanging suspension fixture and still want something equally decorative, you’ll want to see the flush mount lighting category. As its name suggests, these fixtures install flush with the ceiling, providing a noticeable element in your rooms without being obtrusive or hanging too low from the base of the ceiling. Layer your levels of light in any given room by combining your ceiling lighting with a pair of wall sconces. You can further layer light in any given room with a mix of floor and table lamps too. Lastly, tune your lighting output to your specific mood or task by using dimmer controls.

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Hanging lamps offer mainly downward-focused lighting, making them an ideal option for dining room lighting and kitchen lighting when used over the dining table or for decorative island lighting. Long, linear-shaped pendant designs work well over kitchen islands and kitchen tables, or you can choose to string together a cluster of mini pendant lights for an eye-catching way to successfully cover your kitchen counter tops. Suddenly, the common dining room is a posh hangout for family and friends underneath any of the pendant lighting found in this well-curated assortment. And if it’s a touch of luxury you need in your dining space, crystal pendants make a noticeably sophisticated statement.

Ceiling Canopy: Dia 10.75″ Fixture: H 19″, Dia 23.5″ Maximum Hanging: L Adj To 157″

Description: Reminiscent of fine brushstrokes on a canvas, the SONNEMAN Lighting Gestures 3-Light LED Pendant transforms an artist’s classic sleight of hand into a three-dimensional illuminated sculpture that appears to float in the air.

Composed of exquisitely crafted Aluminum and Optical …

Because this collection of pendants is offered in a large variety of finishes, colors and sizes, it’s important to carefully select the right pendant for your outdoor are. First, determine where you plan to hang the pendant and properly measure for the right size (including width, weight and its hanging height). Because these fixtures will be exposed to moisture, you’ll want to try your best to hang them under a covered location like a porch or gazebo. Next, refine your options by the colors and finishes that suit your outdoor living area. Choosing the right finish is critical if you plan to have a cohesive design scheme between a pendant, outdoor sconces and other patio light fixtures. Lastly, check the pendant’s light source to be prepared with the right light bulbs at installation. If you have any questions about the outdoor hanging lights and pendants featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

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Canopy: H 2″, Dia 7.75″ Fixture: W 20″, H 9″, D 18″, Wgt 6.18Lbs Maximum Hanging: L Adj To 128″ Wire: L 120″

Description: Simple and sweet, the WAC Lighting Jill Mini Pendant features handmade cased glass in a variety of candy colors. Its familiar shape and finish options give this pendant a welcoming appeal in the soft contemporary kitchen.

Choose from Halogen or …

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LED Pendant Lights | LED Hanging Lights & Pendants at Lumens.com

Custom product built to order, usually ships within 4 to 5 weeks.

Description: Like a gentle drawl, the subtle gradation from white to gray captures the essence of ombre decor. The LBL Lighting Dahling Pendant features a translucent glass cylinder accented with soft frits of color that give the piece its character.

Choose …

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Fixture: H 11″, Dia 4″ Maximum Hanging: L Adj From 16″, Adj To 131″

Cable: L 10′ Canopy: Dia 4.75″ Cord: L 8′ Fixture: W Adj From 58″, Adj To 70″, H 14″, Wgt 9Lbs Suspension: L 134″

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Description: Designed to withstand the elements in style, the Bover Garota 01 Outdoor LED Pendant features a woven synthetic shade surrounding a polyethylene globe diffuser. The rounded shell is precisely wrapped with a vertical trending pattern like natural wicker, comfortably diffusing .


Pendant lights, hanging lights and ceiling suspensions can help personalize a space and put your sense of style on display. Contemporary pendant lights give a room a unique sense of structure and substance, showing funky and sometimes fascinatingly strange shapes. Pendants set the tone for whatever room or environment they are in and whether contemporary or not, these hanging ceiling fixtures create a sense of collected calm that is appropriate for the room. Hanging lamps also offer an alternative to traditional chandeliers or portable table lamps and floor lamps, contributing illumination from a single light source rather than many.

Canopy: Dia 5.5″ Fixture: H 27.8″, Dia 54.2″ Maximum Hanging: L Adj From 43″, Adj To 54″, Adj From 55″, Adj To 63″

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Cable: L 157.48″ Fixture: H 25.6″, Dia 38.6″ Suspension: L Adj To 183″

Description: The Elan Lighting Geo Cube LED Pendant features planes of laser cut acrylic that converge together to form a cube shape. The metallic banding adds contrast and visual interest to the simple piece while still being minimal in composition.

Lit …

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Cable: L 98.4″ Canopy: H 1.6″, Dia 9.8″ Fixture: L 53.1″, W 27.6″, H 0.8″

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Cable: L 72″ Canopy: Dia 8″ Fixture: W 40″ Maximum Hanging: L Adj To 75″ Shade: L 40″, W 0.75″, H 0.75″

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Industrial strength, approachable beauty. These beautiful outdoor pendants and hanging lights stand up to the elements with finishes and construction built to survive the great outdoors. This doesn’t mean hanging outdoor lights are visually unappealing, though. In fact, there are so many styles available, from rustic deisgns to ultra-contemporary, it’s easy to fit an outdoor pendant into your home’s exterior theme. Think of them as an added decorative element that supports the overall tenor of the home. They often hail from larger collections, too, so matching outdoor lighting fixtures is simple.

Pendant lighting is just one small piece of creating a well-designed outdoor lighting scheme. You’ll want to check out the selection of outdoor wall lights for the front porch or the back patio, outdoor flush mount lighting for lower ceilings or patios with limited ceiling to floor height, post lights for driveway and safety lighting, and landscape lighting for in-ground fixtures, well lights, bollards and deck lighting. With the right mix of outdoor and landscape lighting, you’ll enjoy staying outside long after the sun goes down. And be sure to browse the outdoor furniture category to increase the comfort factor of your deck or patio.

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Don’t forget about the great outdoors! Outdoor hanging lights, UL listed for damp and wet location areas, make relaxing outside after dark a welcomed option. Available in ultra-modern designs to those classic lantern shapes, the selection of outdoor pendants has everything you need to up the decorating ante in your exterior living area.

Depending on where you need a pendant light installed in your home, you will need to choose a size appropriate for the space and the available ceiling real estate. This selection of pendant lighting includes a variety of sizes to help you find the best lighting solution for almost any need with a multitude of shapes, diameters and hanging lengths to choose from. Before you begin your search, properly measure the space where the ceiling light will be installed to have a gauge of how large (or small) your new lighting needs to be. For most kitchens and dining rooms, you’ll want to be cognizant of how far the light fixture will hang over the surface of the table so as to provide plenty of illumination without making the room feel small. Likewise, for kitchen island lighting, jot down the space between the island’s surface and the base of the fixture to ensure ample light is spread. With measurements ready, begin your search by finding the right shape for your application. From round pendants to linear pendants and clustered, multi-light designs, every shape imaginable is available. And most importantly, thoroughly review the sizing dimensions of a pendant you are interested in to determine its height, width, length and weight (especially for oversized pendants). If you have any questions about how to choose the right size pendant light, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Canopy: H 1.7″, Dia 6.5″ Fixture: H 2″, Dia 30.4″, To 146″, Wgt 15 Lbs.

FEATURED BRAND TECH LIGHTING Pendants and more that skillfully blend quality, innovation and modern design.SHOP NOW

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Canopy: Dia 4.72″ Fixture: H 18.11″, Dia 28.35″ Maximum Hanging: L 90.16″

Description: The Hinkley Lighting New Castle Outdoor Pendant is a modern fixture inspired by traditional seaside onion lamps. It features a rounded aluminum wire cage surrounding a cylinder of Clear Seedy glass.

By focusing its light downward, this fixture is suitable …

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An LED pendant light is personality in a pretty package. Pendant lighting offers artistic expression with a practical application, and LED hanging lights are the next wave in forward-looking design and versatile efficiency. Going where no bulb has gone before, LED pendants can push the envelope with cutting-edge modern style or provide environmentally conscious upgrades to familiar silhouettes. In any space, the energy efficiency and stylish design of an LED pendant is always welcomed.

Canopy: H 0.75″, Dia 4.75″ Cord: L 10′ Fixture: H 10″, Dia 16″, Wgt 3Lbs Maximum Hanging: L 130″

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We know size matters—LED pendant lighting runs the gamut from large-scale showstoppers to surprisingly slender spotlights that can only be accomplished with LEDs. When choosing a new pendant, you’ll first need to consider its size. Look to sizing dimensions like height, width and weight to try to find the best option for your home. Additionally, you need to review the pendant’s suspension length to determine how far it will hang from the ceiling. Once you know the size of the light you need, you can then refine your options by finish, color and other important design features. If you have any questions about the LED pendant lights featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

18-Inch Option Backplate: W 5.3″, H 17.3″ 18-Inch Option Fixture: W 6″, H 18″, D 6.4″

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A vast selection of materials (from natural woods to blown glass to folded polycarbonate) and design styles (covering mid-century modern to transitional to avant-garde) ensures a solution for every space and nearly every decorative taste. Artemide brings a celebrated Italian touch to your home with a wide selection of LED-infused ceiling pendants. Modern Forms offers a clean, contemporary approach to pendant lighting and look to Cerno for sleek fixtures with wood accents. Finally, check out Tech Lighting for minimalist, exposed bulb fixtures.

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Fixture: H 51.13″, Dia 9.06″ Shade: H 51″, Dia 9″ Suspension: L Adj To 145.5″

Canopy: Dia 6.5″ Fixture: H 4.75″, Dia 18″, Wgt 6.24 Lbs. Maximum Hanging: L Adj From 10.75″, Adj To 46.75″

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Canopy: Dia 4.75″ Fixture: H 10″, Dia 10″, Wgt 4Lbs Maximum Hanging: L Adj From 16″, Adj To 40″

Canopy: H 0.5″, Dia 4.5″ Fixture: H 5.9″, Dia 5.3″ Maximum Hanging: L Adj To 77.9″

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Standby, retrieving information, this process may take a moment.

Rating UL Listed Damp. Install indoors or protected, fully covered outdoor areas.

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Description: The watery layers of color in the LBL Lighting Aquarii Pendant point to its oceanic inspiration. The shade is a perfect sphere of blown glass, available in Steel Blue, Ivory or Opal, complemented by a Bronze or Satin Nickel finish …

LED mini pendant lights can be hung from their own canopies or installed as part of a low-voltage track lighting system, like the contemporary offerings from Bruck Lighting Systems and LBL Lighting. And in place of traditional table lamps on your bedroom nightstands, try a pair of LED hanging lights that drop down to the nightstand. Lastly, look to LED ceiling lights for more options you can use to decorate your ceiling with efficiency and style.

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Canopy: Dia 5.5″ Fixture: H 20.1″, Dia 32″ Glass: H 8.4″, Dia 2″ Maximum Hanging: L Adj From 31.9″, Adj To 39.8″, Adj From 37.1″, Adj To 48.8″, Adj From 48.2″, Adj To 69.8″

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Fixture: W 11″, H 14.75″, D 11″ Maximum Hanging: L Adj From 15″, Adj To 120″

Description: Make a strong decorative statement with the Origami LED Dining Pendant by Troy Lighting. Its dynamic spirit is articulated through an open, Hand-Worked Iron frame with crisp, paper-like folds.

This frame surrounds a spherical Frosted Glass shade, providing depth to …

Canopy: Dia 4.75″ Cord: L 10′ Fixture: H 14″, Dia 8″, Wgt 3Lbs Maximum Hanging: L Adj To 134″

This collection of pendant lamps addresses a variety of interior design styles ranging from contemporary, traditional, nautical and transitional to those inspired by classic Scandinavian designs, mid-century modern pieces, delicate glass works of art and much more. Depending on the location you need to outfit with new lighting, your choices for new pendant lights is expansive. For a contemporary chic light that meets style akin to the 1950s, you will want to see the mid-century pendant lighting available from Jonathan Adler (we especially love Adler’s Sputnik collection for its retro appeal). For a beautiful brass or clean copper fixture, look to the pendants available in the Tom Dixon collection and if your space follows more of a Scandinavian theme, check out Poul Henningsen’s designs for Louis Poulsen, including the iconic Artichoke Light and the PH collection. On the traditional and transitional spectrum of interior design, your living area is sure to benefit from the hanging lights by Feiss Lighting or Visual Comfort. If your preferred aesthetic is more industrial, pendant lighting from Kichler is a safe bet. Finally, to improve the energy efficiency of your space, opt for LED pendant lights. You’ll find most of the designs featured in this collection offer an LED option that you can use for long-term energy savings.

Fixture: H 11.75″, Dia 3.75″ Maximum Hanging: L Adj From 17″, Adj To 84″

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Hanging Outdoor Lights Outdoor Pendant Lighting At Lumens