Hanging Sculptures Light Fittings With Infinite Possible Configurations

tech lighting Hanging Sculptures Light Fittings With Infinite Possible Configurations

tech lighting Hanging Sculptures Light Fittings With Infinite Possible Configurations

Hanging sculptures light fittings with infinite possible configurations blog vibia
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Rhythm pendant designed by arik levy
The classical hanging luminaries and simplified them thanks to geometrical configurations offering infinite variations and versatile permutations able
An authentic light sculpture floating in space
The designer arik levy presents the wireflow free form pendant light the wireflow free form pendant light consists of black electrical cable connecting
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Light and sculpture create spaces defined by creativity vibia light fittings with infinite possible configurations
August pendant
Blog vibia residential lightingpendant
An authentic light sculpture floating in space
Rhythm pendant designed by arik levy http www vibia com light fittingslight
Asymmetricalbalance em 3 jpg
Cluster of blown glass pendant lights
The designer arik levy presents the wireflow free form pendant light the wireflow free form pendant light consists of black electrical cable connecting
Asymmetrical balance
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Ameba an infinite range of compositions blog vibia

In order to design their own configurations the vibia.com platform allows users to play with repetition of lighting elements to achieve the desired composition.  For its designers “this working strategy produces lighting compositions of marked sculptural character, offering plasticity while also being simple and abstract.”   

Creating lighting contrasts, evocative moods, personalising spaces … Lighting becomes the essential component of interior design. Especially for large open plan spaces, VIBIA has developed a repertoire of Sculptural Suspended Fittings, through which light and sculpture come together to create spaces defined by creativity and inspiration. This series of luminaries is more than simply a collection of light fittings, it would be more accurate to describe them as light and shade sculptures, capable of generating both a functional and comfortable environment.

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RHYTHM creates its own choreography wherever it’s installed. Each piece is a one-off, completely unique. Stimulating its own rhythms and generating sensations: ranging from gentle undulations to chaotic customised light forms.  

Through the vibia.com platform architectural, lighting and interior design professionals, can experiment with digital tools, 2D and 3D visualisation software providing multiple lighting solutions that best fit their projects.

The limits are only set by the design professionals: who can adapt their ideas, visualise and transpose their concepts onto their projects through a series of bespoke light fittings.

AMEBA is suspended by steel cables which can be adjusted in height. The electrical connection can be plugged into any of the constituent parts depending on the position of the ceiling light socket. The 5 modules are connected electrically with one another allowing any number of modules to be added given that there is a single point of electrical connection. There are no set limits with this fitting. It is therefore highly appealing to professional interior designers because of its capacity to provide a unique and personal touch.

Designer: SevilPeach Architecture + Design, Client: Spaces, Photographer: Ewout Huibers

This new system offers a total of 5 different basic modules that match and fit perfectly with one another and allow an infinite variety of compositions, from a simple small hanging lamp to larger compositions of up to more than 10 square meters thus facilitating previously impossible options.

The application of cutting edge LED technologies lends this collection an ethereal formal lightness dominated by abstract and intangible forms. The translucent material quality of its elements acts almost like a shade, avoiding glare and facilitating its installation in any space at any height, affording a simple yet powerful result.

A light fitting with a strong architectural character, a hanging light fitting which can be customised by users for specific spaces. Resulting in endless configurations through the use of thin steel rods and LED elements that sculpt the ceiling plane and illuminate the interior.

Hanging Sculptures, light fittings with infinite possible configurations Monday 12th January 2015

HALO offers two adjustable intensity versions: using straight lighting elements that can be aligned parallel to one another or at angles (HALO LINEAL) or a circular configuration (HALO CIRCULAR). Both solutions are equipped with LED strips and PMMA shades.  

Architects and designers can freely configure this light fitting, personalising their designs through the online platform vibia.com.

The individual elements which make up HALO’s structure help make it appear to float while providing a subtle almost magical lighting which integrates seamlessly with its environment. Technology, design and art coming together to create a new collection of luminaries that provide an ambient light that compliments the space.

Each segment of this hanging lamp is equipped with high-power LED lights that provide a superior performance loght output which is adjustable, making it the ideal fitting for large meeting spaces, offices or other installations.

This project offers great creative expression for the interior designer, architect or lighting professional who can develop their own bespoke projects, personalizing the space and converting the Sculptural Suspended Fittings into the main focus of attention. This possibility brings significant design value to any installation whether it be a residential or public building typology.

Its structure consists of black electrical cable and 3W LED elements. The cables trace geometries in two and three dimensions allowing for a great variety of sizes, creating a transparent effect that defines the essence of this captivating graphic luminary.

Its versatility is evident in very large scale projects such as the reception halls of big companies who treat design as an extension of their corporate values, like the British health care company Biomet, in collective installations or in restaurant spaces such as Taizú Restaurant in Tel Aviv designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects, Cedar Rapids Library in Iowa where the lighting installation is crucial or high-end residential projects.

A lighting system predicated on a new lighting concept. In order to avoid standardised lighting solutions interior designers looking for that ‘extra special something’ can come up with their own luminaries, in an easy and simple fashion, creating plastic and harmonious chaotic compositions of light.

The collection allows for multiple configurations, horizontally as well as vertically through its axial rotation system that permits its elements to be adjusted freely. The result is a harmonious yet disruptive concept that generates an almost hypnotic balance. 

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The chandelier models in themselves provide a touch of elegance to any space, not much more is required to complete an interior. WIREFLOW is a hanging light that reinterprets and reinvents this classic light fitting. According to Levy it combines “presence and absence, transparency and luminosity, light and fluidity.”

Rather like the microscopic Ameba organisms,  VIBIA’s first sculptural hanging lamp can be treated as a reproducing organic form which adapts and can be adapted to any given space, allowing customised configurations to be created to satisfy all tastes and requirements for any given project. 

  Photo courtesy of: Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd, Photographer: David Whittaker

With vibia.com architectural and interior design specialists can create different lighting solutions and visualise variations of the RHYTHM fitting in both 2D and 3D till the optimum solution for the project is found. 

Designed by Arik Levy, the intention is to create an object, a sculpture in space, a light sculpture, with a degree of expressive freedom.

Hanging Sculptures Light Fittings With Infinite Possible Configurations