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British heritage meets contemporary comfort
Home B2B Lightform

Marset’s Tam Tam Floor Lamp featured in Western Living November 30, 2016

PARACHILNA & Santa and Cole featured in Western Living’s May 2018 issue.

Foscarini’s Birdie suspension light featured in Western Living’s Jan/Feb 2016 issue

Flos’ Piani table light lands on the Hot Buys list in Western Living magazine’s December 2014 issue

Lambert & Fils’ Beaubien floor light & Roll & Hill’s Castle chandelier featured, as well as a Calgary residential project showcasing Moooi’s Heracleum chandelier and Delightfull’s Coltrane suspension lights in Western Living’s December 2015 issue.

Diesel’s Fork desk light and Baccarat Zenith chandelier featured in Azure July/August 2014

Flos’ Noctambule, Arturo Alvarez’s Onn, and Foscarini’s Filo Featured in Sept 2017 Azure Issue

The Heavy Metal desk light from Diesel for Foscarini featured in The Globe & Mail’s Style Section, March 9, 2013

Canadian Interiors Features Stickbulb, Santa & Cole, Slamp, Seletti, and Flos in July/August 2017 Issue

Pablo’s new Uma Sound Lantern and Marset’s FollowMe portable lantern featured in the Globe & Mail’s Style section April 16, 2016

A Flos Smithfield illuminates one of the boardrooms. Designed by Jasper Morrison in 2009, the Smithfield has a form efficient for delivering light, which makes it a great choice for this corporate collaborative space. Like the Can Cans in the kitchen and the Soho in the reception area, the Smithfield has clean lines and a classic silhouette; it was in fact inspired by the metal lamp shades that used to hang in London’s Smithfield market. Measuring 23.6″ in diameter, the Smithfield is available in white, black, or mud, and also comes as a ceiling mount.

Terzani’s Stream Chandelier featured in Vancouver Luxury Living – Oct/Nov 17 Issue

Metalarte’s InOut, Foscarini’s Solar, Bover’s Fora, Ares’ LaMegaDina, and Flos’ KTribe outdoor lights featured on CityLine August 14, 2014

Buster & Punch’s Heavy Metal pendants featured in Beautiful Kitchen & Baths Spring 2018 issue.

With a front reception space that welcomes clients like a living room and a staff kitchen with all the trappings of a gourmet high-end home kitchen, Arundel Capital’s new workspace is now part of a growing trend that sees corporate spaces embracing residential features in order to create a ‘home away from home’ environment for employees. “I wanted to create a space that was reflective of their young, energetic company and incorporate some classic, traditional roots” explained Del Bucchia (source: Western Living Magazine).

Flos’ new magnetic lighting system, Running Magnet, which was part of Best Booth winner Avani Kitchens’ booth at IDS, featured in Azure’s May 2016 issue

Secto Design’s floor lamp featured in the Western Living November 2015 issue.

FontanaArte’s Kinx, Innermost’s Parasol, and Marset’s Ginger 20 M featured in Azure’s May 2017 issue

Lambert & Fils’ Cliff suspension light and Fabbian’s Beluga drop pendants featured in Aly Velji’s designs on the Marilyn Denis Show Mar 3, 2016

Flos’ Ether and IC Light, Foscarini’s Aplomb, Pablo’s Uma, and Roll & Hill’s Agnes chandelier featured in Designlines Spring 2016 issue

Foscarini, FLOS and David Weeks featured in the Calgary Herald August 31, 2013

Rich Brilliant Willing’s new Palindrome chandelier featured in King West magazine’s 10th issue (Dec 2014)

Roll & Hill’s Kazimir sconce featured in Western Living’s Dec. 2016 issue

Foscarini’s Gregg outdoor lights featured in VITA April 2016 issue (pg.6)

Pablo’s new Contour collection featured in Azure’s Mar/Apr 2016 issue

Roll & Hill’s Gridlock chandelier and our Vancouver Showroom Launch Party featured in GRAY magazine’s April/May 2015 issue

Lambert & Fils’ Waldorf wall lamp featured in a stylish kitchen reno on House & Home Feb 2016

LightForm Featured in Vancouver Luxury Living Magazine’s April 2017 issue

Foscarini’s new Filo lamp featured in Western Living’s April 2018 issue.

Roll & Hill’s Shape Up pendant featured in Gray’s October 2015 issue

Partisans’ new Gweilo light & LightForm’s Gweilo launch party featured in Canadian Interiors March April 2017 issue

Lambert & Fils’ new Beaubien light featured in Western Living’s online Trend Guide for 2016

Axo Light’s award-winning Plumage pendant, Parachilna’s Chinoz table light (in both black and Ming finishes), and Metalarte’s Lewit table lights all featured in DesignLines Spring 2015 issue

Canadian Interiors photographs the Roll & Hill visit to LightForm Toronto in their May/June 2014 issue

Lambert & Fils’ new Beaubien floor lamp featured in Novella’s Summer 2015 issue

Baccarat’s Candy Light and Flos’ DE’Light featured in DesignLines Fall 2012

TODO sponsor LightForm Toronto mentioned in Globe and Mail Jan 27

LightForm Featured in Designlines Summer 2017 annual guide edition

Lambert & Fils’ new Clark table lamp featured in the Gift Guide of the Designlines Winter 2015 issue

Marset’s Tam Tam lamp and Bocci’s 14 pendants featured in Western Living’s October 2015 issue

Lambert & Fils’ new Beaubien wall light featured in Designlines Fall 2015

Three Flos Can Can pendants light the common kitchen area. Designed by Marcel Wanders in 2011, these pendants are classic Wanders: upon closer examination the pendant’s clean silhouette is revealed to house a delicate floral-patterned diffuser that filters the light. Such delicate and unexpected details add to the room’s easy residential vibe that helps employees bond over morning coffee and lunch. Measuring 13.66″ in diameter, the pendants come in black or white and have three colour options for the ornamental diffuser: amber (pictured above), violet, or transparent. The Can Can also comes in a Mini size which measures 3.7″ in diameter.

Diesel’s Fork table light for Foscarini, Foscarini’s new Lightwing, Flos’ new Ipno outdoor floor light, and Rich Brilliant Willing’s Quart table light featured in Azure’s October 2014 issue

Foscarini’s Cage suspension light featured in Avenue Calgary magazine’s September 2014 issue

Pablo Designs’ new Lana lamp featured in Western Living’s April 2016 issue

Azure July/Aug 2017 Issue Featuring Flos’ WireRing and Davide Groppi’s Tomoko

LightForm’s Richard Assaly interviewed for Lighting 101 article and Roll & Hill’s new Castle chandelier featured in Sharp Magazine’s Winter 2016 issue

Flos’s New Superloon featured in Western Living’s October Issue

The Crystalline Lamp collection and Roll & Hill’s Agnes chandelier are featured in Western Living’s September 2014 issue

Parachilna’s Bai Ma Ma pendant and Roll & Hill’s Shape Up pendant featured in House & Home’s October 2015 issue

Lambert & Fils’ new Beaubien light featured in Globe & Mail October 8, 2015

Marset’s Santorini pendants, Masiero’s DryLight chandelier, & Metalarte outdoor lights featured in Globe & Mail July 10, 2014

The LightForm Toronto showroom makes Toronto Life’s Best of the City edition July 2014

Marset’s new Theia table lamp and Flos’ new Infra-Structure linear grid system featured in Azure’s June 2016 issue

Calgary’s Elena Del Bucchia Design recently furnished finance firm Arundel Capital with a new workspace that feels more residential than corporate.

We think Del Bucchia did an amazing job translating the company’s brand and personality into the new space while also addressing the day-to-day needs of a busy workplace. Lighting was a key element in Del Bucchia’s design, and we were thrilled to be involved on the project. Photos courtesy Lori Andrews Photography.

Axo Light’s new award-winning Mountain View pendant featured in Western Living May 26, 2016

Parachilna’s Anwar T30 pendant featured in Avenue Calgary’s April 2015 issue

Foscarini’s Solar outdoor floor light featured in DesignLines Summer 2015 issue

This was a great project by Elena Del Bucchia and it exemplifies some of the ways in which companies are rethinking the ways their employees would like to work.

Flos’ Bibliotheque floor light featured in House & Home, June 2014

Lambert & Fils’ Grue Petite table light featured in Western Living’s March 2015 issue

Original BTC’s Stanley Suspension featured in Western Living December 2017

Avenue Edmonton’s May 2015 Fashion feature shot on location in LightForm’s Edmonton showroom

Innermost’s new Matrioshka pendants named to Western Living Magazine’s top lighting for 2016 Oct 2015

Out of this World Lamps feature in Azure Magazine October, 2013

Four of the designers creating collections for new brand Parachilna are included in Wallpaper Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Designers Oct 2014 issue: Jaime Hayon, Neri & Hu, Atelier Oi, and Stephen Burks

Personal task lighting is another way in which new workspaces are adopting a more residential tone. Rather than relying solely on uniform recessed lighting, Del Bucchia furnished the offices with a Flos Kelvin task light. This classic work lamp was designed by Antonio Citterio in 2009 and has since become an archetype desk lamp. The Kelvin is a highly functional adjustable table lamp providing direct lighting, with a double pantograph arm and an adjustable head. It’s available in shiny white or black, anthracite, or chrome. Flos has also been known to produce limited edition versions from time to time. This LED lamp features a Green energy saving mode and comes in desk clamp or wall arm versions.

Roll & Hill Seed pendant and Pablo’s Circa pendant featured in Designlines’ Annual Shopping Guide

LightForm Calgary named one of Avenue Magazine’s Top Ten New Stores in 2013

Foscarini’s new Spokes Lamp featured in Western Living’s Sept 2015 issue

Delightfull’s Graphic Lamp collection featured in Designlines Spring 2014 issue

Designers Fort Standard and Bec Britain, who have both created light designs for Roll & Hill, recognized as New York’s New Makers in Azure’s June 2014 issue.

Contact us for more information about any of the lights pictured here or for help lighting your commercial project.

Innermost’s Snowdrop and Moooi’s Perch Featured in Western Living Condo Spring/Summer Edition

Parachilna Gweilo Collection & Terzani Atlantis Lamp featured in Wallpaper Magazine – Feb 2018

Roll & Hill’s Maxhedron pendant & Baccarat’s Zenith Comete chandelier featured in Vancouver Luxury Living’s June/July issue

Partisans’ Gweilo Lamp in the December issue of Canadian Interiors 17′

Marset’s new Copernica floor lamp featured in Western Living Condo’s April 2018 issue

LightForm Toronto named one of city’s Top Lighting Stores for 2016

LightForm Vancouver Featured in EliteGen’s October 2016 Issue

Another example of personal task lighting in an office. Here the playful Wire table lamp offers a soothing ambient glow to the office–in addition to serving as a conversation piece. Designed in 1972 by Verner Panton, the Wire table lamp is a cylindrical wire framework that widens into a hemisphere at the top, upon which rests a hemispherical plastic shade. The shade is also available in a bright yellow colour and the lamp comes in a smaller size too. Including ambient light into a office space layers the lighting and creates a human scale to the design.

Azure magazine saw and loved the new lighting collections from Pablo on display at IIDEX Canada 2015

A Excel desk lamp lights another common area. Made of oak and steel, the desk lamp has a distinct residential feel, lending itself to the company’s casual yet engaging atmosphere. Designed by Rich Brilliant Willing for Roll & Hill, the Excel desk lamp is spare and economical in form, an elegant structure with an illuminated shade. Inspired by the colourful lines and charts of the software program by the same name, the full Excel family includes the table lamp, wall sconce, floor lamp, and chandelier. Available colour combinations include: black/oak (pictured above), white/oak, and red/oak.

Marset’s FollowMe, a portable LED lantern, featured in Western Living magazine Jan/Feb 2015

Pablo’s Lana and Pixo lights, as well as Flos’ Lampandina and Lambert & Fils’ Cliff Dome featured in Designlines’ Issue 3, 2016

A large Soho pendant from Marset illuminates the company’s reception area. Placing the Soho in the company’s reception area brings the ceiling down, creating a cozier, more welcoming space akin to a living room. Designed by Joan Gaspar in 2010, the Soho is a nod to the lamps traditionally used in Spanish markets, taverns, and cafeterias–public, social settings requiring lots of lighting. The Soho comes in a large size (44″ diameter) or a small size (22″ diameter) more suitable for residential spaces like this reception area. Available in white, stone grey, or black (pictured above) and also comes as a ceiling mount version and an outdoor model.     

Lambert & Fils’ Cliff collection of luminaires featured in Canadian Interiors Sept/Oct 2015 issue

Precedent Magazine uses LightForm Toronto showroom to photograph 2014 Precedent Setter Awards, Summer 2014

Lambert & Fils’ new Laurent pendant and Foscarini’s NYC showroom featured in Azure’s Sept 2016 issue

Parachilna’s Anwar T45 pendant featured in NYPost Jan 30, 2015

Pablo’s Light Bench featured in the Vancouver Sun Dec 3, 2015

Marset’s Funiculi table light featured in Designlines’ Winter 2014 issue

RBW’s Quart table lamp, Lambert & Fils’ Antipode suspension light, Pablo’s new Swell pendant, and Flos’ Taraxacum pendant featured in House & Home’s January 2016 issue

LightForm’s new Vancouver lighting showroom featured in Vancouver Homes & Living May/April 2015 issue

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