Home Theatre Lighting Tips And Design John Cullen Lighting

tech lighting Home Theatre Lighting Tips And Design John Cullen Lighting

tech lighting Home Theatre Lighting Tips And Design John Cullen Lighting

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Great lighting at the front of your house not only provides a warm welcome for guests, but will also ensure that you can see to put your key in the lock. Here are our top front door lighting ideas to ensure that you create the right impression and improve your curb appeal.

The popularity of having a dressing room in one’s home has certainly grown over the past few years. As an architect or interior designer you might have found your clients asking for space for a dedicated dressing area, and as a home-owner you probably always wanted to have one of them in your home.

Bedroom lighting needs to be bright in the morning and intimate and atmospheric at night to provide a sanctuary at the end of the day. Traditionally in hotels the solution has been two lamps either side of the bed and maybe a standard lamp or desk lamp. For small rooms, this may have been adequate but other solutions will drama and atmosphere to your bedroom lighting.

The essential ingredient after food and company that contribute to a successful party is the mood, and this is best controlled by the lighting.

Good bathroom lighting can change the look and feel of a bathroom at the flick of a switch. First you will need to assess your bathroom lighting needs: Think about when you use the bathroom and how much natural daylight there is. Do you want mood bathroom lighting, which features do you want to enhance, and where will need task lighting to see really clearly?

When considering your home theatre lighting, the first step is to look at the furniture arrangement – where is the screen going to be and how will the seating be arranged. It is essential to ensure that the lighting won’t reflect in the screen, so be careful what gets installed on the wall opposite. It’s also worth thinking about how the room will be used.

When considering staircase lighting, the design of the staircase, construction and desired effects are the key elements to consider, along with finish and texture. A staircase is the central spine of your home, linking spaces and people together. It should be functional and sculptural, and staircase lighting can make a real difference.

To help you in your quest for better lighting, we have put together our top lighting tips. Here you can select the room you are looking to light and see how best to approach your project to achieve stunning effects.

Here you will find a few tips to help you create a wonderful lighting scheme for your living room. To ensure you make the best for your scheme, before any decisions are made on lighting, you will need to work out exactly where your furniture will be positioned.

Kitchen lighting needs to have the most flexible lighting scheme in the home to reflect the wide range of functions which kitchens are now used for. Kitchen lighting needs to adapt from a bright, general light for the day, especially in dark kitchens as a supplement to daylight, to children’s tea and home work at dusk, to an intimate light for dining in the evening.

Conservatories can be great additions to your home, but it is important to get the conservatory lighting right as it can be a difficult room to get the lighting right. A conservatory is flooded with light during the day and in contrast can be like a dark hole at night. Magical as the sun sets, but at night all the glazing becomes like a mirror – one can feel like a goldfish in a goldfish bowl!

If you are considering lighting your garden, do remember firstly that a little light goes a long way at night. Use garden lighting selectively and remember that darkness can also be used to great effect – to conceal any less attractive areas. Decide on the areas you want to light, what your key features are and focus on these.

Think of shelves as a window in the room or even like a wall light. Shelf lighting can add an indirect softness and at the same time create a feature in the room. Recessed downlights can be used but do not give the same depth or level of interest. With the development of LEDs, the options to create different shelf lighting effects due to the low heat and size offers the designer and home owner a wonderful tool.

Home Theatre Lighting Tips And Design John Cullen Lighting