How Tall Should Bedroom Lamps Be Compared To A Headboard

tech lighting How Tall Should Bedroom Lamps Be Compared To A Headboard

tech lighting How Tall Should Bedroom Lamps Be Compared To A Headboard

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Before purchasing a lamp for your room, go through these tips and make a checklist of the most important elements your lamp must possess. You’ll set a happy tone in your bedroom and you’ll be glad you did.

If you choose to go with a wall lamp then it should be positioned so tat it is easily accessible from a seated position in the bed.

So if your nightstand is 24 inches high, a lamp that is around 27 inches tall will look best.

Even if you have two bedside lamps, don’t count on them for the only source of illumination in the room. If you don’t have a ceiling fixture, you’ll need at least one other lamp, preferably a floor lamp, across the room from your bed.

You have to consider the color of the wall because ultimately, your lamp will be beside the wall of your bedroom.

When choosing lamps for your bedroom, take into account the overall size of the lamps, the size of the table that they will be placed on and the size of the headboard.

However, the key here is choosing the right bedside lamp to grace your bedroom. As you already know, the lamp doesn’t pick itself. You do. It may look like a daunting task but it’s far less difficult than rocket science. You can choose a great lamp for your bedside if you know what to look for.

You have to consider the size of your bedside table before purchasing that attractive lamp. This is because the size of your table will determine the size of your lamp. As a general rule of thumb, the lamp must at least occupy one-third of the top of your bedside table.

One other thing to consider in the size of your lamp is the diameter of the base of the lamp and of the lampshade. A big bed and a big table mean your lamp will also be big to maintain the proportion ratio.

The color of your lampshade is important as it needs to blend with the general style of your room.

The size of your bed as I said earlier also determines the size of your lamp. One thing I didn’t mention is that the size of your bed also determines the number of lamps you’ll need by your bedside. If your bed is for a couple, then you need 2 lamps on both sides of the bed.

Choosing the right height lamp is especially important if you are a bedtime reader. You don’t want the light to be shining over your head, nor do you want it right in your eyes. Assuming that your nightstand is the same height as your mattress (or within a couple of inches), look for a lamp the same height as your nightstand plus an extra two or three inches.

This is another example of a bedside lamp that goes with the theme of the bedroom.

However, if you’re sleeping on the bed alone, you’ll only need one lamp to keep you company. But even if you’re sleeping alone on a king size bed, 2 lamps will look better on both sides than a single lamp.

Apart from making your room beautiful, you also have to define what function the lamp will perform in your room. Because this will determine the type of lamp you will buy.

Without the lampshade in your lamp, I doubt you’ll love your lamp as much as you do now. In many cases, your lamp’s lampshade could determine whether your lamp is a sight to behold or just another lamp fixed by the bedside and only remembered in the night.

White or off-white lampshades let the most light through, but colored lampshades are a great way to add an accent to your décor.

Generally, the table is usually as high as the level of your bed. It’s not a set rule though and you may find tables 2 inches higher or lower than the bed level. Whatever the height of your bedside table, it will affect the height of your lamp too.

But this is not the only thing you have to consider when looking at the size of the table, you also have to consider the height of the table.

Make your room stylish and more beautiful with a unique lamp but do it at a right price for your pocket.

What if you want your lamp to focus on a painting or an exquisite part of your bedroom? Then you can use your lamp for accent lighting.

To make sure that light is not shining into your eyes while reading a novel on your bed, your lamp has to maintain a particular height.

A room without a bedside lamp looks odd and I won’t advise you to go for it. A room with the wrong lamp looks odd too and I won’t advise that either.

Bedside lamps have two basic jobs: providing enough light for comfortable reading and other bedroom activities, and looking great while doing so. Choosing a lamp can be confusing, though; how many do you need? How big should the lampshade be, and how tall the lamp? What style should you choose? Luckily, there are basic decorating rules that answer all of those questions and make choosing the right lamp a snap.

Another element you have to consider is the color of your bed, the bed sheet, the pillows because it is easy to know if your lamp deviates from the theme.

The right size lampshade balances the lamp. Generally, the height of the lampshade should be approximately two-thirds the height of the lamp’s body, measuring from the bottom of the lamp to the base of the light bulb. The width of the lampshade should be approximately twice the width of the widest part of the lamp. If you have a very thin lamp, choose a lampshade that is no wider than the height of the shade. For the best bedtime reading, the base of the lampshade should be roughly level with your eyes while sitting up in bed.

Due to the proximity of your lamp to the wall and bed, you must at least make sure the color of your lamp goes with this parts of your bedroom.

Now to maintain this height, you have to consider the height of your lamp. But as your lamp will stand on the table, the overall height of the lamp also depends on the height of the table. It means that if your table is high, then your lamp will be shorter and vice versa.

In fact, you may even see your lamp as an artwork and if you see it this way, you will put more focus on the artful statement of your lamp.

There is one way to determine how high your lamp should be by your bedside: When you sit upright on your bed, the lowest part of the lampshade must be on the same line with your chin. This ensures that the lampshade blocks the light from shining into your eyes but light still shines on the book you’re reading.

As long as your bedside lamps are in keeping with the rest of your bedroom’s décor, the color and style are up to you.  Spice up a contemporary bedroom with a sleek glass or chrome lamp, or pick a traditional ginger jar lamp for a country bedroom. Have some fun with a lamp shaped or decorated in a motif typical for your decorating style: anchor or seashell in a coastal-style room, palm tree in a tropical room, wine or grapes in a Tuscan-themed room, etc. Think of your bedside lamp as a powerful accent in your bedroom, and choose accordingly.

Of course, the lampshade you decide to use for your lamp depends on how you want to use your lamp.

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The proportion of the lamp should match the table. The lamp and the table should complement each other in size as well as style.

Height: 2/3 the height of the lamp.Width: Twice the width of the lamp.

When you define the theme of your room, you can make one of two choices: either to have the color of your lamp blend with that of the wall or make it stand out. But even if the color of your lamp stands out, you must make sure that it complements the general theme of your room.

The appropriate height of bedroom lamps with respect to a headboardAnd how to choose bedside table lamps.

For a bed with a tall and ornate headboard, a tall, ornate lamp will work well. It will complement the size of the headboard and the décor of the room.

When you are redecorating your bedroom, you are usually going for an overall look or feel to the room. An important factor to consider in decorating any room is scale. You don’t want to overwhelm the room with furniture that is too large, and you don’t want furniture so small that it looks out of place.

Lampshades are made of many types of materials, and the fabric is a common type of material used. If possible, it is advisable to purchase a lamp with a lampshade that has similar materials with your curtain.

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Consider the size of the room before purchasing a tall headboard. A tall headboard can instantly overwhelm a room and make it feel even smaller. You should choose a headboard in the style you want but that is well-proportioned for the rest of the room. If you have high ceilings, then you can choose a taller headboard.

In a case like this, you may choose a lamp with an opaque shade as this will draw more attention to the light. If you have to use your lamp for reading or writing in your journal, then it is performing a task.

Remember that style isn’t the only function of the room. It has to be comfortable to use as well as stylish. Keep in mind the items that you will want to have on the tables for immediate use.

Another consideration in the size of your table is if it is light enough to be moved around or going to be fixed to an average position by your bedside.

For a floor lamp, The top of the lampshade should ideally be no more than 48 inches from the top of the mattress.

To choose a lamp, you must look at your bedroom where it has to go into. Going to buy a lamp without a plan means you may end up buying impulsively and having to suffer through a lamp that doesn’t fit into your room.

The height and size of your lamp depend on many things. One of the major determinants is the size of the table you have to place the lamp on.

If your lamp will just be a light source in your bedroom, then you can buy a lamp that has a lampshade with a regular diameter from top to bottom. However, if you have plans to read every night before you sleep, then you want to pick a lamp with a lampshade that opens like a cone.

Below is a lamp that makes the bedside beautiful but also serves the function of a reading lamp.

When you choose the right lamp for your bedroom, it offers not only a source of light but also a source of beauty that makes your bedroom pleasing to your eyes and radiating happiness.

If you’re using it as just another light source to improve the ambient lighting of your bedroom, you can pick a lampshade that has a regular diameter. If however, you like to enjoy a novel or write in a journal before you sleep, then you have to pick a lampshade that provides light for a wide space.

Generally, the size of your lampshade is also determined by the size of the base of your lamp. The height of your lampshade should be no bigger than one-third of the height of the base of the lamp.

For any lamp that is going to be used from the bed itself, it’s important that it be easily accessible from the bed itself.

When you’ve made up your mind regarding the lamp, endeavor to consider the overall size of the lamps, the height and width of the table where you will place the lamp on and the size of the headboard.

Also, the diameter of your shade should be at least about 3 to 5 inches more than the diameter of the base of the lamp. It’s important that your lampshade doesn’t block the propagation of light from your lamp and that’s why the lampshade should be wider than the base of your lamp.

Light layering is all about the 3 functions a light performs in an environment: ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. If your lamp will serve as ambient lighting, then it means it will contribute to the lighting without drawing much attention to itself.

No matter how beautiful you want your lamp to be, you also have to check your purse. You don’t want your lamp to be an epitome of beauty while you shed tears in debt. I know that’s a bit of exaggeration but you get my point.

The placement of the lamp switch is also an issue. You don’t want to have to get out of bed just to turn your lamp on or off or risk hurting your back – or falling out of bed entirely – just to reach the switch. The ideal height for the lamp’s switch is around the same length as your arm, anywhere between 21 and 28 inches for most people. Of course, most convenient of all is a bedside lamp with the on/off switch right on the cord.

Headboards are the focal point of a bedroom. They can be tall and majestic or short and sleek. Whatever style of headboard you choose, it will set the stage for the rest of your decorating in the room.

If you have a bed with a tall and ornate headboard, then you should consider getting a complimentary tall, ornate lamp — it should fit your room well. It will also complement the size of the headboard and the décor of the room.

In fact, if your room is a big one, then a small lamp will easily go unnoticed, which is the last thing you want. You also have to make sure that your lamp is not too high or far from the bed so that you can switch it off or on without coming off the bed. It should be about 21 to 26 inches which is an arm’s length.

As for the shape, drum shades are the current trend, but you can’t go wrong by matching the shape of the lampshade to the shape of the lamp.

If you’re serious about decorating your bedroom and making it the best, then knowing the height and size of your lamps will make a whole world of difference. You don’t want a bedside lamp that’s too tall or shorter than what’s required.

Apart from determining the height of your lamp and headboard, eliminating darkness in your room, bedside lamps also make your room beautiful.

For instance, if your bedroom has an ancient classic theme, you will want to pick a lamp different from someone who has a bedroom with a modern feel.

Here are 8 important factors to consider in choosing a bedside table lamp:

This is why you must know the current theme of your room before buying a lamp. The major component of this theme is the color of your room and the dominating color patterns of the materials in it.

One of the most common bedroom decorating mistakes is choosing the wrong size bedside lamp. Most often, it’s a lamp that is too small for the nightstand.  Getting the scale right is a balancing act — the wider your mattress, the wider the nightstand; and the wider the nightstand, the wider the lamp atop it. For a rough rule of thumb, your nightstand should measure between one-third and two-thirds the width of your mattress, and the bedside lamp should be roughly one-third the width of the nightstand when measured at the lamp’s widest point (usually the base of the shade).

If your bed is modern in style and has a sleek headboard, you may want to choose an equally sleek and unadorned lamp. Any size lamp will work well with this style, as long as the decoration on the lamp itself is kept to a minimum.

The tables on either side of the room are also important. For the most symmetrical look, the tables should match and should be as tall as the top of the mattress. The best gauge for the height of the table is that it should be easily accessible when in bed. A table that is too tall or too short will be awkward to use.

When Jackie Hernandez saw a lamp she loved and couldn’t resist the temptation of having it in her room, she painted her bedroom wall grey to make sure the color of the lamp complements the theme of her room. This picture below is how beautiful her bedside looks with the lamp.

When you enter a store to buy a lamp, it can look like an impossible job due to the large number of different designs to choose from, but it’s much easier picking one than you think. In this post, I’ll be giving you tips on what to consider before making a choice about which lamp to go for.

As a general rule, you need one bedside lamp if you’re the only one sleeping in the bed, and two if you have a partner. If your bedroom is very large or your mattress is a king, two bedside lamps give better balance, regardless of whether you’re the only one using the room or not.

How Tall Should Bedroom Lamps Be Compared To A Headboard