How To Choose The Right Table Lamps For Your Living Room

tech lighting How To Choose The Right Table Lamps For Your Living Room

tech lighting How To Choose The Right Table Lamps For Your Living Room

How to choose the right table lamps for your living room 4 how to choose the
How to choose the right table lamps for your living room 2 how to choose the
How to choose the right table lamps for your living room
How to choose the right table lamps for your living room 3 how to choose the
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How to choose the right table lamps for your living room 5 how to choose the
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Choose the right lighting for your living room

If the purpose of the lamp is for reading, we recommend using a light bulb that is 60 watts or more. If you’d like to use an energy saving LED bulb, look to the lumens output of the LED and the comparable rating, as you’ll want to see that the bulb is comparable to a 60 watt regular incandescent.

As you get deeper into decorating your home, you will realize that it is the tiny details that end up making the biggest difference. While the style, theme and color scheme of the room define it, it is lighting that ultimately sets the mood and creates an ambiance of your choice. In fact, a simple change in lighting can completely alter a room’s vibe and turn it from a dull, boring space into a cozy, inviting retreat or even a cheerful and exciting hub! And few lighting fixtures combine timeless charm, modern allure and smart functionality like the lovely table lamp.

For more tips and a short video on lamp buying, be sure to check out our “how to buy” article using the link below.

Four simple considerations: Shade Height, Lamp Size, Shade Style, and Bulb Type.

For extra flexibility, choose a dimmable bulb. If you are going to go with LEDs, make sure that the LED bulb is dimmable, as some designs are not.

To achieve a balanced look and find the best look for your space, use the following tips:

Sometimes all it takes is one perfect table lamp to complete a room. But what makes a perfect design?

For example, let’s use 18″. Divide this number by three, which is 6″. This is the average height of the shade.

Start off by determining where you want to put the table lamp, and chalk out the exact height at which it will sit, as well as its distance from the bed, couch or cozy chair next to it. Starting off by first buying the table lamp and then trying to fit it into the bedroom or living room is not really a good idea. While it can work if you are lucky, often the lamp would end up being too short, tall or bright for the room. Also, you might not need a bedside table lamp to be as luminous as one that sits on the side table in the living room! So, clearly define the purpose of the lamp before you start shopping for it.

Most table lamps allow you to change shades with ease, and while some might have a spider fitting, others could sport a uno fitting or clip-on. DO check this out before you think about switching the lampshade. The bulbs used in table lamps these days have come a long way from the old CFLs, and LED lighting is the preferred choice, as it cuts down the power bill as well. But not all table lamps support this switch between, so check out the finer details (like maximum wattage) before you make the purchase.

Finding the perfect design comes down to four simple considerations: Shade height, lamp size, shade style, and bulb.

Lampshades add pattern to the gorgeous Victorian bedroom [Design: Jeffers Design Group]Paper lantern table lamp is an absolute showstopper! [Design: Kristen Rivoli Interior Design]Think out of the box for table lamps that steal the spotlight in the bedroom [Design: Sacha Jacq Interiors]6.

Attention to Detail

Another important choice to make when shopping for a table lamp is the lamp shade and its size. Do not be drawn in by just the style and the pattern of the shade, and do consider the ergonomics and proportions of the shade in relation to the body of the lamp. The diameter of the lampshade should be at least 2 inches less than the length of its body, and the drum shade is definitely the safest choice out there. The narrower the base of the shade, the less will be the illuminated area; consider this arc before you make a purchase.

Base of the table lamp must be on par with your eye level when you sit [Design: For People design]Table lamps with neutral lampshades can fit in with any backdrop [Design: Accouter Group]Mirrors accentuate the beauty of the table lamps in this Mediterranean bedroom [Design: Laura Martin Bovard]3.

Play with the Style

The table lamp that you choose not only needs to blend in with the style of the room, but also must seamlessly add to the other layers of lighting that already exist. This could be recessed lights that set the general mood, accent lighting which highlights specific architectural features or artwork, or even functional lighting. For a more unique look, try mixing two completely different table lamps with similar colors or geometric shapes to give the room visual symmetry with a fun twist!

A semi-opaque shade provides a warm glow for reading and allows for more general room lighting.

A neutral backdrop that is devoid of bold color is almost the norm in most modern homes, and with neutrals like gray continuing to hold sway in 2016 as well, table lamps give you an opportunity to add a color punch. Multi-colored delights like the Capri Bottle Lamp allow you to bring in almost any hue of your choice, while sparkling copper table lamps with an industrial vibe or those in gold continue to provide that smart metallic glitter.

Some of our readers might wonder if a table lamp really has a style of its own, and the answer is an emphatic yes. True, often it is the shade that determines the overall appeal of the lamp, but there are plenty of cases where the body of the lamp makes a huge difference and defines it. From the Hollywood Regency-style Miss K Table Lamp to classically opulent Bourgie table lamps, a variety can perfectly fit in with the exclusive and exceptional style of your home. Another approach is to use the table lamp to usher in a completely different style, giving the room a radiant focal point!

Chalk out the exact spot for the table lamp before you start shopping for it [Design: Sullivan + Associates Architects]Wallpaper and table lamps add geo style [Design: Malcolm Duffin Interior Design]Industrial kitchen with large, unique table lamps [Design: Jarrett Design]2.

Sizing Things Up

If you will have the design on while watching TV, an opaque shade, or a shade in a dark color, will help minimize lighting glare.

The shape and look of the lamp shade is an important style consideration, but you also want to pick a shade that matches how you’ll be using the lamp.

First determine the perfect height range for your  lamp; sit in the space next to where you are going to place the lamp.

To find the average height of the shade, divide the base measurement by three.

Here is the tricky part when you are choosing a brand new table lamp. The height of the table lamp you pick is determined more by the room it sits in and the décor around the lamp. If you have a tall bedside table, then it goes without saying that a shorter lamp will do and vice versa. The general norm here is to pick a lamp where the bottom of the shade is at your eye level when you are seated or resting. This works whether you are shopping for a table lamp that fits your reading nook, a beside lamp, or even one that goes next to the couch in the living room.

Let’s use a 6″ shade for an example. In this case, the height of the lamp you’ll want is 24″ = (18″ + 6″ shade).

Fabulous Copper table lamp from CB2 is a hot seasonal decor pieceAsian living room with stunning lighting [Design: The Golden Triangle]Eclectic living room with a lovely gallery wall [From: Jessica McKay]4. A World of Colors

To determine the estimated height, add 18″ to the shade measurement.

Mismatched table lamps in the bedroom make for a quirky addition [Design: Red Images Fine Photography]Contemporary living room combines multiple sources of illumination [Design: Garrison Hullinger Interiors]Fun lighting fixtures bring color to the midcentury dining room [Design: Alison Damonte Design] Liked the story? Share it with friends.

In a world that is dominated by stunning chandeliers, amazingly creative pendant lights and bold floor lamps, the good ol’ table lamp might seem like a less fancy choice. But do not underestimate the value of a sturdy and elegant table lamp. When used right, the table lamp can bring symmetry, color, contrast, texture and of course illumination to any room it adorns. And today we take a look at how to buy the right table lamp that offers everything you need and a whole lot more –

Capri Bottle Lamp in green for the bedroom [Design: id 810 Design Group]Eclectic family room with plenty of color [Design: JBM Designs]Triple Gourd One Light Table Lamp by Robert Abbey Lighting [Design: Rachel Reider Interiors]5.

Lampshade and Shadows

Clean modern bedroom with table lamps that usher in the metallic magic! [Design: Geremia Design]Lampshades unite the two different table lamps [Design: Deborah French Designs]7. Mix and Match

Measure from the surface you are placing the lamp to eye level. This is your base measurement.

How To Choose The Right Table Lamps For Your Living Room