How To Clean Ceiling Light Fixtures Apartment Therapy

tech lighting How To Clean Ceiling Light Fixtures Apartment Therapy

tech lighting How To Clean Ceiling Light Fixtures Apartment Therapy

How to clean a chandelier apartment therapy
Clean your ceiling fans and light fixtures
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How to clean ceiling light fixtures
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Light fixtures tend to be the final resting place for bugs. And if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned yours, you’ve more than likely got a bug graveyard hanging over your dining room table. Cleaning up can be quick and easy, and is a great project to add to your seasonal cleaning duties. So gather your supplies, round up some help and evict those exoskeletons.

What You Need Materials All purpose cleaner (I used vinegar + water) Clean dust cloth Drop cloth or towel Tools Ladder Screwdriver Feather duster

Perfect if you crave the look of an industrial, modern chandelier but just don’t have the ceiling height.

If you have the room for this fixture’s 10.5″ drop, it would make a beautiful (and budget-friendly) alternative to standard ugly flush mounts.

Prepare by placing a towel or drop cloth beneath the light fixture you’ll be cleaning. This will help to catch any debris that falls when you are moving things around and can also act as a cushion should you accidentally drop any breakable pieces from your fixture.

As all fans and light fixtures are not created equal, I have to leave this one up to you— and trust that you know what needs to get done in this department. But I do have some tips and tricks that might make the job easier:

This chandelier can be mounted with a drop or installed flush to the ceiling.

1. Remove the part of the fixture covering the light bulbs (usually some sort of globe) by loosening the screws and place the globe on a clean work surface.

All the style of a modern chandelier in a product with only a 6″ drop. It’s also available with the bulbs in a slightly different configuration that results in only a 4″ drop, for spaces where clearances are especially tight.

6. After the globe is dry, install it back into the fixture.

5. Grab your feather duster (a dry paintbrush works really well for small, intricate detailed areas!) and clean any parts of the fixture that are not removable. For caked on grime, dampen a cloth with all purpose cleaner to remove the residue. A stray sock or cleaning glove is great for this step, especially if you are working alone.

The simple design and low price of this fixture make it a perfect choice for renters and homeowners alike looking to ditch the boob.

This fixture’s Buckminster Fuller-inspired faceted glass globe will make an intriguiging centerpiece for any room.

How To Clean Ceiling Light Fixtures How To Clean a Chandelier

The classic schoolhouse fixture, available in a variety of finishes and in a variety of shapes.

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Depending on what type of fixture you are working with, you might need an extra set of hands to help out. If it is an option, take it! The fewer trips down the ladder the better!

We’ve all seen them: the dreaded boob lights, marring apartments and builder-grade homes everywhere with their unrepentant mediocrity. If you’re a little bit handy you’ve probably replaced one, or thought about it, but then you probably ran into the same difficulty I did when I started looking for a fixture to replace the boobs in my own apartment: flush-mount fixtures can be really ugly. If the room in question doesn’t have the head room for a beautiful chandelier with a two-foot drop, finding the right fixture can be a real challenge. Where are all the nice-looking flush-mount lights? Surely, they have to be out there…somewhere, so we decided to do a little hunting, and here’s what we found.

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Goodbye Boob Lights: 15 Stylish, Modern Flush-Mount Fixtures

Be sure to place any hardware you remove together in one place so you can easily re-install the globe/glass.

Seven bulbs make this flush mount fixture appropriate even for a space where you need a lot of light, and has the grandness to stand in for a chandelier.

Do you have any tips to share for getting light fixtures and fans clean?

With that said (er—typed?), the very next push in our plan is a quintessential spring cleaning task, I think. One of those things you never think to do until cleaning season rolls around.

Position your ladder (be sure not to place it directly beneath the fixture so you can have some space to move around when you’re up there cleaning!) shimmy up and determine what kind of tools you’ll need to aid in the removal of the globe.

I have to fess up: our end goal, with this spring cleaning plan, isn’t a totally spotless home, top to bottom. We’re all here to tackle our seasonal cleaning slowly—20 minutes at a time—over the course of 20 days. So, you know, life is going to happen in between. That’s why I try to remind you not to fuss over the papers on your desk or the dirty towels in the bathroom—we’re setting our focus on those one-in-a-while sorts of deep cleaning tasks to get our homes in exceptionally serviceable shape for the season ahead. Don’t sweat the little stuff; you’ll get to that in time with your regular routine.

3. Rinse the globe under warm water or wipe it down with all-purpose cleaner and set it aside.

Take it From the Top: Tips & Tricks for Cleaning Ceiling Fans and Fixtures

All the style and glamour of a chandelier in a fixture that hugs the ceiling.

4. Check your lightbulb and change it out if necessary. Now might just be the best time to swap whatever you’ve got with a better, energy saving bulb.

2. One peek inside and you’ll find a range of matter. Ceiling debris, bugs —whatever your treasure, turn the globe upside down and dump out as much of it as you can.

Good for replacing an unappealing flush mount fixture in a smaller space, like an entryway or hallway.

Before you start, leave a big towel or drop cloth on the ground (or the furniture) below the fixture to catch anything that falls. Easy cleanup! To clear dust from ceiling fan blades, use a pillowcase.

Carefully use the pillowcase to cover each blade of the fan, then grip down and slide the pillowcase off to trap any collected dust inside. When you’re through, take the pillowcase outside, turn it inside out, and shake the dust off.

You can launder the pillowcase right after. (Here’s a video that can demonstrate how it’s done.) You can remove glass globes and covers and get them sparkling clean by leaving them in a bucket with denture tablets.

To dust around intricate parts of a beautifully detailed fixture, you can use a clean, dry paintbrush.

How To Clean Ceiling Light Fixtures Apartment Therapy