How To Clean Kitchen Light Fixtures Mumsnet

August 12, 2018 9:46 am by sandiego
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How To Clean Kitchen Light Fixtures Mumsnet

strong solution of hot water and soda crystals – v cheap and effective.

Tips for cleaning filthy floorboards and other fixtures (26 Posts)

How can I clean the light fixture that hangs over my cooker? The cooker is situated in the centre island of the kitchen, and the fixture hangs above from a heavy chain (decorative iron and over-sized glass globes with bulbs inside – like you see in a French bakery). In the past, I’ve stood on top of the island with a sponge and bowl of warm water with washing up liquid in, but that does very little to shift the layers of cooking grease/grime that have drifted up from the cooker.Unfortunately, I can’t take down any of the to wash in the sink.Thanks for advice, as it is really grotty and needs attention!

Steam cleaner will be great – I use mine for the kitchen where the tops of the cupboards get greasy from cooking byproducts. It’s amazing for that. Sugar soap will be good for scrubbing, but I’d start with steam, use the sugar soap next and maybe another steam to finish off. Steam the sofa too, maybe?

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I use the orange Mr Muscle kitchen cleaner – dissolves grease in an instant.

Baby wipes worked a treat for the sides of the 2 cupboards either side of my hob/cooker hood.

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Hi all – off work today so decided to clean outside of kitchen cupboards. Are there any products that would make it easier to remove the built up grime? Tried some baking soda. It did help, but are there any easier methods?

Yes I second sugar soap, I used it to clean off years of grease and dust build up on the wooden beams a house I bought years ago. The previous owners didn’t have an extractor fan of ever bother cleaning, it was grim.It took a lot of elbow grease though. And a nail brush.

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Hello everyone, Thank you for your encouragement! I’m nearly done with the beams and have made good progress on the floors! The appartement is already smelling less dirty/sweaty/musty! The builders are moving in tomorrow and will be there for about 10 days re plastering and repainting adding more ceiling lights etc. Once they’ve finished I’ll be able to finish the floors and steam every inch of soft furniture left. It’s really cheered me up to read your recommandations, and I’ll post some photos once I’m all done to show you my progress!

Distilled vinegar (white vinegar) and water in a spray bottle. Let it sit awhile then wipe it down. And I don’t know if you have these in your country but Mr. CLEAN ERASER work wonders

wehave WUL is washing up liquid and GP cleaner I think is general purpose cleaner. I didn’t know these things until quite recently thanks to this board! Good luck with it, it’s a job I hate doing and you’ve reminded me it time for doing it again

also it’s not a health hazard like the Dettol mould remover – I love using that for some cleaning (in shower for instance) but usually have to pull my T-shirt over my mouth & nose – the fumes are horrendous

it’s probably vapourised cooking fat that has stuck to the surfaces and hardened into a gummy varnish as it oxidises.I find wiping over witha liquid detergent such as WUL or GP cleaner, and leaving it a while to soak in, then rubbing with a foam pad with more detergent, will get it off.If you have a hand-painted kitchen, especially if it is not gloss, the paint will tend to be worn away.It will be much worse on top of the cabinets, where it settles and dust sticks to it, so when you get those clean, put a throw-away protector such as paper or cling-film on the tops.Try very hard not to let detergent or water get into the joints of the cabinets or any exposed particle board or MDF, only let it get on the painted ot laminated surfaces.If you have a cooker hood that extracts the fumes, your kitchen will stay much cleaner. When you take out the grease filter you will see what a huge amount of fat deposits would otherwise have settled in your kitchen. You do have to get into the habit of turning it on before you use the cooker.

How sad for you that someone has let such beautiful wood get into such a state!! For the floorboards, I would try sugar soap. Wear gloves and use it neat. Apply with a sponge then rub with the grain of the wood, wiping and rinsing as you go. Good luck

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The workmen should have finished all the repainting tomorrow !

I use this floor cleaner for my wooden floors and it brings them out looking brand new and really shiny.

Dettol/Dettox do an anti-mould spray in a bright green bottle which I usually use in the bathroom (v small and grout in the corner sometimes goes a bit black as it’s so damp)I used it on the top of my cabinets and it did a great job – it was black with grease from when my extractor used to filter the air back into the kitchen before I got piping to feed the air outside.I reckon it’s quite harsh (smells of bleach) so you couldn’t use it often, or leave it to soak, but I sprayed it on the muckiest areas, left it sit for 60 secs, and then took it off with kitchen roll which I binned.For the doors, which were cleaner, I just sprayed it on the cloth and wiped over them.I then wiped over everything with a clean damp cloth to get rid of the Dettol. It got rid of that horrible ‘tacky’ sensation you get from slightly greasy surfaces, and didn’t take much scrubbing at all.Wear rubber gloves and have the window open though.

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For greasy areas try swarfega. We used this on greasy oven hoods in rented flats. Rubbed it in then wiped off with a clean cloth.

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Use a cream cleaner like Cif. As a professional cleaner I used this successfully on some pretty bad kitchens! It’s cheap too.For really bad build up, Astonish paste is great on non scratch surfaces like tiles.

Hello, Just realized this is very very long… just reading everything in bold should be enough info!I moving back into an old flat of mine that has been rented out for the last 7 years.The tenant finally agreed to leave three weeks ago even though I gave proper notice in March. (I’m not in the uk.)She hadn’t been paying the rent since January and I needed the flat I separating from my partner in June. So I’m already not in a great state, I went round this yesterday to do the paperwork with her and to add insult to injury the whole place is heart breakingly filthy. I was expecting some damage and having to redo some of the paintwork because she’d been there for 3 years but it was fully redecorated + new mattress, washing machine, fridge etc just before she moved in after the last tenants. But it is in an appalling state, the whole flat smells dirty, all the light switches are black from grime, the radiators are covered in greasy dust, the loo is unsalvageable, the glass shower panel is opaque from limescale, the sofa stinks of unwashed body, the fridge is full of mould, the waning machine is broken, the mattress was so bad that I took it straight down to the pavement etc etcThis morning I got in the builders to quote for redecorating and replastering some of the walls ( she appears to have gouged parts out of them….) fixing all the broken spot lights, redoing the some of the pluming, fixing a leak she never informed me of act etc . There is no way I can recuperate any of the costs, as I didn’t ask for a deposit ( very stupid, I know) and she owes my over 12 000 euros in unpaid rent and this has eaten up every last penny of my savings.So I don’t have any spare cash to get cleaners in… The (very shocked) builders ( same company that has always done the work on the flat, who fully renovated it when I bought it and redecorated prior to Ms Piggy moving in) have said that they will do most of the big clean but that – I need to degrease and clean and the old wood floor boardsThey are covered in black grime, I got down on my hands and knees and had a look but the only way i could see of cleaning them without damaging the floor is painstakingly scratching off the patches of black grime bit by bit, this will take ages because there are 60m2 of old oak floorboards.I need to clean the visible old vertical beamsThese are old oak beams that go from floor to ceiling with 30 centimetre gaps between them and are coved in grease and dust as they separate the kitchen from the sitting room, they are not smooth though and have loads of nooks and crannies.I would be very grateful for any tips you may have because I’m just devastated right now. Thnakyou

That microwave needs to go out now. The spores that are probably coming from it…. blugh!Great job on the shower head. Looks like new!

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Get an old-fashioned scrubbing brush with wooden bristles. It won’t hurt the wood, but will be quicker and easier than nailbrushes. Plus, it should last the course.

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Yes fitzbilly the only clean thing in the appartement is the filter of the extractor fan ( the state of the hood makes up for that though!). I’ve got some sugar soap and have found a couple of good friends to come round this weekend and help with the elbow grease aspect in exchange for naughty day time beer and gossip and possible future babysitting from my part! Homeaway I have a steam cleaner but I think the grimy bits of the floorboard are past just steam, on the really bad bits it looks quite like when very old treaden over chewing gum goes black… think horrible dirty bar floor !However I will be steaming the life out of all the upholstered chairs and the sofa to see if they can be salvaged !

Can you get a wire brush rather than nail brushes? It will be more hardwearing. It sounds like you’re doing great though, would love to see it when it’s finished.

Oh and I was so proud of how I managed to bag the shower head in vinegar … it was so coved in black limescale that the water was just about dripping through but it’s back to working order

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give that a try.Other ideas from anyone else?

Thanks for thoughts and suggestions.wowfudge – the glass ‘globes’ that house the bulbs will unscrew/come off, but it would be a disaster if I broke one of them (though will eventually have to change a bulb) because I have no idea where i’d find a replacement.blueberry – yes, we have the MrClean erasers here. In fact, I bought some yesterday, so will give that a try.PigletJohn – yes, sticky gum/residue is exactly what I’ve got. And I’m not annoyed you’ve suggested an extractor hood. I’ve got one of those fancy ones at the rear of the cooker that rises up (and retracts) at the touch of a button. I use it all the time, but clearly it is not as effective as it should be.

Doh! I actually thought WUL was a brand of cleaner, is it any wonder I couldn’t find it The anti-mould cleaner is doing too good a job as I am afraid it may damage the surface.Will get some Cif and baby wipes and give them ago – the cupboards are going to annoy me now until I get them done.Thank you for all your suggestions.

What do you recommend burberryqueen ? I second/third babywipes, they took loads of gunk off: cupboard doors, front of fridge, front of dishwasher, outside kettle and outside toaster. Rather frightening, really!

Thank you for your encouragement! I reckon I’m about half way through ( and 10 nail brushes down!) and it’s really worth it, the floor is starting to look like the floor I fell in love with when I got the place. I’ll let you know when I’ve finished!

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This is what the beams look like after a first clean and you can see some of the floorboard!

Janek – have seen cif kitchen spray so it should be easy to get.Ponders – no Aldi here unfortunately! But doors have ridges which are also black, so will use an old toothbrush to get into the crevices.Thanks again – I have made new curtains and blinds and am now turning my attention to the rest of the kitchen.

How do I remove built up grime from kitchen cupboards? (33 Posts)

I was going to suggest washing up liquid – squirt some straight onto the cloth. should do the trick, perhaps with a bit of CIF too.

Bar keepers friend. I spent years trying to get a thick layer of vegetable oil out our cupboard then eventually smothered in in bar keepers friend and it was gone in a few minutes!

You can clean that microwave rather than throw it away! Water with lemon and get it boiling in there. Leave for the steam to loosen the muck and give it a good clean. Stick the turntable in the dishwasher.

Recently cleaned my brothers place & it was THICK with the same congealed animal fat (so glad we are veggie) his was really bad & we still managed to et it all sparkling againWhat worked was sugar soap, elbow grease & a steam cleaner on the grimmest bits – the rest of it came off easily with my favourite cleaning discovery – baby wipes

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How awful for you ! Looks like it could be a beautiful home too which I’m sure it will be once you get sorted. Another one for sugar soap here. When I sanded back my bedroom floor it needed a lot of prep. I used a scrubbing brush and sugar soap. Now a scrubbing brush might be to coarse for your floors etc but someone suggested a nail brush ? Worth a try. You will need to buy loads of them. Go to a pound shop ( or equivalent ) also constantly change the buckets for clean water as the water will get dirty very very quickly. I had two buckets on the go at one time. I scrubbed the floor in small segments then whipped over with a cloth. You will need a lot of brushes and clothes. Also sugar soap comes in different forms. I used powder for this job. And yes wear gloves ! Wishing you luck I’m sure you’ll have it beautiful again in no time xx 💐

Will you be annoyed if I suggest a powerful extractor hood to suck away the greasy vapour?Oil oxidises to a sticky gum or varnish, and once hardened is very hard to get off with detergents or even solvents. Sometimes a nylon brush and Flash or other GP cleaner, left to soak in and then scrubbed off with a nylon pan scourer, will do it, but may take time.If you have WD40, try that on a test area and see if it lifts the grease. If spraying would be messy, spray it into a glass jar and apply with a paintbrush.If you can find a step-ladder, you may fall off less often.

Aldi do a pink grapefruit anti-bacterial spray which is the best grease cutter I’ve ever used – it’s their own brand, Power Force, & is about 80p. my kitchen cupboard doors have beading on & I spray them, scrub the beading with a kitchen sink brush, then wipe off with a microfibre cloth. it works really well

Soda crystals or sugar soap or a paste made from bicarbonate of soda or possibly white vinegar.

The workmen have finished ! All I need now is a couple of hectolitres of bleach… bathroom is clean, tomorrow I start the kitchen cleaning… microwave is going straight in the bin though…

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I used cif kitchen spray, as recommended by a friend. It was perfect for the job…In fact, i should probably do it again .

As much as I’d have liked to save the microwave, what was left on the photo was the color after I tried steaming it but the plastic actually seemed burnt and the inside of the roof a little melted, so it has gone. I’m finishing moving in this weekend and will post a pic !

CIF etc didn’t work at all on DBs kitchen, he had several types of cleaner & tried them all & all were a waste of time – the baby wipes worked better than them all

That’s great pimmsy. Your sounding a lot more positive about it all X

Try Astonish cleaner from the pound shop, that’s what the oven man used to cleaner my extractor hood with and charged me £15 for!

Do the glass shades not come off so you can clean them? Easier and safer than shinning up a ladder and using water near an electrical fitment.

I used hot water, vinegar and dish soap on everything when we moved in with a magic eraser. It was magic. The vinegar helps get rid of smells. Go through small claims court for lost money and if not successful can you claim off your home insurance.

Thanks for the suggestions.Pigletjohn – I think you are right, it is vaporised cooking fat. My kitchen is solid oak and I have a cooker hood and extractor fan which is not very powerful! I have an actifryer and it produces a lot of oily steam. I don’t have WUL or Gp cleaner, so will look them up.OTBWAWW -I do have Dettox Ant-mould spray so will have a go with it after lunch.Jojane – must buy sugar soap as it would be useful to have in the house.

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