How To Create Under Cabinet Lighting That Will Impress Your Guests

September 4, 2018 9:25 am by sandiego
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How To Create Under Cabinet Lighting That Will Impress Your Guests

Three is the magic number when it comes to decorations. For some reason, this combination just exudes class. If you are looking for artwork, choose a triptych and if you are installing some pendant lights, choose three. Of course, pendant lights always look best when set at varying levels like this.

Ready for the facelift of your kitchen? If you’re looking for ideas for your home, check out our Showhome. Take a look at our case study, or if you want a live demonstration of our fabulous under cabinet lighting, just book a free Online Live Tour. We’re happy to show you our home.

We’re looking forward to get pictures of your realized under cabinet lightings!

More often than not, the kitchen is the center of a home. Here we spend time to cook for and eat with our family or spend some time with a friend and a glass of wine. One thing in the kitchen is essentially important (and often lacking): enough light to work, especially when you’re working with a knife or other sharp kitchen utensils. The right light makes a difference. That’s why we recommend under cabinet lighting for every kitchen. By installing additional lighting beneath an upper cabinet you can illuminate the counter surface below.

If you use other Loxone Lighting Products you can combine these with the LED Strip and create lighting scenes for cooking, dinner or a party. Just activate the lights you want to have in your lighting scene, choose the color of the LED Strip and click ‘Save Scene’ in the App.

We recommend you to use a RGBW LED Strip for your kitchen project.

After the installation of the LED Strip you’ll download our free configuration software, Loxone Config. Our Smart Home Software offers a ‘Auto Configure’ feature, so you’re just one click away from your under cabinet lighting. And that’s it!

Before you start with the installation, check where your next available power outlet is located. This will be the place for the Power Supply and the RGBW Dimmer and the starting point for your LED Strip.

For the installation connect the LED Strip with the RGBW Dimmer and the Power Supply. We have placed the RGBW Dimmer and the Power Supply above our microwave to use the power outlet that was available there.

First impressions matter—and your entrance is the place to really set the scene. No matter how small your entrance way, there is always room for some wall scones. Now we know that it’s natural to go for strong illumination, but consider paring things back and installing some small wall mounted lights like this. Once you turn off the main light, you’ll have an entrance with a lot of drama. If money isn’t an issue, consider hiring a professional lighting designer.

Houseplants are one of the best ways to add an abundant feel to the home without spending a whole lot of money. So if you have some houseplants, make them the centre of attention with lights. Just bury the lights within the leaves of the plant for dramatic effect. If you have an outdoor area some solar lamps would be perfect.

The surface is made from hardened glass, which has been ceramically imprinted for a satin finish. Fingerprints are history. And it feels incredible smooth.

We have plenty of inspiring ideas here at homify. Next, have a look 12 entrances that will make you say ‘why did I not think of that?!’

Everyone wants to feel good enough showing their home to guests, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling a little house-proud. But what easy things can you do when things aren’t exactly as you’d wish? Perhaps your furniture is a little threadbare, things are a bit chaotic or you just never got around to really arranging the larger pieces as you’d like. Well, one of the easiest and cheapest ways to impress your guests (and yourself!) is with great lighting. It will help direct the eye to the most attractive parts of the home and may even be a feature unto itself. So let’s check out a few ideas…

Nothing quite ruins the ambiance of your home like overpowered lighting. Switch off the main overhead light and use lots of small lamps instead. They will create a romantic atmosphere that’s perfect for dinner parties. The best part of all is that a well-placed arrangement of small lights will direct guests’ attention away from eyesores in the home!

Define which colors you want to have: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Purple, White,… it’s up to you!

LED Strips are self sticking. So no drilling, no holes and no screws necessary. Perfect for an easy installation. LED Strips provide plenty of light. The flooded light offers an even illumination through the whole counter surface.

You can choose between LED Strips with warm white lighting or colored lighting. Colors can be used to create stunning ambient lighting, warm white light for task lighting. The LED Strip can be easily be divided with a pair of scissors to the desired length.

Or even extended. In combination with a dimmer you’ll be able to dim the LED strips to your desired level.

Like in every home, so also in the Loxone Smart Home, the push button is the most important control.

With these step-by-step instructions we’ll show you how to get more directed task lighting in your kitchen.

But our App is not the only control possibility. In the Loxone Smart Home, just like in every home, the switch is the most important control.

Install our free Loxone Smart Home App, on your smartphone or tablet to control your under cabinet lighting.

There is no point having gorgeous ceramics if you don’t put them on display. Light up your kitchen cupboards with cheap LED strips and take things to another level. If you don’t have suitable cabinets, just surprise your guests with strip lights inside the cabinets. They are a luxurious touch that is again, not entirely common in many homes. They are very cheap too.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have as spectacular home as this. But we do have to admit that it provides a very good lesson on the power of underwater lighting. The simplest little pond or fishtank will look simply spectacular when the watery depths are illuminated with light.

The staircase is an excellent place for a really dramatic feature light. It’s not an entirely common feature in many homes, so it’s one that will really distinguish your home from the others. Even if you don’t need the added illumination, consider a light with a cascading design. It will mimic the flow of the staircase and add an impossibly elegant touch.

The mounting is the LED Strip is easy. Measure how long the LED Strip should be and cut the Strip to the desired length. Then simply attach the self-sticking LED Strip to the bottom of the cabinet. Place it towards the front to get a perfect lighting result.

The most important thing, the light source, is defined: RGBW LED Strips. Additionally you’ll need the following tools:

Our popular touch switch – Loxone Touch pure – combines the control of lights, music, blinds,… in just one touch.

Do you have technical questions? Then feel free to call us at 859 554 3147 or send us an email to [email protected]

Most kitchens built in the past use fluorescent lighting. However, there are some downsides to fluorescent lights. They take a few seconds to reach full brightness, they tend to flicker and they produce a yellowish light.

Today’s technology offers a more energy-efficient, long-lasting and brighter option: LED. The easiest way to get good under cabinet lighting for your kitchen is to use LED Strips (or often also referred to as ‘tape lights’).

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