How To Repair Loosened Ceiling Fan Light Fixtures Hunker

August 26, 2018 5:02 am by sandiego
Flip your breaker back on turn on your light switch and enjoy your new
Ceiling fan rotating
How To Repair Loosened Ceiling Fan Light Fixtures Hunker

Use the touch-type voltage tester to check the wires for voltage before you disconnect them. Press the button on the tester and touch its tip to the wires to see if any are carrying voltage. If the tester beeps or lights up, then the power is still on to the fan. Try turning off additional breakers until you hit the correct one.

Remove all of the decorative glass shades or “bells” from the light kit after all of the bulbs are removed. There are small bolts that secure the shades in place. Loosen them one at a time with one hand while holding the shade in the other to prevent it from slipping out and landing on the floor.

Disconnect the ceiling fan light kit from the fan by unplugging its power harness or by disconnecting the wires that connect the two together (depending on the type of fan you have). This will allow you to physically remove the light kit from the fan assembly.

Tighten the three screws around the outside of the fixture housing, using a Phillips-head screwdriver, if the fixture moves when shook but the housing doesn’t.

Shake the ceiling fan light fixture gently with your hand to determine where the fixture is loose. The bottom half of the fixture fits over a housing with three screws. The main housing connects to the ceiling fan shaft with a 3/8-inch nut.

Disconnect the wires from the terminals and remove the socket. If the wires are soldered or otherwise permanently affixed to the socket, you may be able to cut the wires and install a new socket with screw terminals. Don’t cut the wires until you find a compatible replacement socket.

Look on the inside walls of the light kit for any scorch marks. This will help you locate the wire that caused the dead short as it will be in close proximity.

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Position a stepladder under the ceiling fan and remove the bulbs and the globes from the fixture. Depending on your fan, the globes either have three thumb screws securing them to the fixture, or you might have a single globe that unscrews from a threaded housing.

Inspect inside and around the socket for mounting screws securing the socket to the fixture. Remove the screws. Pull the socket away from the fixture to expose the fixture wires and the screw terminals securing the wires to the socket.

Reinstall the globes and light bulbs in the ceiling fan light fixture. Turn on the circuit breaker to power the ceiling fan.

If one of the light sockets on your ceiling fan has gone bad, don’t despair–at least not before you’ve checked things out. You shouldn’t have to replace the whole fixture to get a light working again. Light sockets on ceiling fans are pretty much the same as those on standard lighting fixtures, and many are replaceable. But before you disassemble the light, try this quick fix: Turn off the power to the fixture at the breaker box, then pry up the little metal tab at the base of the socket, using a small screwdriver. Restore power and test the light with a good bulb. Sometimes, a tab gets pressed down too far and fails to make contact with the bulb tip. If that technique doesn’t work, remove and replace the socket.

Re-connect the lighting assembly to the ceiling fan. Then secure it back in place using the small screws that were removed earlier.

Ceiling fans with light fixtures add illumination to a room while moving the air around your home. The constant rotation of the fan blades and motor sometimes causes the fixture to wobble or shake. This is due to the light fixture or the fixture housing becoming loose. Repairing a loosened ceiling fan light fixture requires knowing where the fixture is loose. Fortunately, there are only two places it can be loose, and each involves only a minor adjustment.

Tighten the securing screws to fix a loose ceiling fan light fixture.

When a ceiling fan light kit makes a pop sound and no longer works, this is what’s known as a dead short. In a dead short, the line that’s carrying the voltage goes straight to ground, whether due to a nick in the wire that touched a piece of metal or a wire that became loose and grounded itself. It’s important to practice extreme caution around a piece of equipment that has a dead short because while it should trip the circuit breaker, it doesn’t always, meaning that the wire may still be live inside the housing. Finding the problem in the light kit can be difficult but once you find it, it can be repaired rather easily.

Loosen the three securing screws if the light fixture housing seems to shake around the shaft that connects it to the ceiling fan. Gently twist the ceiling fan light fixture counterclockwise and lower it from the housing.

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Install all of the glass shades and light bulbs, then turn the power back on to the fan. If you left the breaker in the tripped position, you will have to push it all the way away from the wire side of the breaker and then back again to reset it.

Shut off the power to the fan’s circuit at the service panel or breaker box. Remove any globe or shade covering the socket on the fan.

Find the circuit breaker to the ceiling fan in your home’s electrical panel, and turn off the breaker.

Remove all of the light bulbs from the ceiling fan’s light kit but allow the bulbs time to cool off before you touch them.

Check the electrical panel to see if the dead short tripped the breaker. If the breaker is tripped, it will have a toggle switch that’s slightly loose and positioned more to the center of the breaker instead of all the way to the side where the wire is connected to it. If the breaker is tripped, leave it that way, the circuit is off. If it isn’t tripped, turn the breaker off.

Remove the screws that secure the light kit to the body of the ceiling fan. There are usually three or four small screws that keep it in place. Place them inside a plastic cup or put them somewhere where you won’t loose them.

Check all of the wires, including those that are connected to the sockets. To do this, you may have to disassemble the socket from the light assembly. Look inside the socket to see if there is a screw that is holding it in place. If so, remove the screw and pull the socket out with a pair of needle-nose pliers. You may have to disconnect the wires at the other end of the light kit in order to pull the socket out far enough to check its connections.

Connect the fixture wires to the terminals on the new socket, and install the socket with the mounting screws. Restore power to the fan circuit, then test the socket with a good bulb. Reinstall the globe or shade, as applicable.

Hold the light fixture in one hand without causing strain on the fixture’s electrical wires. Tighten the nut on the inside center of the housing where the ceiling fan shaft connects, using a nut driver.

Push the ceiling fan light fixture around the housing, with the notches on the fixture fitting around the necks of the securing screws. Twist the fixture clockwise to lock the fixture and tighten the securing screws.

Take the light kit to a well-lit table. Using a flashlight, take a close look at the wires. Look for any pieces of wire that appear blackened, melted or burned. You also should be able to smell a burnt electrical odor so you may also be able to identify the location of the dead short with help from your nose.

Once you find the culprit wire, cut away its damaged area with wire strippers. Strip about 3/4 inch of insulation from each end and reconnect the two portions with a wire connector. Wrap electrical tape around the connection. If the dead short is within one of the socket branches, then you will have to re-run a new wire from the socket to the interior of the lighting assembly.

Purchase a new socket that carries the same voltage, amperage (amp) and wattage ratings as the original. Also make sure the new socket will fit securely into the fixture.

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